CBD Oil In Florida – Get An MMJ Card To Reap Its Benefits

Are you wondering how and where you can get your hands on some CBD Oil in Florida? Worry not, this article will guide you on where to buy CBD Oil. We will also discuss the legal status of CBD Oil in Florida.

But, What’s All the Buzz about CBD Oil in Florida?

Before we dive in on how to buy CBD Oil in Florida, four years ago, the residents of Florida celebrated the legalization of CBD oil. The passage of this legislation enabled the residents here to benefit from CBD oil. But, back then there were some few hiccups regarding the actual realization of the CBD oil legalization.

Nonetheless, in 2017, the above-said legislation started being adopted. And as a result, patients were able to have access to medical marijuana and its products from licensed dispensaries. But, what’s all the buzz about CBD Oil in Florida?

Did you know that in Florida you can buy CBD Oil without a Medical Marijuana Card? It is the reason why there’s so much talk about CBD Oil in Florida. We all owe this to the several companies that have been licensed to sell legal CBD Oil all over the US. We will discuss further the legal status of CBD Oil below.

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What’s the Legal Status of CBD Oil in Florida?

As mentioned earlier, CBD Oil was legalized in Florida to help patients suffering from cancer, seizures and other complications. However, regarding the legality of CBD Oil, you must first know the difference between Cannabis and Hemp CBD Oil in Florida. To get your hands on some Cannabis CBD Oil, you will need to have an MMJ Card, whereas, to buy Hemp CBD Oil you won’t need one.

What You Need to Know About Cannabis CBD Oil in Florida

By now, you are probably asking why you ought to have an MMJ card to get Cannabis CBD oil and not hemp CBD Oil. Well, it’s quite simple. Although both of the two products come from marijuana, it so happens that there’s a slight variation in the THC content. The Cannabis CBD Oil does contain some traces of THC, and it’s why you must first have an MMJ card for you to buy it from your nearest dispensary legally.

For the case of hemp CBD oil, it contains at least 0.3% of THC content. As a result, it’s entirely legal. And you, therefore, don’t need to be in possession of an MMJ Card to buy yourself some.

How to Get Your Hands on Some CBD Oil in Florida?

Getting your hands on some CBD oil in Florida has some requirements. One of them is that you must have a Medical Marijuana Card. To get this card, you will have to schedule a 420 evaluation with a medical marijuana doctor. You will explain your conditions to the doctor who will then give you an MMJ recommendation. As long as you are in possession of this card, you can walk into any dispensary and legally purchase some CBD Oil.

What are The CBD Oil Products That are Available in CBD Shops in Florida?

Once, you have your medical marijuana card in hand. You are now ready to buy some CBD Oil in Florida. Below is a list of some of the CBD Oil products that you can find in dispensaries in Florida.

1. Tinctures

  • They are the most popular CBD Oil products. Are taken by dropping a couple of drops on your tongue.

2. Vape Oil

  • Smoking CBD does have its perks such as the ability to adjust dosage, but it’s also said to be ineffective than the other products.

3. Nasal Sprays

  • Can be conveniently carried around but happen to have a weak amount of concentration.

4. Topicals

  • Adding in CBD Oil in topicals provides a lot of skin benefits. It helps in reducing inflammation, acne and contains anti-aging properties.

5. Capsules

  • They are the easiest way for one to take CBD Oil. You can take them alongside other supplements.
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6. Concentrates for Vape Oil and CBD Oil Tincture

  • They are known to be stronger than the rest. They are best for people who aim to seek the highest potency.

7. Gel Pen

  • Are a quick and discreet product that helps you

8. CBD Patches

  • Use of patches makes it quite simple to get the benefits of CBD Oil.

9. CBD Gums

  • CBD Gums are also another great way of conveniently taking CBD. You can also use them to regulate your dosage effectively.

10. CBD Edibles

  • They offer an enjoyable and tasteful way of taking CBD. They are highly gaining popularity.
  • Each of the above products does have their unique advantages. Make sure that you pick one that works best for you.
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Where to Purchase CBD Oil in Florida?

One of the best things about Florida is that it’s home to a lot of CBD stores. Below is a list of some of them. Find one that is located near you. The local vendors below do sell different CBD Oil products. Note that the price may vary from one vendor to another. We have categorized the local vendors as follows:

CBD Oil Shops in Miami

1. The Joint Smoke Shop

  • It’s located at 710 Washing Avenue.

2. The Nugbrand South Beach

  • They have three stores. One is in 1422 Alton Rd, the other in 2324 N Miami Avenue and the last one is in 2206 North East 123rd Street in North Miami.

3. The 101 Vapor and Smoke Shop

  • It’s found in 10110 NW 27th Avenue.

4. The Nutrition Empire

  • It’s situated in 4583 Ponce Deleon Boulevard in Coral Gables.
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CBD Oil Shops in Orlando

1. The Smoke Shop

  • It’s in 4316 Curry Ford Road.

2. The Smokes 4 Less

  • It’s in 602 E Vine St, Kissimmee.

3. The Puff n Snuff Vape Shop

  • It’s also located in E Vine St, Kissimmee but on 1309.

4. The 441 Vapors

  • It’s in 16850 S US Hwy on 441.
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CBD Oil Shops in Tampa and St. Petersburg

1. The Smoke Bodega

  • Located along 911 Sheldon Road.

2. The Best Smoke

  • It’s in 2120 South MacDill Avenue.

3. St.Peter’s CloudNine Galleries

  • Found in 1661 W Bay Dr, Largo.

4. The Hot Wax Glass Ybor

  • It’s found in 1524 E 7th Avenue in Tampa.

CBD Oil Shops in Gainesville

1. The Blue Crystal Cornucopia

  • It’s located in 1801 NE 23rd Avenue in Gainesville.

Final Thoughts

Florida can be considered as one of the best places for you to buy CBD Oil. Having legalized the use of CBD Oil, make sure you get an MMJ Card first and then begin using CBD Oil to reap its excellent benefits. Before you head out to any of the stores above, make sure that you do some research and identify the best CBD Oil manufacturers. Always make an informed decision before purchasing any CBD Oil. Remember to consider quality over quantity.

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