CBD Dabs – What Is A Correct Dabbing Technique?

Basic Dabbing 101

  • Over the past few years, several studies have shown that dabbing has a wide scope for the treatment of many diseases, but it can also be used recreationally.
  • When taking CBD you don’t feel placed, it’s more like the relaxation you feel when you drink 1 to 2 glasses of wine. CBD is also a THC antagonist, which reduces its psych activity. It somehow “regulates” the potency of marijuana.
  • The properties of CBD can be the best ally for normalization of grass in the world. In 2017, Switzerland has been legalized for some time and marijuana can be marketed without problems as long as the THC content doesn’t go over 1%.

What is dabbing?

  • Dabbing is the art of vaporizing concentrated marijuana, in a form of hash or wax, by putting it in a hot, metal or glass piece called a nail.
  • It’s a hard-hitting vapor that you’ll inhale, it is a lot stronger than just smoking marijuana itself.
  • Vaporization is one of the healthiest options to use marijuana, but also one of the most effective when talking about CBD.
  • Among the many advantages offered, such as greater discretion or better control of the doses, also helps us to maximize the effects of cannabidiol in the bloodstream.
  • This translates into the same effects as with other methods, but with less quantity and in less time.
  • The functions of the vaporizer when heating the cannabinoids to their boiling temperature. Although the grass on lighting produces a large amount of smoke, a vaporizer dehydrates the cocoons and causes them to release their performance without igniting the fire and consequently the mixture of chemicals and the air with which the oxygen is ignited.
  • What it means in simpler terms is that the vaporizer completely eliminates any chemical ballast associated with the ignition of the grass. It is important to note that these chemicals do not necessarily appear from the plant itself; Carcinogenic agents can be found emanating from something that is harmful like a campfire.
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What are the different types of concentrates on the market for dabbing?

  • There are many concentrates on the market for dabbing these days, however, we should address why you would use concentrates first, they contain a higher potency, they are more efficient, you will get faster relief, and they taste better.
  • The concentrates on the market today include shatter and wax, which are the most popular concentrates on the market right now.

What is CBD wax?

  • The wax is quite like our ear wax, as far as consistency goes. When melted it’s an amber colored liquid. Then after being heated, it changes from something like peanut butter to a candle wax consistency.
  • It gives the smoker a very long lasting high. According to some, they prefer wax because of the kind of high it offers.
  • There’s also CBD butter or budder as most call it. CBD butter has been known to relieve people’s pain and it’s made as a lotion that relieves aches and pains. It has tremendous healing qualities.
  • CBD Shatter is a very popular form of concentrates. It is extremely easy to use and easily transported. It’s also very strong. It’s the consistency of peanut brittle. The pieces of it are easy to dab. It has a longer shelf life than the other concentrates, too.

Crystalline (or CBD crystals).What are they? How are they used?

  • Crystalline (or CBD crystals), they are purified CBD crystals, these are made after the cannabinoid has split from the rest of the marijuana.
  • This is the purest form of CBD. These also may offer a few more benefits than regular CBD.
  • It’s a very potent antioxidant, they’re good for inflammation and pain, it has been known to help with schizophrenia and prevent psychosis, and it also helps reduce anxiety attacks too. It has also been known to slow down or stop the growth of cancerous cells.
  • It relieves nausea and vomiting, it can help decrease seizures, lowers diabetes, helps with cardiovascular health, and has been shown to have anti-tumor properties.
  • How much oil of this type should be vaporized? In fact, each person is a world, so the recommendations are clear: start with small doses (10-15 mg of CBD per dose) and go increasing them until you find your ideal amount.
  • A dose in which you are relaxed and lucid. And remember to always think of doses of CBD of tens of milligrams, which is significantly higher than the milligrams of THC that are used to obtain psychoactive effects (the doses of CBD are sometimes up to 10 times higher than what you would take from THC).

With all these benefits, who wouldn’t want to give dabbing a try?

  • If one decides to try dabbing, how does one even take a dab? Taking a dab is not the same as taking a hit. There is a different process for dabbing.

Having the right equipment is necessary for this.

  • You need to have a dab rig, which is basically like the bong used in smoking marijuana. It does not have to be a bong or any fancy on either.
  • Next, you need, a nail. This is the bowl that you use when you hit the dab. It’s normally made of metal; it will become very hot when lit to vaporize the wax or liquid.
  • The third thing you need is a dabber. Then you’ll need a mini lighter blow torch to heat up the nail. To take a dab, you will need to put the nail in your bong. Make sure that it’s on snug.
  • Next, you’ll heat it up with your torch.
  • Lastly, take your dabber and inhale like you would a regular bong, hold it for a few seconds then release and repeat.

Vaporizers are a very reliable method to avoid the problems derived from inhaling vegetable matter in combustion. The CBD oil vapor is much smoother than the harsh smoke of a cigarette, and our lungs will appreciate it.

But, in addition, vaporizers are one of the best ways to control small and regular doses. That is, instead of binge smoking or take more food because the effect has not yet emerged CBD, the vaporizer allows us to dose consumption and notice the effects before, so you can control much better the amount and its effects.

What is A Correct Dabbing Technique?

There are many dabbing techniques. The one described earlier is one that’s commonly used. There are, however, other techniques that others use. There’s a way you can dab without using a rig. Some say that they use a knife and warm it that way. Also using a cigarette lighter from your car and heating it can also provide you with a great dab. Better experienced dabbers have many techniques that they used when they didn’t have the right tools. If they want to get high off dabs, they’ll find a way or make a way.

Using a vaporizer may require an adaptation process. Luckily, with these simple tricks, you should be able to become an expert in vaporization right away.

