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CBD Oil For Pain

CBD oil is a natural remedy for many common ailments and pains. CBD is an extract of the cannabis plant. For which CBD oil is made from extracting the CBD element of the cannabis sativa then mixing it with a carrier oil such as hemp seed or coconut oil.

CBD oil has no psychoactive properties associated with the “high” of the marihuana plant. The psychoactive properties are instead attributed to another element known as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) found in the cannabis plant.

How does CBD work in the body?

CBD oil itself is a cannabinoid. The human body, on the other hand, has the endocannabinoid system (ECS) that is responsible for controlling, receiving and translating signals emanating from cannabinoids. ECS also functions to coordinate functions such as sleep, pain and immune response system.

The ECS system has the effect of producing cannabinoid of its own known as endocannabinoids. This is where CBD oil comes to play in the system. According to one study by neurotherapeutics, CBD has the effect of activating or inhibiting other compounds in the ECS.

CBD stops the body from absorbing anandamide, a compound responsible for regulating pain. Therefore a higher level of anandamide flowing in the bloodstream serves to reduce the amount of pain a person feels.

The Best Places To Buy CBD Oil Near Me And Online

How long does CBD oil take to work in the body?

After a recommendation on how to use CBD oil by a doctor, it generally takes about 1 hour to start feeling the effects of CBD on a person body. However, on an empty stomach, it might take a much shorter period than that.

What does CBD oil help with?

CBD oil works for a myriad of reasons to help cure for several symptoms and ailments in the body.

1. CBD oil is used to alleviate pain.

Some of the pains in question include:

1.1. Arthritis pain.

Research conducted by the European Journal of pain shows the use of arthritic lab-mice models responding to CBD medication. The scientists applied on the mice a CBD topical gel on the mice for a couple of weeks and noted a significant reduction in arthritic pain on the mice.

This comes as a relief to arthritic patients who can now find solace and relief in the use of CBD oil. However as a disclaimer, one should note that further research still needs to be carried out.

Further arthritis patients should consult with a physician on how to administer the drug and get directives on the best way to use it.

1.2. Multiple sclerosis pain.

Multiple sclerosis is an autoimmune disease that affects the body through the functioning of the brain and the nervous system.

Pain from the condition is as a result of regular spams that occur during its manifestation. The pains are so significant and deadly.

CBD oil usage in the short term has proven to reduce the number of spasms that occur in a patient, therefore, reducing their trauma and pain.

Results from several pieces of research are modest, but further research still needs to be carried out on the subject and make conclusions on the best way to use CBD.

1.3. Chronic pain treatment.

Statistical evidence from research carried out on the use of CBD oil shows a general trend in reducing the amount of pain suffered by patients suffering from a variety of conditions.

However, on separate note research carried out by the journal on experimental medicine supports the use of CBD to cure a variety of pains and inflammations.

The researchers also noted that patients developed a general tolerance to the effects emanating from the use of CBD oil thus requiring no increase in dosage. For this case of patients consult with a physician on how to use the drug.

1.4. CBD oil can be used for palliative care in cancer patients.

Other than the fact that CBD oil has been shown to reduce tumor growth in lab test tube mice. Thus stopping growth and multiplication of cancer cells most especially in breast cancer cases.

Research has also shown that CBD oil in conjunction with THC has helped reduce extreme pain and agony in cancer patients. This happened in cases where routine pain medication for cancer has failed.

This notwithstanding, CBD oil has been linked to improving the welfare of cancer patients going through chemotherapy treatment. A proper administration on how to use CBD and THC has helped to reduce vomiting and nausea in cancer patients.

Other helpful tendencies of CBD oil include;

2. CBD oil for heart and cardiovascular system.

Studies have shown that a regular intake of CBD oil intake most especially by men, can be linked to better blood flow in the body as well as reducing blood pressure levels in the system.

3. CBD oil works well with your neurons.

As noted earlier CBD helps to fight with multiple sclerosis disease fighting frequent spasms. CBD oil has also shown better sleeping patterns for people who have Parkinson’s disease.

