CBD Oil In California – Dispensaries Vs Headshops

In recent times, many people have started recognizing the benefits accrued from the controversial CBD oil. In many places, its use and consumption have been made legal making it more accessible.

Mostly, used for treating various symptoms the health benefits have not been adequately researched yet thus making it hard to understand CBD oil extensively. Though there has been a bone of contention when it comes to CBD oil in states like California it has been made legal. So,

let’s have a look at California CBD oil.

The need for CBD oil over the years has increased substantially due to the immense number of chronic conditions it can cure.

The question of whether CBD is legal in California is quite a tricky one to answer due to the regulations and laws that go hand in hand with its legalization. Though it should make it clear that there are two types of CBD products. First up are the hemp-products and the marijuana-derived substances.

For all states hemp derived products are legal, but in other places, marijuana-based products are considered illicit.
So, in the case of California, both the hemp and marijuana products are considered legal. The good news is that there are no restrictions whether it’s for medicinal purposes or for recreational purposes you can have a full blast if you want.

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However, if it is for medicinal purposes, you have to get a prescription from a certified health provider. Though it as much as it is legal some places, some states specify the number of levels that can be consumed. When you are out of California, take the necessary precautions so that you are not found on the wrong side of the law.

CBD oil California dispensary

One thing you should know is that you should always get your products from state-licensed dispensaries though most of them are only allowed to sell hemp products for medicinal use. Licensed dispensaries are authorized to offer a wide variety of CBD oil products.

The dispensaries are easily located but also there are restrictions put to protect children and students. To be honest, there are varieties of dispensaries in California where you can easily buy your CBD oil plus its products, and they are growing very fast with time, you don’t have to tarmac for long.

Let’s see dispensaries in California that provide

The dispensary has a variety of products available for their customers. They give their customers special offers like; 20% off seniors and veterans, 30% off to first-time patients, 15% to patients who return. these discounts apply to all products excluding juice. They are trusted dealers who give quality products and clean deals. Their product ratio is 28:1.

  1. Jayden’s Journey
  2. Wellness Earth Energy Dispensary
  3. Caliva
  4. CBD Alive
  5. Sonoma Medicinal Herbs
  6. Green Door West Cannabis Delivery

The above are just but a few, if you need CBD oil while in California, visit them and you won’t be disappointed.

Headshops in California

Another better place where your need will be easily met is in headshops, in California CBD oil is allowed to be sold in the licensed headshops. This makes it easy for customers to get these products without much hustle. Below are some,

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where these products are readily available;

  1.  Sphinx Smoke & Vape Shop
  2.  Buzz r us
  3. Dementia Gallery
  4. LA cloud supply

They offer excellent services and products too, making them known and last long offering services and products to their customers.

Food stores in California

The selling of CBD oil in the food stores has helped the consumers much more. This is because it has eased their way of accessing it. Food stores contain products that contain the CBD oil in most cases. Good examples of these stores are;

  1.  Mar-Val Food Stores Inc
  2. Whole Foods Market
  3. Mar-Val
  4. Whole Foods Market

They sell CBD oil and CBD oil products. During your shopping in the stores, you can decide to add one product of CBD oil and have fun or use it as medicine as proven and recommended for patients.

Gas stations selling CBD oil

California is a large place, its loaded with great options of where you can easily buy CBD oil products. In the case of gas stations, most of the roadside stations in California sell the CBD oil products, pharmaceutical items, and food products.


In Walmart, CBD oil products are readily available at a fair price, ie;

  1. Nutiva Organic hemp oil, range from $14 to $37 depending on the size.
  2. Food to live, (Raw, Hulled) they sell at $24.99


Through this trusted site, you can buy CBD oil and its products online, by only making an order while at home and the delivery to you at your doorstep. Good deal right?

Their prices range from;

  1. GNC Cod Liver Oil size 90 cost $9.99
  2. Nordic Naturals® Arctic Cod Liver Oil size eight cost $22.94. And they have fantastic offers for their customers also.
  3. CVS: They are yet to introduce CBD oil and its products in their stores. They don’t sell yet.
  4. Walgreens: CBD oil with its products has not been introduced in Walgreen stores. They don’t sell also.
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Five best vendors to buy California CBD oil online


  • They sell CBD oil and a variety of its products; their prices are fare making them a faster growth in the market of CBD.
  • Relax extreme CBD 1000X oil is sold at $88.99
  • Diamond CBD full spectrum MCT oil cost, $79.99
  • Unflavored diamond CBD cost $89.99
  • This company has built its reputation regarding the quality of goods and services.

Nuleaf Naturals

  • Nuleaf naturals specialize in CBD oil in full-spectrum, this is the right place when you need the oil or a product of it.
  • 240mg Full Spectrum CBD Oil, High Grade Extract (50mg/ml) cost $38.5 with free shipping.


They offer isolated CBD tinctures and a variety of full spectrum with different concentration.

  • From 500 to 2500 mg.
  • 1000mg 15ml Full Spectrum CBD oil is sold at $60


  • Due to better soil, they can produce high-quality products where they are given credit for it.
  • Cbd tincture 500mg cost $49.95


  • Koi CBD believes in helping people, that’s why their prices vary and also they are customers friendly.


CBD oil is the best product so far us much as I understand, if only people could get the knowledge behind its benefits, they could be lucky. You can have fun at the same time healing yourself.

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