How To Administer CBD During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is an important period for both the mother and the child. However, in most cases, it is normally accompanied by a number of unpleasant symptoms which will need to be relieved. These symptoms can be physical such as chronic pain, migraines, and nausea or even psychological, such as stress, depression, and anxiety.

Currently, there is a major controversy going on about the use of CBD during pregnancy. A number of studies have been carried out to find out the safe use of CBD especially for expecting mothers. The controversies are normally fueled by the fact that CBD is a cannabinoid in the marijuana family and that it’s still illegal in most countries.

CBD Availability And Accessibility

CBD, unlike the most commonly known THC, is a non-psychoactive substance, hence, its consideration for use during pregnancy. It offers the same therapeutic benefits as THC but does not give the user a euphoric high. It would be necessary for mothers to take extra precaution when introducing any new substance to their unborn child. This has necessitated mothers and other stakeholders to study CBD to establish how safe it is during pregnancy.

CBD is becoming more popular due to its availability and accessibility. The products available include

They can be bought online or in licensed retail shops. CBD is being used by expectant mothers to treat the uncomfortable symptoms associated with pregnancy while eliminating the chances of negative side effects from other prescription drugs.

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What Does Research State about Using CBD during Pregnancy?

Currently, there are no exclusive studies that focus on CBD and pregnancy. The studies carried out on the effects of CBD on expectant mothers have not been carried out on actual human females. The information on the effects of CBD on pregnancy are normally theoretical and are somehow based on the findings on THC.

Some studies have been conducted to assess the effect of CBD on the placenta by pumping CBD into a placenta every two to three days. Although the results showed some psychological changes in the placenta, there is a possibility that they could vary in actual human beings.

Most researches carried out show that prenatal use of marijuana would increase chances of low weight births while others have failed to show the negative effects of cannabis. Despite all these, expectant mothers using CBD and other marijuana products are currently on the rise. This leads us to the question of exactly how CBD can impact a woman during pregnancy.

How Does CBD Impact on Pregnancy?

CBD is known to be beneficial to adults and even children. However, this does not mean that it is safe for a developing fetus. At the end of the day, using CBD will mean introducing a new substance to your unborn baby, which can have varying effects.

The few studies carried out have shown that using CBD during pregnancy can help alleviate the most difficult and uncomfortable symptoms. CBD is known to affect the mother in the following ways:

  •  CBD has the ability to suppress the feeling of nausea and also vomiting; two of the most common symptoms during pregnancy.
  •  Known for its anxiolytic and analgesic properties, CBD has been proven to help pregnant women in reducing anxiety, depression, and pain in pregnant women.
  • Studies have shown that using CBD reduces the chances and severity of pre-term contractions in expectant mothers since it works the same as other Oxytocin antagonist drugs in the market.
  • CBD is also helpful to expectant mothers who may have been exposed to THC, a psychoactive cannabinoid, to reducing the harmful effects of THC in the body.
  • It also helps in stimulating the appetite in pregnant women.
  • It acts as a sleep aid during pregnancy, as well as reducing seizure and controlling tremors.
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Currently, there are no studies that have been able to link birth defects, premature and low-weight births among other problems with the use of CBD. Some doctors, have even advised pregnant mothers to use CBD oils and other products as it helps the brain development of their unborn babies.

How to Administer CBD during Pregnancy

The best and safest way to administer CBD during pregnancy is through using the 100% CBD oil. The oil comes with a dropper or even in the form of capsules, lotions and a paste. The dosage should be advised upon by your doctor for maximum relief. Also, pregnant women should refrain from smoking or vaping of CBD.

Some of the things to know when using CBD

  •  Ensure that the CBD product you will use has been tested by a third party laboratory.
  • Avoid all the CBD products with traces of THC.
  • Only purchase the organic and non-GMO CBD products, that have been grown and harvested without chemicals or pesticides.
  • Avoid vaping or smoking CBD, only use edible or topical CBD products.
  • You should avoid CBD products and tinctures whose extraction process used ethanol or other types of alcohol.
  • Use the minimum dosage and only when needed, or as advised by your doctor or pharmacist.

So, is CBD safe to use during pregnancy?

Some of the research carried out on the impacts of CBD on expectant mothers and unborn children have not had a real conclusion on CBD use. Thus, there is a need for more research to determine the safety of CBD as most of them are contradictory. This will include studying closer the endocannabinoid system in the body and its reaction with different external cannabinoids.

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Most researches of the few conducted, show that a diet rich in cannabinoid in healthy and beneficial to the mother and the unborn child. However, there is no complete assurance for any expectant mother planning to use CBD for pregnancy symptoms.


All the conflicting information present from studies and researches leave expectant mothers in a difficult position when it comes to using CBD. Every pregnant woman should take into consideration their history in using any marijuana products, their doctor’s advice, and the legality and state laws on the use of marijuana. It is also advisable to talk to other moms who have used CBD during pregnancy in order to make an informed decision.

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