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About CBD Cream

Simply a cream but not like any other! CBD cream contains CBD extracts and a few natural and home ingredients. Some of them include coconut oil, olive oil, ground, and dried CBD cannabis, beeswax, Aloe Vera gel, and vitamin E oil. If you are such a saver, you can have a DIY CBD cream project in your kitchen.

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Difference between CBD Cream and CBD Oil

CBD Cream and CBD Oil differ in the application means- how you take it. CBD cream is supposed to be applied on the skin while CBD oil is administered right under the tongue. The cream smells awesome and is tempting to put in the mouth. DO NOT! Consuming the cream isn’t detrimental but will cause severe stomach pain. This will be countering its purpose which is to relieve pain.

Reasons for Using CBD Cream

1. Treatment for Skin Inflammation

Cannabinoids have anti-inflammatory properties which are helpful to the skin. It quickens cell regeneration and counters several skin conditions. If you add it to your daily skin care routine, you will notice a difference in the moisture content and suppleness of the skin.

2. Treatment for Eczema

CBD cream is very effective in eczema treatment. Eczema causes pain and itchiness on the skin and the condition if not identified early can be difficult to treat. The condition can affect the skin, arms, and neck. CBD cream gives total relief to the symptoms of eczema.

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3. Reduces the Risk of Skin Cancer

CBD cream is said to reduce the risk of getting skin cancer. In as much as CBD cream is used as a daily beauty regimen, it can keep you safe from certain illnesses that are deadly and difficult to treat. It is advantageous to your skin and your general look.

4. Helps with Arthritis

CBD cream is used for localized pain and has proven to be more beneficial than the other topical creams. It is able to treat chronic arthritis. Since the cream has few side effects, many people are considering using it for pain relief.

Reason for Using CBD Lotion

1. Anti-inflammatory Purposes

CBD lotions have been said to have anti-inflammatory properties and are used to reduce puffiness, redness, and itchiness brought about by skin diseases such as psoriasis. CBD acts on the endocannabinoid system and is the new way of countering inflammation.

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2. Acne Treatment

CBD lotion is used in reducing the oil produced by the skin causing acne. CBD found in CBD lotions speeds up calcium intake reducing production of fats and oils. The cream inhibits production of oil when at the cellular level making those with earn have a clear face in a short time.

3. Treats Pain

CD creams are used for pain relief especially for individuals who suffer from painful skin diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.

Benefits of CBD Cream for Pain

Deals with aches and cramps

People often get muscle aches and cramps and athletes are the most affected group. Those with schedules that require long hours of sitting will suffer from back pain and pain in the neck. Students, individuals with desk jobs, pregnant women, the elderly and people with injuries too, get such pains. CBD cream helps with this kind of pain when applied to the affected areas. Women can apply the cream on the lower back, abdomen and hip area to relieve abdominal cramps and pain.

Irritation and bites

Sometimes pain comes in the form of an irritation and the itch might not disappear. Some come from bug bites. CBD creams can be used to relieve irritation and bites. It soothes the area and some other undesirable sensations.

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Works for chronic pain

CBD creams used together with other treatments counters chronic pain. Frequent application of the cream quickens the healing process. With time, the results will improve significantly.

Anti-inflammatory purposes

Pain can result from inflammation issues or digestive problems and applying CBD cream on the affected area will be beneficial. CBD contained in the cream has soothing effects and the other natural ingredients help with the healing process.

5 best CBD Cream in the Current Market

1. MyadermPRO Transdermal CBD Cream- Double Strength

The Myaderm cream has a higher percentage of CBD content making its quality great. It acts very fast and is made from natural products. The pain-relieving action is almost instant and is great for minor pains and aches or muscle and chronic joint and nerve pains. It goes for $90.

2. Floyd’s of Leadville CBD Cream

This cream soothes muscles pain and has high curative effects. Especially pains that come as a result of sporting, biking and running, you do not have to use pain sprays. The cream is cheap and goes for $69 but very effective. It helps in clearing depression without having to use opioids. The good news is that this cream doesn’t have side effects.

3. Endoca Hemp Salve

You will love its packaging. Small and comes in handy. It is pocket size and can be used anywhere at any time. The cream contains only natural ingredients reducing the chances of having any side effects. Other ingredients are used to improve the skin’s texture like Vitamin E. the cream is a good anti-oxidant and is used for treating dermatitis and for pain relief. You can get it for $64.

4. CBDistillery CBDefine Cream

This cream is the cheapest among the five and goes for $50. It contains a higher CBD content improving its quality and effectiveness. The cream is made from CBD oil that is extracted from hemp. The other natural ingredients make it a great choice for incorporating it into your daily skin care regimen.

5. ioVia True Transdermal Cream

The cream works effectively and is safe for use on the skin. There are options available of the same product. You can get it in Hi-CBD blend, Hi-THC blend or CBD-THC blend. This is possible for people who would like to add a twist of THC to their usual skin care regimen. The price depends on the store you buy from.

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