10 Best Pure CBD Oil

Who would ever believe that a simple plant like Hemp would come to work wonders in the medical world? Yes, you read well! Its supplement, CBD (cannabinoid), has been proven to cure more than 50 known medical conditions. Some of these conditions are terminal diseases and CBD oil has been able to help many patients defy death. The beauty of CBD is that it is a legal product and is quite safe to use. It’s important however to clear one common misconception that CBD is a medicinal product and does NOT make you high.

What is CBD?

Extracted from the flowers and leaves of different species of hemp plants, CBD or Cannabidiol is a compound of cannabis that has been proven medically to have an array of therapeutic benefits. The extracted components are then crafted into products that can be marketed by different companies, in form of lotions, tablets, lattes, and oils. Some of the common benefits of CBD include but not limited to;

How to determine pure CBD oil in the market today

This article is aimed at bringing you up to date with 10 best pure CBD oils in the market today. But how will you be able to determine pure CBD oil from fake products? The market is thronged with an array of CBD products. After all, it’s the go-to product compared to THC, which makes you high. Due to this, unscrupulous products have emerged in the CBD market. They resemble pure CBD products but in the real sense, they have no health benefit. Here is a checklist on how to determine pure CBD oil in the market today.

The Best Places To Buy CBD Oil Near Me And Online

1. Source of the Hemp

Hemp is the raw material for manufacturing CBD oil. To get the finished product, some other ingredients such as olive oil are added. It’s important to know that these ingredients need to be of high quality too.

Just like any other plants, Hemp differs in quality depending on how and where it was grown. Some regions, due to the favorable climate, produce high-grade hemp while others produce low quality. It’s therefore important to first know where the hemp of a CBD oil you are about to buy comes from in order to determine its purity. Pure hemp is grown from virgin land that has not been cultivated before. This is because, like any other plants, it tends to absorb nutrients of the plants previously grown on it.

2. How the CBD product was made

How is the CBD oil made? How is the hemp purified? These are some of the questions you need to ask yourself when determining how a CBD oil product is made. Even so, its upon you to determine what’s good in the manufacturing process this there are no stipulated procedures for the manufacture of CBD oil.

One good example to determine this is by looking at the price. If the price of a product is too low, you should be concerned. Some cheap CBD oil products may contain toxic substances that may be harmful to your health.

3. Level of THC

Raw hemp contains high levels of THC. This is the substance that makes people high. After manufacturing hemp for CBD products, THC is normally being removed. However, it’s impossible to completely remove all the THC from the hemp. Even so, you should check the CBD oil product for recommended levels of THC which is always less than 0.3%

4. Is the CBD extracted from a whole plant or full spectrum?

Different methods are used to extract CBD from hemp. It can either be from the whole plant or parts of the plant which is full spectrum. Even though they all produce close to the same results, the purity of a whole plant extract CBD oil is much higher than the full spectrum CBD oil. By use, cheap products are extracted from particular parts of the hemp plant which makes it lack other high-quality ingredients.

5. Product reviews

Customer reviews are important in determining the quality of the product you are about to buy. Reading these reviews will shade clear light whether the product is pure or fake from people who have actually used it. Additionally, look for independent lab test results for the product. Positive reviews and lab tests will seal the deal for you.

1. 4corners Cannabis

This product is owned by the famous Long-Time Cannabis Growers. They have been in the industry for quite some time now and source their high-quality hemp both locally and internationally from renowned farms.

This is the best CBD oil in terms of quality in the market today. It is reliable and has got very positive remarks from its users. Information about this product including shipping services can be found on their website, which is quite impressive. Furthermore, the website has a very good customer service attendee who is always available to answer any questions that you may have. Independent lab test results are on the internet. With less than o.3% THC levels, you can be sure that this company manufactures quality products.


  • It is manufactured and distributed by experts I the field.
  • It has great taste
  • The product has excellent customer service


  • It’s expensive
  • The website is cluttered


  • Presentation: 78%
  • Reliability: 82%
  • Quality: 100%
  • Value: 89%


Vegetable Glycerin, CBD Dominant Hemp Extract and Limonene (Orange extract).

2. Lazarus Naturals

With a focus on social sensitivity, Lazarus Naturals is a company that was created in early 2016 out of Seattle that is employee owned. Even though the company is fairly new to the business, it has made an impression with its quality CBD oil products. It’s worth noting that they offer their quality products with the lowest price per mg of CBD oil in the market.

Lazarus Naturals uses isolates and full spectrum products. Use of full spectrum manufacturing process doesn’t always bring out the desired results. Even so, their veterans’ programs and the intuitive website makes up for the lost points. The company also posts independent test results for their CBD oil on their products for you to get a glimpse of their quality. Finally, all their products have a THC level of less than 0.3%.


  • Outstanding value
  • Disability/veteran program
  • Non-GMO farms


  • Limited range of products
  • Rigid returns policy
  • No search utility function on the website
  • Use of full spectrum


  • Presentation: 91%
  • Reliability: 78%
  • Quality: 82%
  • Value: 100%


Hemp oil, MCT oil, avocado oil

CBD Gummies - Why You Should Try It.

3. CBDistillery

This company was created in 2016 by 3 Colorado natives. They source hemp for their products both domestically and internationally, putting a big emphasis on quality. They have a wide range of products which are manufactured from the whole plant extract and offer one of the cheapest prices per mg. All their products have a manageable THC level of less than 0.3%. From their attractive website, positive customer reviews, and the quality of products, this is the product site to watch. Independent test results available on the website.


