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We know water to be the source of life. Just being hydrated alone can contribute significantly to your physical changes. But imagine the benefits you would get if you enhance water with vitamins, ions, and electrolytes? If you are a frequent cannabis user, you probably are aware of the medicinal benefits you can get from the plant. Different new cannabis products are slowly gaining prominence in the market, and CBD Water is one of them. But, as you need to know all the necessary information of a product before using it, how about you start with a guide to CBD water?

What is CBD Water?

It is water infused with CBD. And as simple as that explanation sounds, the way it works is quite impressive. CBD compounds are broken down into small particles and distributed in the water evenly. The result is that water with CBD components is formed. This type of water can penetrate into tissues easily allowing better absorption. While many people take medicinal CBD in edible form, you should know that the process involving the making of the edibles is a bit complex and much CBD compounds are lost along the way due to its poor bioavailability. However, when making CBD water, all CBD particles are retained and used.

What Benefits Does CBD Water Have?

CBD particles are too large in their natural forms. But breaking them down into nanoparticles makes it easy for them to dissolve and get homogenized into the water. When CBD is taken as water, the result is that penetration into the blood-brain barrier and other tissues in our bodies is made so much easier. Digesting CBD as a nanostructure is also easy. CBD water has the same benefits as CBD; ease inflammation, pain, nausea and anxiety, and research suggests that CBD infused in water also aids in the treatment of discomfort brought with cancer, epilepsy among others. The ease with which CBD water delivers the treatment is the most significant advantage.

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What are the Negative Effects of CBD Water?

The disadvantage of CBD water has more to do with the nanotechnology used. While it enhances bioavailability, many people are worried that it also increases toxicity. There are no proper guidelines on the consumption of phytochemicals as there are in vitamins and minerals. So there is a possibility that the nanoceuticals- which have not been adequately tested, in CBD water can expose our bodies to too much biochemical that isn’t necessary.

There is also the concern that when CBD compounds are isolated some may be lost hence reducing their effectiveness. So one may not significantly benefit from using the CBD water as opposed to when they smoke a marijuana plant.

Best CBD Water Brands

Something to note is that if you are operating on a low budget, CBD Water is not the best product for you. It is not a cheap product. You may have to spend a lot on large amounts. Nevertheless, here are the leading companies selling CBD water.

1. CBD Naturals

This company prides itself as the first CBD brand to be filled with the USPTO for a trademark. The company is determined to provide you with unique nutrients, and as a matter of fact, they have engineered nano-materials into conventional foods and drinks.

2. Canna Nano

This company sources its water from the ocean such that your CBD water will be having all the relevant minerals. If you are looking for tasty but clean water, then you should buy from them.

3. EVERx

Their water is primarily targeted at athletes who are looking at enhancing their capabilities. But even you can enjoy all its benefits.

4. CBD Living Water

The company uses the nanotechnology to produce CBD Water that has a balanced pH level of 7.4 that will perfectly coincide with the natural pH levels in our bodies.

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5. Hemp Living Water
The company uses nanotechnology to process their water. But what is even better is that their water is no flavored. Which means it has zero calories and no sweeteners making it best for people who are on a no sugar diet.

CBD Water VS. CBD Oil

Science tells us that oil and water don’t mix together very well. And because a significant part of our bodies is made of water, it makes sense that CBD Water will mix well with water. CBD Water is generally CBD Oil only that is made to dissolve in water. In short, both of them have advantages as well as disadvantages. For instance, CBD Water can easily be absorbed into the bodies making it the most preferable if you need quick pain relief. Also, the water has a better taste compared to the oil.
However, that doesn’t mean that you completely forget about the oil because it is a little bit affordable. CBD oil does not cost much as compared to CBD water. Also, you stand a chance to benefit significantly from Cannabis when you use CBD oil that water as it has additional cannabinoids and terpenes.

Where to Buy CBD Water

CBD is not legal in all parts of the United States. So it is only in states where marijuana is legal that CBD Water can be purchased. However, the chances of being arrested for buying and using CBD water are minimal. You can visit the websites of the companies that sell the water to purchase online or look for CBD Water locations near me. You could also get your CBD water from Amazon as they also have a variety.

Can I find CBD water on Amazon?

Of course, you can. In fact, many sellers are making their products available on Amazon. Companies like Cannaki CBD Infused and CBD naturals among others are the common sellers of CBD water on Amazon. However, make sure to read reviews about products on Amazon so that you don’t end up regretting your purchase.

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Quantum CBD H2O

Unlike water from other companies, Quantum CBD Water uses a full spectrum to provide CBD along with other additional cannabinoids and terpenoids. The water has a unique flavor, and the company uses the nanotechnology to transform active compounds into tiny particles for immediate bioavailability.

Can I find CBD water near me?

Yes, you can. You just have to look at the location of companies that are near your state so that your shopping will be much easier. for example, if you are living in Oklahoma you can check out CBD plus as the company is located in that area.

Bottom Line about CBD Water

There is nothing better than knowing something is going to work out. When you take CBD Water, you are sure that it will be absorbed into your system and fast. If the taste of CBD oil disgusts you, then CBD water is the best solution for you. But you have to remember that there are only a few reputable and reliable firms that are selling it at the moment. Ensure that you find the most convenient seller and try it as soon as possible. But keep in mind that CBD Water is a little bit pricey. So you must be fully prepared to spend.

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