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Mitragyna speciosa is a beautifully growing tall tree found in the moist and swampy tropical regions of Southeast Asia. It is a sturdy and extremely tall tree which can grow up to the height of 30 meters. However it produces delicate flake sized seeds which need fertile soils to be able to sprout into a tree. They generally grow in pod heads. Though the seeds are easy to sprout, they have a low germination rate.

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How To Plant

Since the viability rate of the fresh seeds is about 20% while that of not-so-fresh seeds is about 10%, you can plant about 5 to 10 seeds per pot. Since the seeds are so light, there is a good probability that they will pollinate in the nearby region instead, as they can be easily blown away with the wind and be dropped at a place in the surrounding.

The plantation process is quite easy.

  • Drop about 5-10 seeds in the pot
  • Cover it with a thin layer of fertile soil
  • Sprinkle water regularly

The best period to expect a perfect germination of the seeds is within a few days after the seeds have been separated from the parent tree because that is when the seeds are most viable. This is one of the reason why the dried seeds ordered online, often fail to sprout. Also due to a low germination rate, only a few make it to a fully grown tree with alkaloid rich leaves. Here are some of the things that you must consider when planting a kratom at house:

  • Try growing some of your favorite strains. Just keep in mind, that you order fresh seeds and a lot of them. You might have to plant hundreds of seeds to find at least a few of them sprouting.
  • Choose a perfect spot. Favorably an area that is moist, fertile and with a good drainage.
  • Light conditions just as in tropical rainforests. The area should get sufficient sunlight to give the seeds the warmth it needs to thrive. But not to sunny, which can result into drying of soil.
  • A gentle breeze is said to enhance the alkaloid production in the plant and so it is recommended to find a spot which gets considerable amount of breeze. And if not, one can use a fan to produce a light breeze.
  • Be sure to provide the seeds with an appropriate amount of fertilizer and plant food regularly, especially during the early phase.
  • Be patient. It takes a long time for the plant to develop into a fully grown tree and even more time to produce leaves that can be harvested for use.
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Following are the specifications that ensure a perfect growth:

The seed

The fresher the seeds, the better. It has been noted that the seeds are most viable within 2 days after they have fallen from the parent tree. The freshly separated seeds sprout immediately, given the proper conditions. However, it is unlikely that such free seeds can be shipped and delivered to you within 2 days. Hence, the probability of growth reduces with the older seeds. It is best to plant as many seeds as you can to expect a few shoots.

The sun

This species is known to grow in regions with warm tropical climate. Hence they need the warmth to thrive. The region that you select should have a temperature of at least 65 degree Fahrenheit or more. However, also keep in mind that the sunlight doesn’t directly affect the plant as this can cause dehydration of the soil. The plant is adapted to grow under the canopy of tropical trees in the rainforest and so is not used to direct sunlight.

The temperature

The temperature needs to be warm as in tropical regions. The optimum temperature for growth is about 75-85°F. It is almost impossible to grow this tree outside in very cold regions. However, they can grow at a slower rate and achieve a spurt when brought outside during the summers in such regions.

The soil

The soil needs to be really fertile, rich in nutrients, humus and nitrogen, moist, with a good drainage but not so much that soil gets dry. It is more or less like the soil that is found on the river banks. It is also important to avoid too much dampness to allow growth of fungus, as this can destroy the plant and stunt its growth due to infection.

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The food

This plant is a heavy feeder which can consume more water and plant food that you can imagine. Over watering is never an issue since it will absorb it all. Since it has to grow into a tall tree, it needs a good amount of fertilizer, particularly one with large amounts of nitrogen.

Once your seeds begin to sprout, you can say you have overcome the biggest hurdle. Getting the seeds to germinate is the biggest task. Everything else is then just a normal procedure. You just have to maintain the conditions and keep watering the plants. Keep looking for signs of infections or other diseases and treat them as soon as you detect them.

Other Requirements

Other than the above mentioned conditions, one can also implement the following points for a better growth:

  • Using hydroponic equipment that ease the procedure of growing the seeds these days.
  • We know that this tree is adapted to the humid environment and the shade. So it is necessary to grow the plants away from lamps or any other light source as this could hinder their growth.
  • This plant doesn’t require to bear flowers in order to generate alkaloids, however to provide a physical stimulation of leaves a light breeze either naturally or with the help of a fan is advised.

Can Kratom Seeds Grow In U.S. Climates?

U.S. being a large country has varying climatic conditions. There are a few areas which can support the growth of this gigantic tree by providing it the warm climate that it needs. The regions of Florida and the Gulf coast are quite favorable in supporting the growth. These regions are best known for providing the tropical forest- like climate to this tree. Cultivating kratom in these regions can prove to be a successful mission.

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However, it is highly advised to go through the legal rules regarding kratom in your region before planting them. You may consult the government authorities and gather all the legal advice before you plan to plant them. Some regions in the U.S. like Indiana and Louisiana do not allow the cultivation of this tree. Since this tree has always been a biological enigma due to the contradicting schools of thoughts, the rules in every region keep changing when it comes to this herb.

Considering the cost of cultivation, of course buying the powder or blends is much more cost effective than growing them. However, it is the pleasure of growing your own food that pleases some people. Gardening and horticulture have its own mood-boosting benefits and is a preferred hobby by many and so cultivation at your own place can be undertaken.

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