Preheat Your vaporizer

  • To get the best results with your vaporizer, make sure you give it time to reach its ideal temperature. Let your vaporizer preheat while you select and prepare your grass and enjoy heavy, even puffs.

Use Dry Grass

  • Before loading the camera, make sure you check that the grass is not too wet. You can do it by simply pressing a bud between your fingers and see how it responds to touch.

Fine Cut

  • To get the best results with your vaporizer, it is important to chop the grass properly. We recommend using a good quality grinder, but any method is valid as long as you create a uniform and medium thickness sting.

Your herb will have to be chopped with a homogenous consistency to guarantee a homogeneous vaporization.

Fill The Camera Well

  • One mistake that many novice consumers make is not filling the camera with enough grass.
  • The amount of grass you can put in your vaporizer depends logically on the size of your camera.
  • A good rule of thumb is to fill the camera to the maximum and then compact the material carefully with your fingers.

Inhale Soft And Prolongadely

  • Do not take deep and fast puffs as you do with a bong. Also, do not try to give small slack drops like when you’re finishing a joint.
  • Just relax and inhale gently and long, taking care to absorb the vapor into your mouth and lungs.

A study carried out in Australia indicated that most of the THC are absorbed in the first seconds of inhalation, so it does not need to swell like a puffer fish.

Discover Your Temperature

  • Having your vaporizer temperature setting too low will produce a light vapor with minimal concentrations of cannabinoids and terpenes.
  • Meanwhile, high temperatures carry the risk of burning the grass and exposing you to the same carcinogenic substances from a joint or blunt.

Most cannabinoids begin to vaporize at around 150ºC, while the plant material of the cannabis flower starts combustion at around 210ºC. The exact ideal temperature to vaporize is a hotly debated topic, but our suggestion is to stay at approximately 170ºC.

If you follow these guidelines regarding the temperature, you can get a rich and powerful vapor while maximizing the extraction of cannabinoids from your buds.

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What are the pros and cons of dabbing?

  • During vaporization, CBD quickly reaches the lungs and diffuses directly into the bloodstream rather than through the intestine and liver.
  • This completely avoids the effect of the first step, allowing almost four times more CBD to enter the circulatory system and increasing bioavailability to 50-60%.
  • In essence, what this means is that you can achieve the same vaporizing effects as you consume orally, but using much less CBD.
  • Vaping, in addition, greatly decreases the time it takes the CBD to activate within your body, since, for example, if swallowed, it is necessary to wait for digestion.
  • By vaporizing an oil or a concentrate with high levels of cannabidiol, the effects begin to be felt 30 to 60 minutes faster than that way. This and the savings that are in the pocket for needing less does make the CBD vaporizers the most efficient and valued method by the consumers of this cannabinoid.

One who dabs gets much higher than a normal smoker.

  • You feel the effects instantly when you dab
  • It’s a great way to save money
  • It’s very easy to carry and hide

The cons to dabbing are as follows:

You just have to be careful with two aspects, one as we have discussed is the source, to obtain a CBD without additives and the other is to vaporize at a lower temperature.

Smoking a cigarette involves combustion at temperatures of almost 500 degrees Celsius, vaporizing at 160 or 190 degrees is enough for cannabinoids and terpenes to volatilize, so if we do not know the source of the CBD, it is better to vaporize without reaching 200 degrees.

In this way you can avoid the risks associated with steaming marijuana with medicinal CBD since cannabinoids do not need a risk temperature, it is best to stay below the risk threshold

  • It can be very dangerous if you don’t know what you’re doing
  • The harmful residue is left behind when making it yourself
  • Dabbing has gotten a negative name
  • You need a mini lighter blow torch to heat your dabs

What are the 5 best brands?

The top five brands are

They all have websites and you can google search each one for reviews as well. Now that we know this much about dabbing, let’s think about the frequently asked questions.

  • The first question is, what size dab should you take? This is based on how much you dab and how frequently you dab. Someone who dabs many times a day would need a bigger dab than a starter dab. When do I know if my nail is at the right temperature? When your nail is hot, it’ll be red, wait ten seconds and then it’s ready.
  • Where do you store your dabs? It’s best to store them in a cool and dry place, just like storing your medications. Not in any direct sunlight or in a warm cabinet. The next question, is dabbing dangerous? It has been said that dabbing is safer than smoking.
  • Dabbing does get you extremely high, based on its potency. If you are using it in moderation, there have been no known linked health issues yet with dabbing.

In addition, it is a very versatile instrument that can be taken anywhere and that is the most discreet way to consume cannabis:

  • the format of the oil can mislead staff, accustomed to the ritual of shredding cannabis, unfortunately still frowned upon in certain spaces and environments.
  • On the other hand, portable vaporizers create very little odor, so that others do not have to know what you are consuming inside the appliance.
  • Also, if we are in a closed environment, the smell of smoke in the clothes or the environment does not remain.

Of course, this tool has come to revolutionize the usual rites related to marijuana.

  • If as a consumer you have opted for the CBD or want to do it, you should know that, with all the information on the table, the CBD oil vaping option is the fastest, most effective and most economical.
  • Inhalation releases harmful carcinogens and an invasion of other materials directly through the respiratory system to the lungs.
  • The most immediate effect is irritation of the trachea but prolonged exposure and any source of hot smoke is not natural and is very strong for the lungs.
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Vaporization is one of the healthiest options to use marijuana, but also one of the most effective when talking about CBD.

Among the many advantages offered, such as greater discretion or better control of the doses, also helps us to maximize the effects of cannabidiol in the bloodstream.

This translates into the same effects as with other methods, but with less quantity and in less time.

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