CBD Oil For Autism – A Natural Remedy For Autism

Over the past few years, CBD Oil has proven to be quite beneficial when it comes to certain health conditions. Autism is one of these conditions. Today, we will discuss the relevance of CBD Oil in helping patients suffering from Autistic Disorders.

But, What Exactly is Autism?

Before we dive into the definition of autism, you must first know that it can only be diagnosed by a professional physician. Therefore, if you suspect that a child has autism, it’s best you seek medical diagnosis right away.

Autism spectrum disorder is a health condition that affects the development of the brain. The primary manifestations of this disorder are the inability to socially communicate, intellectual disability, anxiety and depression and a couple of other neurological disorders.

It’s referred to as a spectrum of disorders that affect the development of a person’s brain. You also need to know that Autism manifests itself differently among people. Therefore, the symptoms may not be the same.

Is CBD Effective in Treating the Symptoms of Autism?

Having a child with autism can be a challenging experience. And you have to try and find a way to minimize the negative symptoms of autism on your child and thus enabling him/her to live a happy and fulfilling life. But, have you ever tried using CBD Oil?

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Fortunately, CBD Oil has proven to be quite useful in the alleviation of most symptoms of Autism. You have probably heard of the many success stories from parents who gave CBD Oil to their autistic children and how it helped them. At times, the medication given for treating autistic disorders may fail to provide the desired effect. It’s, therefore, best if you approach the treatment of autism with an open mind.

CBD, also known as cannabidiol in full, is a compound that is extracted from the marijuana plant. It doesn’t give the user euphoria, that is the work of THC, but it does provide a lot of health benefits. And fortunately, autism is one of these benefits. It comes in the form of capsules, edibles, tinctures, oils and it is today being infused in water.

Here are ways on how CBD Oil can relieve the symptoms of autism:

  • CBD Oil minimizes the levels of anxiety. One of the primary reasons as to why most people use CBD oil is because of its calming effect. Giving the autistic patient some CBD Oil can help regulate his/her anxiety levels. CBD can activate the brain receptors for serotonin which are responsible for improving mood.
  • It also minimizes feelings of depression. In most cases, anxiety does go hand in hand with depression. And, this being one of the symptoms of autism, taking CBD Oil can be of significant help. CBD Oil helps in boosting one’s mood. It will thus help take all negative thoughts from your child.
  • It encourages sociability. Due to the high levels of anxiety and depression, it’s always difficult for autistic patients to interact with others socially. But, CBD oil calms one’s nerves and thus giving your child the opportunity to converse and share with others.
  • It decreases gastrointestinal issues. This is also another dominant characteristic of autism. However, the cannabidiol compound in CBD oil is excellent at relieving any digestive problems.
  • CBD oil will also help alleviate sensory overload. If you have some experience with autism, then you can bear witness of how sensory overload can be a nightmare. This increased sensitivity to the environment can be minimized with the help of CBD oil.
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What’s the CBD Oil Dosage for Autism?

As you can see above, CBD Oil can be of great aid to patients who have autism. It is even better than prescription medication because it is a natural compound. And it has minimal side effects. Incorporating CBD oil into the treatment plan of an autistic person is an excellent idea. Below is the dosage that you should follow.

For kids, it’s advisable that you start with a smaller dose and gradually increase it depending on the effectiveness and severity of the condition. You can start with at least 10 to 15 mg on a daily basis. You can, however, increase it later to around 30 mg per day. CBD Oil edibles and gummies are better because kids like chewing and eating sweet things.

Starting with 20 to 35 mg is a suitable CBD dosage for adults. It can be increased to 100 mg depending on the symptoms of autism. For adults, you can try capsules and CBD Oil tinctures.

Is There a Relationship Between Epilepsy and Autism?

Research has proven that epilepsy is a condition that affects at least 30% of people who have autism. Epilepsy is characterized by recurring seizures and tends to affect those with intellectual disability. The good thing with CBD oil is that it’s an anti-convulsant, making it the best form of treatment for epilepsy and autism in general.

Can CBD Oil Help with ADHD and Autism?

As mentioned earlier, Autism is a spectrum of disorders. ADHD, also known as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, is one of them. It has been covered that there is a correlation between the two. ADHD is a condition characterized by the inability to focus while sitting still. CBD Oil can be of great help in helping the patient smooth out the daily challenges of ADHD.

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IS CBD Oil Effective for Autism Spectrum?

CBD Oil can’t cure autism, but it can help lessen its symptoms. There have been numerous reports on how CBD Oil has helped to calm down children and to put a stop to epileptic seizures. Autism, being a spectrum of neuro-disorders, CBD can help in relieving most of them such as ADHD, Anxiety, and Depression.

Can CBD Oil Manage Autism Aggression?

Autistic patients are agitated quite easily. This occurs as a result of their inability to express themselves verbally. As a result, some patients may portray signs of aggression. However, thanks to CBD Oil’s soothing effect. Autistic patients can now enjoy calmness.

Is CBD Oil Ideal for High Functioning Autism?

Additionally, CBD has also been an excellent alternative for people living with high functioning autism. However, in this case, you are required to consume it on a daily basis. Neuro-inflammation is one of the main symptoms of autism. Basing on the fact that CBD Oil does have anti-inflammatory properties. It can aid in relieving that sort of inflammation. 7

Final Thoughts

Despite there not being extensive research regarding the use of CBD Oil in treating Autism, we can’t fail to acknowledge the benefits. CBD Oil has emerged to be of great help to people with disorders such as ADHD, Epilepsy, Anxiety, and Depression which are all common symptoms of Autism. If you were, therefore, considering using CBD Oil to treat autism, then it is worth the try. You should know that it’s safe for both kids and adults.

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