CBD Dosage – Determining CBD : THC Ratio

When you start using CBD oil, it is very confusing to determine the correct CBD dosage for your health. There are many sides that we can use to view the issue. However, this depends on some factors. With the understanding of this challenge facing thousands of users, it becomes necessary to come with a guide regarding the matter.

In this article, therefore, we discuss CBD dosage in details. We shall also look at different ways to take CBD dosage that a user can apply. The material shall also consider the ration of CBD: THC that is correct for a user, as well as ways to measure CBD Tincture and vape dosage.

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Choosing the Correct CBD dosage

Most CBD oil users take one dropper in a day. But just become most of the users use this as a universal prescription, it doesn’t mean that it’s the correct dosage. Different factors associated with determining right user prescriptions. These include;

1. CBD Dosage based on Body Weight

When it comes to choosing the best CBD dosage, there is a need to take a measure of your body weight first. For people with higher body weight, they will need to administer an extensive test of the dosage. Users should purpose to take 1-6 mg of CBD dosage per 10 pounds of their body weight. It is the standard CBD dosage that physicians recommend for all users.

2. The Intensity of the Ailment

The levels of pain the user is experiencing shall also be used to assess the amount of the recommended dosage. The higher the pain, the more the dosage you should purpose to take. With this in mind, it is clear that a typical dosage for all users is not practical. It is therefore advisable that you do not consider taking your dosage in comparison to other people’s measure.

3. Start low

However, when taking CBD dosage, it is advisable that you consider starting small and increasing your dosage gradually. After realizing your favorite dose, consider understanding what your body reaction to the dosage is. As you keep in check the experienced effects of the dosage, gradually increases the amount of your dose. By doing this, it will be simple and easy for you to come up with a perfect long-term dosage plan.

4. Making a Consultation with a Professional

One of the best things to do before you can start using CBD dosage treatment is to talk it out with a professional physician. Unlike in the past days, today there are a number of physicians that are well trained with matters about cannabis. It is therefore easy to find one in your location or the surrounding areas.

Explain your problems and why you feel it is necessary to take the dosage. By doing this, it will be possible for you to gain the correct information about CBD dosage. You can use Google to find more information about these physicians and where you can get one that is near your area. There are also online dispensaries where you can learn more about the CBD dosage.

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Users Methods to administer CBD Dosage

There are different ways to take CBD dosage. Most of the most preferred methods include;

1. Ingestible CBD Oil

If you are looking for a simple way to take CBD oil dosage, using the ingestible CBD will be the perfect style for you. You can mix the dosage with your food or drinks. You can also use the CBD dosage as a way to add flavor to your baking. It gives you the benefit of great taste in your meals as you enjoy the treatment. Remember it is not a must you mix your CBD dosage with food. You can also ingest the ingestible CBD on its own. You can also include it in your drink to increase the taste of your coffee.

2. CBD Smokables

So far vaping is among the most commonly used ways to take CBD dosages. In the market, numerous smoke shops carry cartridges used for vape pens. The rounds also allow for dripping CBD-infused e-liquid directly onto a coil. CBD vape is known to be commonly used by athletes to help them recover after participating in more demanding workouts. There are a variety of reasons why this is the most preferred method to consume CBD products.

First, it facilitates to approximately 95% efficient intake of the CBD into the bloodstreams. Physicians also claim that the method acts as a direct therapeutic to pulmonary tissue. These tissues constitute the lungs and airways make up. The CBD smokables, however, delivers a relatively low dose. For this reason, CBD vape treatment associates with conditions such as anxiety and daily pain. CBD vape is also highly portable, and you can use it from anywhere.

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CBD Topical

Unlike the ingestible and smokables ways to take CBD, the user applies topical creams directly to the areas affected. Here, the user experiences the right therapeutic dose in the affected area. These help to relieve pain quickly and easily.

The method is useful in relieving muscle pain but has a lower dosage in comparison to sublingual oils. And this is the case since it is not diffuse throughout the body. Instead, for the topical CBD products, they are concentrated to the source directly to the cause of pain

These products are pharmacist designs and are extracts from the same isolate as the CBD sublingual oil. However, it’s then mixed with a tropical transdermal which increases its strength to penetrate the skin. As a result, it quickens the speed to eliminate aches and pains that the user is experiencing.

If you experience aches after participating in a strenuous exercise, this is one of the perfect ways to take CBD dosage. Also, the method is an ideal treatment in case of an injury. Topical CBD diffuses through the skin and reacts to reduce the antioxidants and anti-inflammatory effects. For this reason, Topical also find use with acne and skin disorders.

Determining CBD: THC ratio

When we talk of CBD: THC ratio, it does not generally refer to the amount of CBD or THC that a CBD dosage contains. Depending on different conditions, the ration will keep on varying. For example, people suffering from anxiety, seizure, and psychosis, it is advisable that you start with a small CBD dose that is CBD-rich with a little THC. However, for those suffering from cancer, autism and similar conditions, it is preferable for the user to take a balanced CBD: THC ration.

The THC concentration is very beneficial for autoimmune and inflammatory disorders. The compound works to activate the CB2 cannabinoid receptor, an enzyme that regulates immune functions.