4. CBD oil intake helps fight diabetes

In a study carried out on 100 female lab mice .30% were helped relieved of the effects of diabetes as a result of CBD intake. This is a thumbs up to CBD intake to help fight diabetes in affected patients.

5. CBD oil can be used to fight addictions and anxiety.

CBD oil has been used to treat patients suffering from smoking drug withdrawal. It helps reduce their level of anxiety and depression associated with the withdrawal symptoms.
CBD oil is also a mood regulator and has been shown to reduce level anxiety by people delivering a speech. This comes with no addiction side effects, only if you follow guidance on the proper way to use the drug.

How to know if you need CBD medication for pain relief?

CBD oil usage is open to almost all platform for usage if one suffers from a severe specific type of pain. You should also consider the use of CBD oil if regular routine medication is not working for you.

However, one should consult with his/her doctor before using the drug and get the prerequisite instructions on the best way to use CBD. Further, CBD oil is not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Research on the use of CBD for children is still bleak, therefore it still not advisable to give to children. This is because information on brain development is not yet available. However, make sure to consult with a physician before administering it to children.

Why is CBD replacing traditional routine medicine as a pain reliever?

The main particular reason why CBD oil comes in and stands out in the medical sector is that of its beneficial pain relieving properties that come in handy with minimal side even comes highly recommend by world health organization WHO.

Is CBD oil legal?

For CBD oil with an amount of less than 0.3% THC, it is entirely legal to buy over the counter. However, anything over and above that requires a doctor’s prescription and instructions on the best way to use the drug.

Do you need a doctor’s recommendation to buy CBD oil?

As stated above any CBD oil with a THC level 0f above 0.3% requires a doctor’s recommendation on how to use the drug.

Where To Buy CBD Oil?

10 best types of CBD oil for pain relief.

i. CBD pure hemp oil 600.

  • CBD pure hemp oil is by so far ranked the best at healing pain and a variety of other uses due to
    • 100% free of synthetic and artificial ingredients
    • Legal in all 50 states of the USA
    • Tested by independent 3rd party labs for purity
    • Sourced from cold press carbon dioxide extraction.
    The reason for using CBD hemp oil is its high approval and purity rate coupled with its ability to stop or reduce pain within a 90 days period.

ii. Hemp bomb CBD oil.

  • CBD hemp bomb oil comes in second due to features such as
    • Made from 100% organic hemp
    • Tested by 3rd part for purity.
    • Legal in all 50 states in the USA
    The reason for using hemp bomb CBD oil is that it’s a full spectrum cannabinoid and has the 300mg bottle drops for curing general pains and the 450mg drop bottle for healing chronic pains.
    Due to its high potency read the relevant instructions on how to use the drug.

iii. Nuleaf naturals CBD oil tinctures.¨

  • Nuleaf is not as popular as the other brands, but its quality stands out among all. Its high quality makes it come with a high healing ratio
    Some of the nuleaf’s significant features include
    • 100% organic pure, non-GMO
    • Extracted by co2 and no emulsifiers
    • It is 3rd party proven for purity
    • Associated with a full spectrum of cannabinoids.

iv. Pure Kana natural CBD oil.

  • Pure kana was named best CBD oil in 2017. The reason for using it is that it is highly reputable coupled with a high healing ratio.
    Its major feature includes:
    • It is 100% organic hemp extract
    • No GMO and additional fertilizer chemicals
    • Tested for quality and safety
    • Can be legally shipped to all 50 states
    On the best way to administer the pain drops, please consult with your physician.

v. Green roads CBD.

  • The reason for using this CBD oil drop is due to its high-quality, reputable manufactures. Best way to use the drug are inscribed on the instruction pamphlet
    Some of its key features include:
    • Fully organic state
    • has Maximum potency; therefore read recommendations on how to use it properly
    • Non-GMO
    • Tasted by 3rd party labs for quality

vi. CBD essence tincture.

