How To Make Alcohol Based Kratom Extract?

Today, there are many varieties of Kratom extracts available. Hardly can you find one that equals the worthy quality of the whole leaf. Of course, there are unarguably few great extracts that people can even make theirs. But doing so is not a guarantee of getting a concentrate that reflects the true effects of the whole leaf.

So ever wondered if it is possible to make Kratom that is very potent? Or have you if it is possible to take Kratom without measuring the dose and watching the effects? If your answers are in the affirmative, making an alcohol- based kratom extract is the simple solution. So why wait when you can make your alcohol based kratom extract!

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The processes involved are simple and affordable. The best thing about the product is the possibility to preserve it for a long time. Over time the alkaloids remain active during and after long storage. This method is comparable to the water- based kratom extract. The only known difference is the use of alcohol instead of water.

So, what steps are involved in making kratom extract with alcohol?


The ingredients required to make this extract are accessible and available. They are as follows;

  • Kratom leaves
  • Alcohol: Ethanol is the most suitable alcohol to use in this method. So, use only ethanol for best results.
  • Measuring cup : This is necessary to ensure the accurate measurement of the exact amount of liquid you will need.
  • Strainer : This will be used in removing the plant materials from the extract
  • Extract bottle
  • Storage Jars : Use amber- colored storage glass jars. This will help in keeping sunlight out. Thus, leaving the extract to remain fresh and potent for as long as possible.
  • Citric acid (Lemon Juice)
  • Weighing scale
  • Glycerin : This is important because it helps in stabilizing the alcohol- based kratom extract

Procedures of Making Alcohol Based Kratom Extract

There are about six steps required to make the perfect product. They are as follows;

1. Weigh the exact amount of herb to use

This is an important step in making alcohol- based kratom extract. So, weigh the exact amount of the kratom you need using the weighing scale. This is important because it plays key roles in determining dosage.

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There are two options for the concentration of alcohol to use. Either of 40% concentration of alcohol or 95% ethanol is allowed. But, it is important to use the concentration that will yield better results.

2. Steep

This is a crucial step that requires doing the right thing. This is the steep where the extract is nurtured and formed.

To steep, do the following

  • Add you weighed herbs of kratom into the jar
  • Measure and pour the required amount of alcohol into the jar containing the kratom
  • Add citric acid (lemon juice) into the content in the jar.
  • Then stir the content of the jar properly for better mixing.
  • Once satisfied with the level of the stir, steep it in water. Leave the jar open with no lid. The duration to steep depends on the type of water you are using.
  • If it is hot water, steep for an hour. Thereafter, replace the hot water and continue to steep. Repeat this step till you notice a significant result.
  • If it is cold water, steep for as long as a week. ( This step is important because it leads to the evaporation of alcohol.)
  • Do not perform steep over a hot stove or directly on the fire. Alcohol is highly flammable.

3. Strain

This step involves removing the kratom leaves from the extract. Do this after the duration of expected time has passed.

To strain, take the following necessary actions.

  • Using the strainer, remove the leaves from the content in the jar
  • Allow the extract formed to evaporate
  • You can use muslin sheet to achieve this purpose

4. Evaporate

The goal of this step to allow about 50% of the alcohol content in the Jar to evaporate. This does not take much time because alcohol is highly evaporative. To achieve this, do the following;

  •  Leave the jar open with no lid
  •  Connect the extract bottle to the Jar
  •  Allow extraction via evaporation to take place accordingly

Be mindful not to contaminate the content of the jar with dust and other contaminants. This stage requires utmost carefulness to avoid contaminating your end product.

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5. Measure The Extract

The goal of this step is to find out the definitive strength of the alcohol- based kratom extract. Do the following to determine the strength.

  • Ensure that 50% evaporation has taken place
  • Thereafter, weigh your end product on the weighing scale
  • Note the weight of the extract
  • Compare the weighed extract with the initial amount used
  • The ratio is the ultimate strength of your extract.

You must ensure utmost carefulness in this stage. So be careful in taking the correct and accurate measurement. You can do this repeatedly and thereafter get the average measurement value. Knowing the strength of your extract is important in the amount of dosage to take.

6. Label Product

The aim of this step is for easy identification in the future when necessary. So label your end product (extract) accordingly. The label should include the following;

  • The name of strain used
  • The concentration of initial product
  • The concentration of final product
  • The date of production

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7:Store Product

The aim of this step is preservation for use in the future. Do the following to store;

  • Add glycerin to the extract : This will help prevent the evaporation of the extract. Glycerin is also a preservative. So add about 5 – 10% of it into the extract.
  • Store the product in a cool and dark environment : Storing the extract in this environment will help maintain its potency and freshness.

What are the benefits of alcohol- based kratom extract?

This extract is very beneficial to man. Research has proven these benefits beyond reasonable doubts. These benefits are as follows;

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