Can Kratom Be Smoked? What Are its Application Ways?

Kratom can be smoked and it is smoked through different means. The kratom powder is used for smoking and it works in different ways and manners. The curious people smoke kratom in different ways. The most common way of smoking kratom is that they use weed or tobacco as a means of smoking the kratom.

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They sprinkle the kratom on either the weed or the tobacco as a means of smoking the kratom. The sprinkled weed or tobacco is rolled into forming a cigarette, which is now smoked by the user.Due to curiosity other users think they can experiment kratom smoking using a more direct method using a pipe or a bowl. This method is good and can also be applied when smoking kratom only that it is a method, which is not very advisable when it comes to smoking kratom methods.

Smoking kratom is however not very much advisable as it is not the best way of consuming kratom when it comes to the consumption of kratom. Smoking kratom will cost you much as you will use a lot more kratom like 20 grams in order to achieve the necessary level of satisfaction.

What are the outcomes of heating kratom alkaloids? What are alkaloids?

They are the working components in the kratom that dive the kratom a sense of pleasure to its users. They trigger all the functions of the kratom. Alkaloids are divided into two. Some of the alkaloids are sensitive to heat and others are sensitive to the pH.

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Therefore, the question is does heating kratom affect the kratom alkaloids? There are different reactions to this and this is according to different user opinions and views. According to some, they think that heating or boiling alkaloids kills them therefore missing the whole kratom effect that you are supposed to experience while taking kratom. This due to the fact that the alkaloids contained in kratom are sensitive to heat therefore their reason that the alkaloids are killed by the heat.

However, that’s according to some but there is a different view of opinion from other users who claim that they have been having the same effect as from using kratom in tea as that of the kratom powder. In their view, heating kratom doesn’t affect the alkaloids in the kratom since consuming kratom in tea is a means of heating kratom before its consumption.

What are the reasons for heating of kratom?

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  • Heating kratom releases alkaloids. This according to many is a way of releasing the alkaloids contained in the kratom so as for them to feel the general effect caused by the kratom.
  • Simmering of the kratom in the heating process to also release alkaloids.Therefore, the water used to heat the kratom should be simmered and not boiled so as not to kill the alkaloids in the kratom. You will therefore get the required effect from kratom consumption.

What are the effects of kratom compounds while smoking?

  • Addiction: It is said that the different compounds that are present in the kratom often cause addiction towards excessive consumption of kratom.
    • The compounds present in the kratom are health hazardous and this is especially based on a study that was done across the U.K and the U.S.A whereby it showed that the compounds present in the kratom cause diseases like cancer and brain damages, which are long term effects of the kratom consumption.
    • It has also been proved that kratom compounds contain opioid receptors which has been proven by the FDA commissioners to be harmful to the health of those using or consuming the kratom both via smoking and oral consumption that is either by chewing or by drinking it in tea or coffee.
    The kratom compounds also are lethal when they combine with sputum or when they are absorbed into the blood system as they end up causing long term effects of kratom in the consumers body.
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The possible side effects brought along by kratom smoking.

There are many different side effects of smoking kratom and most of these effects are health effects, which affect the lungs, cause cancer, brain damage and above all opiate addiction. These effects are as explained below:

  • 1. Damage of the lungs.Smoking kratom requires large amounts kratom be used in the smoke process as the user will consume up to 20-25 grams of kratom in the process as opposed to oral consumption which require 2-5 grams. Therefore, these large amounts of kratom that are smoked end up causing different lung related effects and these effects end up damaging the lungs of the consumer. Kratom smoking is just like smoking cigarettes and this is dangerous as it damages your lungs massively. With this sense, it is therefore evident that smoking a lot of kratom is risky to your health.
    2. Risk of acquiring cancer. Smoking kratom is a major way of getting cancer especially the throat cancer. This is because through smoking much kratom, the user consumes high levels of tar content, which is contained in the kratom leaves used for producing the kratom powder that is used for smoking. Smoking this kratom releases high amounts of tar content into the smoker’s lungs in a direct manner and this will heavily increase the chances of getting lung cancer very high for the smoker. They are therefore at risk from the kratom as it will lead to them getting cancer and other lung related diseases.
    3. The alkaloid content in the body.Smoking kratom leaves leads to the neutralization of the other alkaloids present in the users body, as it will end up turning the available alkaloids into useless alkaloids. This is because the kratom leaves contain high levels of kratom alkaloids.
    4. Other side effects are like;Sweating, dizziness, itching, nausea and vomiting, changes in metabolism rate, insomnia and headache. These are however short-term effects of consuming kratom through smoking.
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Smoking kratom is not advisable.

First and foremost, smoking kratom cannot always give the results that everyone expects as many have been disappointed with its outcome. This is because you end up using a lot of kratom powder in the smoking process than you would have used in the other means of consumption.

It is therefore dependent on the user to determine whether consuming kratom through smoking is the best way for him or her. Much of it will be used in the smoking process and as explained above, there are dare effects of smoking kratom and therefore I suggest that smoking kratom is not advisable as it leads to dangerous health effects but it is good to those who prefer it as it gives that required effect of the kratom. Therefore smoking kratom is not advisable.

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