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Finding the best Kratom vendors is not an easy thing, because there are countless providers across the internet. For many users canopy botanicals have always satisfied its customers by providing high quality products.The company has introduced different Kratom strains and they promise to be the best because they offer only high quality Kratom.

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Apart from Kratom, canopy has diversified its line of production to include handmade soaps, tea as well as spices and seasonings.

In all services they provide

Canopy botanicals are above the other in the eyes of many users. As said, over the years they have introduced different strains of Kratom, all of which stand above others in terms of quality. Not only are the strains superior quality across all the lines, but they have ensured consistency in all batches produced and supplied. The best of all is that their customer service is outstanding.


There is no doubt that canopy has made a great impression on Kratom community, as they have satisfied growing numbers of their customers.

When consumers order from canopy, they have confidence and they believe that they are in safe and good hands.

The company stands out because of their professionalism and great variety of high potent Kratom they provide. The products are available in different strains and the prices are highly competitive. This makes them one of the most affordable vendors in the Kratom world today.

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Apart from the fact that their products are highly affordable, they offer impressionable discounts. This means that you will be satisfied when you order your product from the company.

You can enjoy many benefits when you order through cryptocurrency such as bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, as well as ethereum classic and so on.

Many users rated the company high because you get what you paid for and you will be happy at end of the purchase.

If you are not able to pay through cryptocurrencies, they make it possible for you to pay through e-check. Transactions are carried out through their websites and you will be happy with the transactions. The website is easy to navigate.


Canopy produces different kinds of botanical products such as botanical tea, homemade soap, as well as spices and seasonings. These products are available in different quality such that you can order these products in bulk if you desire. They are available in retail prices as well. These are available at rock bottom prices.

Product Selection

Canopy botanicals can boast of different lines of products and these were identified above to include different tea brands, spices, and seasonings, as well as handmade soap.

Tea products

The company has introduced different tea products such as Tea Ball infuser, peach passion tea, oolong tea, sencha green tea, spearmint leaf, as well as yerba mate and several others.

Tea ball

Tea ball infuser for instance is a stainless steel and a reusable product. If you want to prepare your personal tea, you should opt for this product. It is perfect for preparation of loose-leaf tea. The product is designed to save you some money because it is reusable.

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Spearmint leaf

For your tea preparation, canopy botanicals make available to you spearmint leaf. This product can serve different purposes. Apart from tea making, this leaf is used in the cooking of different body care products.

Peach passion tea

This is another tea-making utensil you can buy from canopy botanicals. It is good for black tea. Follow the instructions very well to derive value for your money. It makes iced and hot tea. The choice is yours.
These products facilitate tea production and it does not take more than three to five minutes to have your tea prepared.

To prepare the tea, different kinds of ingredients are combined and some of them are orange flowers, black orange pekoe tea, artificial peach, elderberries, tropical flowers as well as passion fruit and bee pollen and so on.

Handmade Soaps

Another important selection from canopy botanicals includes the handmade soap. These soaps are manufactured from one hundred percent natural ingredients and this implies that they are safe for the body.

These soaps are for the benefit of the users because they make for a soothing aroma to the body. Furthermore, they make a gentle clean feeling. It is one of the best natural products for your body care.

Different handmade soap available include the following: pear redwood, maple bacon, lavender oatmeal, honey almond, as well as brown sugar fig and several others.

Honey almond

One of the handmade soap, honey almonds is produced from one hundred percent organic materials. The same thing is applicable to all the handmade soap from canopy. As the name implies, it is produced from citrus notes and sweet honey, and bitter almond essential oil.

Most of the handmade soaps are from such ingredients like coconut oil, water, olive oil, organic sunflower oil, as well as sodium hydroxide, and shea butter. They are equally composed of turmeric powder and natural fragrance. There are other ingredients. These products do not weigh more than five oz and they are affordable, as most of them do not sell above four dollars.

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Peppermint tea tree

Peppermint tea tree and activated charcoal are designed to improve your appearance. This is because it can bring about a great aroma. The activated charcoal ensures that your skin is free of skin and dirt.

This is composed of superior quality natural ingredients such as activated charcoal, tea tree, and cajuput, essentials oils of peppermint, organic olive oil, as well as sodium hydroxide. It equally includes organic sunflower oil, water, as well as organic palm oil and so on.

The body care products ensure that your body is free of germs and diseases.

Canopy botanicals coupon

If you want to use their products at the cheapest prices, then you can look for canopy botanicals coupon. You can buy the product at a huge discount. Even if you want any of their handmade botanicals, or spices and seasonings as well as tea products, you can enjoy this coupon. The same thing is applicable if you buy canopy botanicals white maeng da.

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Order Online

All orders are processed through their website. To order any of their products, you have to visit their website. First, you must register and verify your email address. Ordering from their website is as easy as anything. The site is easy and simple to navigate.


Currently, two payments methods are supported and these included e-check and crytocurrency. You can order any quantity you want and make your payment through any of these methods. Other payment methods could be introduced in the future.


Once you have processed your order through the website, orders are processed. It will be shipped to you quickly. It can arrive within the shortest possible time.

Customer service

Canopy Botanicals have responsive customer care service. You can contact through their email address, which is [email protected] You can place a call. Customer care service number is 903.600.5282. You can get instant help.

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You can send mail to their physical location at Po.Box 12161, Wilmington, NC 28405.

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