  • They are cheap
  • Good taste
  • The wide range of products
  • Manufacture from whole plant extract


  • Scarce info on owners
  • 7-day return
  • Not much info about products


Olive oil, sunflower oil, coconut oil, apricot oil, hemp oil, almond oil, and lavender.

4. Canna Trading

Apart from the attractive website, this Los Angeles based company boasts of high-quality products. Even so, the company has some minor flaws that they need to polish including their customer service and shipping experience. Additionally, they have no independent test results on their website, and the source of their hemp is not indicated which brings questions on the nature of their products. The company, however, uses whole plant extracts to manufacture their products which mean that all the nutrients from the hemp are found in their products. With positive customer reviews, it’s worth trying products from this company.


  • No flavors
  • Value for money
  • High-quality products
  • Beautiful and attractive design


  • The website is poor
  • Few product ranges
  • Slow customer service
  • Poor shipping service


Hemp oil, olive oil, MTC oil, avocado oil.

5. Kats Naturals

Opened in 2017, Kat’s Naturals is a Tennessee company that is dedicated to its customers by providing them with quality CBD oil products. One good thing about this company is that they provide adequate information about their products including the source of their hemp which is sourced locally. Furthermore, they have an excellent customer service, positive customer reviews with an impeccable shipping service. The downside to this company, however, is that they don’t have independent test results on their website. Also, the company manufactures their products using full spectrum adding minimal nutrients to their products.


  • Excellent customer service
  • Great taste
  • 30-day returns


  • Scattered info on the website
  • A website is difficult to access
  • High prices
  • Full spectrum manufacture


  • Presentation: 79%
  • Reliability: 80%
  • Quality: 90%
  • Value: 86%


Critical CO2, Carrot seed oil, argan oil, rosehip seed oil, lavender, and grape seed oil.

6. NuLeaf Naturals

This is a Colorado-based company that has been in the CBD business since 2014. They source all their hemp locally, from Colorado, to ensure consistency in the quality of their products. They have an excellent presentation for their high-quality CBD oil products that they manufacture from whole plant extracts. Additionally, the company has a perfect customer review from their customers with shipping service as well. Even so, the CBD oil manufacturer has a flaw on independent test results and has not shown on their official website.


  • Good taste
  • Attractive website
  • 30-day returns
  • Whole plant extract manufacturing


  • High prices
  • Minimum product range
  • Slow customer service response


lavender, Hemp oil, olive oil, MTC oil

7. Populum

Populum is a CDB oil manufacturing company that was formed in late 2016. The company targets local farmers for their quality hemp to make their CBD oil products. Their main focus is to provide their customers with a holistic health focus which is why they receive very positive customer reviews on their websites concerning their products. The company has no independent test results on their website. Additionally, the company utilizes a full spectrum mode of manufacturing which is not quite sufficient.


  • Founders are passionate
  • Has subsidy programs
  • Has an attractive website


  • They are expensive
  • Low concentrations of hemp
  • No shipping services
  • No, prove of test results
  • Full spectrum manufacturing


  • Presentation-95%
  • Reliability-82%
  • Quality-80%
  • Value-72%


Aloe oil, Arnica, Chamomile, and Emu oil.

8. Pure Spectrum

When it comes to CBD cutting-edge research, Pure Spectrum, a Colorado-based company, is the company to beat. Just as the name suggests, the company produces pure CBD oil products and sources its hemp both locally and internationally. They have a group of dedicated scientists who utilize CBD isolates and full spectrum on some products and phytocannabinoids on others. The company has independent test results on their website.


  • Helping communities
  • Good taste
  • Full spectrum products
  • Has no flavors


  • High shipping fees.
  • Low value
  • Low CBD concentration
  • Full spectrum manufacturing


Anhydrous Cannabidiol (CBD), olive oil, lavender oil

9. Fab CBD

Based in Tampa, Florida, Fab is quite new to the CBD industry and source their hemp from local farms. Even so, they strive to produce quality products to make a mark in the industry. Just like their products, their website is clean, professional and attractive. They also have a number of very positive customer experiences on their website. One disadvantage they have is that they have not posted independent test results for their products. Additionally, the company utilizes a full spectrum technique to manufacture their products, which end up having the low concentration of CBD.


  • Excellent customer service
  • A lot of information on their products
  • High-quality ingredients


  • No track record
  • Very expensive
  • Site is slow


Aloe Vera, coconut oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, distilled water.

10. Pure Hemp Botanicals

Focused on compassion and a sense of responsibility, this company out of Colorado sources its hemp from sustainable local farms. While their products are quite expensive, they donate a percentage of their sells to different charities. They have posted independent test results on their website and have received very many positive customer reviews on their website. On the downside, all their products are full spectrum products and quite low on CBD. Their level of THC is however below 0.3%.


  • Socially responsible
  • Excellent customer reviews
  • Transparent sourcing


  • Website is slow
  • High shipping cost
  • Poor customer service


Vegetable Glycerin, Limonene, Hemp oil, argan oil

Where To Buy CBD Oil?


The CBD market is slowly but steadily growing. Even so, it has a long way to go in making sure that all products in the market are 100% pure CBD oil. This can only be achieved by establishing manufacturing regulations to do away with fake or sub-standard products. Otherwise, the market is off on a good start with pure CBD oil products from the companies named above.

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