  • The reason for using this drug is its high approval rate among customers for reducing pain and anxiety. Its features include;
    • High potency ratio
    • 100% organic
    • Lab tested and verified
    • Extracted with the co2 process

vii. Elixinol CBD Tincture.

  • Although this brand of CBD oil is particularly expensive, its primary reason for using it should be it high quality. Consult with your physician on the best way to use it.
    Its main features include;
    • Its high potency level
    • Available in cinnamon and natural flavors
    • Organically Sourced
    • Tested by 3rd party labs

viii. Charlotte’s web hemp extract.

  • The main reason I recommend the use of this drug is its whole plant basis extraction that contains CBG.CBN and lots of amino acids
    Its main feature include;
    • High-quality hemp oil
    • Organic purely extracted
    • Maximum potency levels
    • Made by word famous CBD strain
    Requirements on how to use the drug should be discussed with a physician

Ix. Koi CBD isolate.

  • The main reason for the use of the koi CBD oil is its lack of THC traces.
    Its main features include;
    • Non-GMO and free of pesticides and fertilizers
    • 3rd party lab tested
    • 0% THC levels
    • The best solution for pain and anxiety

X. CBDistillery.

  • The fact that makes CBD distillery feature on this list and comes highly recommended for you its high-quality, reputable manufacturer
    Some of its key features include:
    • High potency levels
    • Organically extracted
    • Independently tested by other labs

What are the side effects of CBD oil?

  • If not conversant with the best way to use CBD oil, intake of large doses may lead to severe drowsiness of the users.
  • For those who suffer from epilepsy and seizure lack of knowledge on how to use CBD without the accompaniment of THC for long periods of time may lead to worsening of their condition instead of getting better.
  • CBD has the effect of inhibiting hepatic drugs metabolism. CBD has the effect of interacting with some enzyme-producing cells in the body and prevent their proper functioning in the body.
  • DRY mouth. The CBD oils once administered due to the interaction of the ECS system have the effect of inhibiting saliva from being secreted thus have an unusually tangy taste in the mouth as well as leaving a person with a dry mouth. Cannabinoid receptors are part of the submandibular glands hence the relation between low saliva output in the mouth.
  • As a result of lack of awareness on how to use CBD oil. Intake of high doses of CBD the effects of Parkinson’s disease increase dramatically. Thus before starting to take CBD one should first consult with his or her doctor before subscribing to this kind of medication. Taking CBD oil capsules in low dosage helps to reduce this outcome significantly in side effects.
  • A higher dosage intake of CBD could well enough lead to low blood pressure and for those who already have low blood pressure a worsening in their condition. This is why it is recommended you take one CBD oil capsule three times a day otherwise consult with the relevant medical practitioner.
  • Lightheadedness. This effect is temporary and can be remedied by taking a cup of water. The lightheadedness is as a result of a little blood pressure drop as a result of the ingestion of the thebe oil capsule.
  • Tiredness is also another side effect of taking the neural CBD drug. This could be remedied by taking enough rest and adequate hours of sleep

Keen to note is that in order to avoid such side effects consult with a medical specialist on how to administer the drug. Further starting by taking CBD in a low dosage as is the best way to use the drug.

Other CBD Forms For Pain

What are the other options if you can’t use CBD oil for pain?

  • For some people, the taste of CBD oil drops in their mouth might be appalling. This, however, should not be a reason to panic.
  • Application of CBD cream is the best way to use it in this scenario.
  • Some CBD creams have been produced as an alternative by major reputable CBD oil companies.
  • CBD Vaping is increasing its demand
  • CBD Gummies can be used.


In summary, the above information serves to show that CBD oil is one of the most major advancements in modern medicine. Not only does CBD offer the pain-relieving effects of marihuana, but also does away with its “high” euphoric effect. CBD oil also lacks in adverse side effects common with nervous interfering drugs.

No specific doses have been outlined by WHO make sure to consult with a physician on the best way to use CBD and carefully read the medical pamphlet on the CBD oil on how to properly administer the drug properly.

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