10 Best Tips for Storing Kratom At Home

Are you looking for a natural way to reduce your pain or stress induced panic attacks and anxiety? Then Kratom is just what you are looking for. Kratom is an herb that has amazing benefits from its use. Kratom can offer relief for any ailment. The Kratom in powder form will yield better results but you must know the proper way to store it so as to not lose its potency when consumed for use. Below are the best ways to store Kratom at home.

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Ensure You Store It At A Controlled Temperature

Kratom must be stored in a dry, air-tight container that is temperature controlled. The reason behind this is that the Kratom herb is loaded with Alkaloid Mytragynine, making it an opiate agonist, which is what gives Kratom users a relaxing and sedated feeling. If not stored in correct temperature the Mitragynine will turn into Mitragynine pseudoindoxyl a rival to opiates.

Keep Your Kratom In A Closed, Cold Room

The way to keep your Kratom stored at a controlled temperature is to keep it stored in a room that is colder than other rooms in the house, preferably one without any windows. Some will store their Kratom in the refrigerator; however, it is not really required, just storing in a cold room without windows is sufficient. You just need to ensure the room’s temperature does not fluctuate.

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Be Certain To Store Your Kratom In A Sealed Container

Storing you Kratom in a sealed container has been proven to preserve the effectiveness of it. Just one drop off water in the powder mix can create humidity and promote the growth of mold; and if any mold starts to grow on the Kratom, unfortunately is is ruined and you must discard it due to mold creates bacteria, and you will be ingesting this bacteria if you keep the Kratom and use it once mold has formed on it. The best way to ensure this does not happen it to put your Kratom in a zip lock baggie and place the baggie in a jar.

Keep Your Kratom Away From Sunlight

When storing your Kratom, ensure that it is not exposed to direct sunlight. If you are going to be storing the Kratom in a clear glass jar, make sure it to not set the jar in an area that it can be exposed to the direct sunlight. But then, if you are storing it in a room with no windows, there is not a chance of that happening. The reason not to expose it to direct sunlight is because the ultraviolet rays of the sun can change the molecular makeup of the Kratom making it have a less potent effect.

Make Sure To Date All Bags And Containers

Some people like to purchase enough Kratom to last a long time, ensuring they do not run out of this magical herb that does so much to help make their life more enjoyable and painless. If you are one of these people, then you want to ensure that you place the date of purchase on each Kratom container you store; this way you will be certain you are using it in the order it was purchased, and not losing and potency of your Kratom.

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Keep your Kratom Safe from Heat at all Times

When storing your Kratom containers never place it near any form of heat source. Direct sunlight, fireplaces, ovens, or electric heaters are all bad areas to store Kratom. The reason, because the high temperatures of the heat can cause the quality of your Kratom to decrease significantly and lose its natural potency. Also, heat can create moisture, which in turn will create mold build-up on the Kratom product.

If you decide to store the Kratom in the freezer of refrigerator, it is a good suggestion to pack the Kratom in smaller packages, in which you will be able to use on a weekly basis.

When storing in the freezer of refrigerator, be sure to remove as much air from the baggie as you possibly can; any air left in the baggie leaves for the potential of moisture and eventually mold growth. When storing in the freezer or refrigerator you need to keep in mind that you should not open the bag up until the product has reached room temperature; in doing so you reduce the change of the creating any condensation of the leaves.

Always, Always, Always Keep Your Kratom Away from Moisture!!

Kratom and moisture are worst enemies of each other. Even a small amount of moisture can spoil a whole batch of herb is allowed exposure to it. If the Kratom leaves are kept dry, they can have an extended shelf life; however, those dry leaves as well as the powder, can really “suck up” any moisture that is in the surrounding area of where it is being stored. Therefore, it is advisable to keep those dried Kratom leaves stored far away from any dishwasher vents or other areas in your home that may attract moisture. Keeping it safely away from any type of moisture, until you are ready to use it, will prevent the growth of mold and consequently ruining it.

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Keep Your Kratom Away from any Strong Odors

Be extremely careful about storing the Kratom powder or leaves in anything that has a strong, unpleasant odor. Kratom tends to pick up any odors that are present in the surroundings of where it is stored. Refrain from storing in a damp basement (which you wouldn’t want to do anyway, with the chance of moisture exposure) or near any chemicals. These bad odors will leave your Kratom with a displeasingly unpleasant taste, which will ruin the flavor of it.

Keep your Kratom Stored Away from Oxygen

If you allow your Kratom to be exposed to oxygen it can cause the leaves to become stale. Even storage of the powder in a “hermetic container” can allow air to get in between the powder and container. Vendors will use a vacuum seal or a nitrogen flushing to prevent the oxygen from coming in contact with the Kratom. There are also bags available that absorb the oxygen in which you may store Kratom as well. One can achieve a “vacuum seal” at home by placing a straw in the corner of the zip-lock baggie, zip the baggie shut and then suck the air out of the baggie until all the air is removed.

Store Your Kratom Powder in Bulk

If you store the Kratom powder in a Hermetic container and there is only a small amount of powder in it, it is going to deteriorate rather quickly in comparison to a container that is completely full. To ensure your Kratom remains fresh, keep the container filled up, the more Kratom that is in the container the less chance is there for oxygen to get inside.

So now that you know the ten best ways to keep your Kratom at its freshest, you can buy it in bulk and save money. Keeping in mind that you should not buy more than you can use within a 1-3 month period, because storing it longer can diminish the potency of the product.

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  • I agree with you that if kratom can lose its potency if not stored in proper place. Thanks for sharing great tips on storing kratom at home. That was really useful.

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