It is also good to note that, so far physicians have not determined any ratio that is considered correct for any users. Your sensitivity to THC will be the critical factor in determining your perfect CBD: THC ratio. In States where cannabis is a legal behavior for medical purposes, there are CBD oil concentrates with THC that is acceptable. By doing this, it helps users to adjust and at the same time minimize psychoactive effect levels to that which suit their needs.

As a user, your aim should be to administer consistent, measurable CBD-doses with THC levels that you are comfortable. However, it is good to note that, low THC remedy will not be a useful treatment option.

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Measuring your CBD Tincture Dosage

It is advisable for all users to use CBD tinctures if they want to consume CBD efficiently. To use this method, consider the following three steps:

  • Fill your dropper with the CBD oil
  •  Administer the oil under your tongue
  • Consider to hold it there for a period of 30 to 90 seconds before swallowing

Also, you need to understand how many drops of the CBD dosage you are supposed to administer. In reality, a dropper will hold 1 ml of the CBD oil. You need to know how many milliliters are there in a tincture. Now that you know the amount, the following formula will be of help to determine how much CBD is in the accompanying dropper. You can consider applying the following formula

(Total amount of CBD in the bottle) / (number of milliliters in the tincture) = Mg of CBD in a dropper

The above method is not necessarily 100% perfect but will help you to avoid overdose. It will help you to start low and determine how to increase your CBD dose intake in a considerate manner.

Measuring Your CBD Vape Dosage

We have already seen vaping CBD doses through E-liquid, or a CBD cartridge system is the two everyday activities. Using the two methods is both comfortable and enjoyable. And just as in the case of e-liquid, you will require applying the same way as the tincture to estimate the amount of CBD in the dropper. By doing this, you are able to determine how much of CBD you need to put in a single tank. It will also help you to understand how often you need to refill your tank in a day.

To prevent an overdose, you will consider to vape at most a single tank per day. The method is however not 100% accurate, and it will require close monitoring on your dosage. As a result, you will be able to come up with a quick gauge of your CBD intake.

Healing Power of CBD

There are some healing effects that associates with CBD oil. These include

1. CBD dosage and Inflammation

CBD dosage works to offer treatment as an anti-inflammation agent. Inflammation is generally a biological response of your body tissues to harmful stimuli. Inflammation is an essential immune response that helps in the destruction of noxious stimuli such as the pathogens and irritants.

CBD can find use in the treatment of some inflammatory conditions such as diabetes, autoimmune diseases, and rheumatoid arthritis. According to statistics, more than 43 million Americans have arthritis.

Inflammation comes as the main contributor to this high statistics, and therefore it cannot be neglected.

As a result, scientists consider CBD not just as a cure but also a way to prevent arthritis from occurring. It is so since CBD comes as a natural inflammation cure, and blocks many of the conditions that associate with it. The recommended starting dose for a beginner is 20-20mg of CBD in a day.

2. CBD dosage and Cancer Patients

When it comes to cancer patients, chemotherapy is one of the treatments they have to undergo to combat its effects. The medication comes with some side effects one of which is the loss of appetite. Loss of appetite lines with damaging of cells and DNA resulting in ECS. But including CBD compounds in the treatment, the patient’s appetite is improved, and he or she desires to take more food. Therefore, it helps to promote nourishment that boosts the patient’s health. Doctors recommend a CBD dosage with at least 2.5 mg of THC by mouth daily. The treatment can go for up to six weeks.

3. CBD dosage and Epilepsy

Research has indicated that patients who suffer seizure conditions can use FDA which is a CBD extract to reduce the severity of their states. The use of CBD in the treatment of the epilepsy is said to help in reduction of seizure levels. The optimal CBD dosage for epilepsy is 200-300 mg for sublingual CBD oil ingestion on a daily basis for approximately two months.

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4. CBD Dosage and Sleep Treatments

Sleep disorders are a common health problem that is facing many of the Americans. While its treatment remains a challenge, research confirms CBD as a perfect and effective method of treating the condition. It associates with the ability to reduce nightmares giving the users a peaceful sleep. Also, when you consume CBD on light, it helps to increase users’ alertness. With all these benefits, it is possible to increase the total sleep time of the user. The recommended dosage is 40-160 mg of sublingual CBD ingestion oil on a daily basis.

5. CBD Dosage and Anxiety

In most cases, we shall experience anxiety in different situations such as when a job interview or when on a blind date. However, to help reduce anxiety issues, CBD oil has shown a high capacity. The most recommendable dosage is 3-drops of the CBD oil three times a day. The dose compares to approximately 50 mg of CBD.

6. CBD Dosage and Depression

One way to help reduce your dependency on the pharmaceuticals is to use CBD oil for depression treatment. Depression is a typical personal mental health disorder, and research shows that it is the second most searched word in Google. CBD indicates signs to have a good connection with 5-HT1A neuroreceptor. CBD compounds stimulate the neuroreceptor to increase the release of the hormones for happiness and well-being. Users are recommended to start the intake with 25-50 mg in a day and slowly increase the amount.


CBD oil has a lot of health benefits to users. It will come in different forms, and different ways to take CBD dosage are already in place. For new users, consider to start low and increase your consumption rates gradually. Use the various methods of measuring your dose to make sure that you take the correct dose. Remember, you are after improving your health and not destroying it further. Therefore, please talk your issue out to a physician before you start using CBD treatments.

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