Kratom Users’ Way Of Dealing With Kratom Induced Constipation

Constipation refers to reduced frequency of the urge to pass stool occasioned by harden stool. It has several causes ranging from low fiber intake to reduced water intake. Kratom, like any other drug has few adverse effects, constipation is one of them.

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There are different theories as to how kratom causes constipation. One of the theories advanced has it that kratom activates the sympathetic part of the nervous system. Sympathetic nervous system operating through a series of interconnected neurons inhibits the activities of the digestive system. This would mean inhibition of peristalsis too. This definitely will interfere with stool formation causing constipation.

Kratom Induced Constipation

Kratom induced constipation, as indicated above, is a reduced frequency of the urge to relieve stool occasioned by  frequent use of Kratom. Possibly Kratom causes through different mechanisms the reduction in frequency and Harding is stool.

Tips for Dealing with Kratom induced Constipation

kratom induced constipation

  1. Kratom users report that most kratom induced constipation resolves naturally. So, most of them say that what you need to do when you experience such constipation is to observe whether it resolves naturally or not. If it doesn’t, then you may think of a better way to manage your constipation.
    2. Reduce the dosage of Kratom. Some doctors advice that just like it is with other drugs, the only way to manage kratom induced constipation is to discontinue the drug. This has been shown to work very well in some people while in others a reduction on the dosage of Kratom relieves them of the symptoms. Some specialist link Kratom induced constipation to taking to much of it. They suggest adjustments in the dose and changing of strains of Kratom as a way of relieving constipation.
    3. Never hold stool, whenever it comes, visit a toilet and address the urgency. A friend of mine who uses Kratom, suggest this as away of preventing kratom from causing constipation. He reports that he develops the urge to visit the toilets after taking kratom on an empty stomach. He says that going to the toilet immediately saves him while holding it for a long time results in constipation.
    4.Some users suggest the use of herbs such as aloe and cascara to relieve kratom caused constipation. These herbals are said to be stimulant laxatives. This however is only advised as a last resort.
    5.Eating a balanced diet. Eating a well balanced diet with all the essential nutrients has also proven very effective in managing constipation over time.
    6. Increased fluid intake. users who experience take also need to take a lot of fluids. Increased absorption of fluids eg water relieves the symptoms of constipation. Although Health care professionals advice on taking about 8 glasses of water per day, very few people adhere to this.
    7. Use of mineral oil. Mineral oil acts as a lubricant thus can be an effective way of managing constipation. If you are to use oil, then use it at the early stages.
    8. Regular exercise has also been shown to relieve constipation symptoms. This is possibly because exercise maintains the tone of the abdominal muscles.
    9. Magnesium citrate. One user of Kratom reports that he feels relieved if he uses magnesium citrate anytime he feels constipated after taking kratom.
    10. Increased intake of fiber- rich foods while on Kratom. This has been shown to reduce symptoms of kratom induced constipation. Low fiber diet is likely to cause constipation because the stool is very dense. However, fiber riched foods must be taken with control as they may also cause constipation. When increasing your fiber intake, it’s advisable to increase the intake of water too.
    11. Use of laxatives. Take note that this should only be used as a last resort. Over the counter laxatives can also be very effective in managing constipation caused by kratom. There are several hypotheses on how laxatives achieve this. One of the hypotheses suggests that laxatives irritate the intestines thereby promoting bowel movements. The other hypothesis suggests that laxatives achieves this by attracting water back into the bowels through osmosis.
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What shall I do when I develop constipation after taking Kratom?

It is not surprising to experience a natural resolution to a kratom induced constipation. So when kratom users develop constipation, the first thing would be to observe it for a while to see if it resolves naturally. If it fails, then users, can move to the second stage. Here, they can either reduce the dosage of Kratom they take or change the strain of Kratom to use. They has proven very effective in managing some cases of Kratom induced constipation. If this fails, they may stop the drug altogether.

In addition, they can increase fiber intake, drink a lot of water and adopt a balanced diet with all the essential nutrients. This also has proven very effective. In some cases, laxatives and lubricants may also be used.

Is Kratom harmful during constipation?

It may be or may be not. It depends on the extent to which kratom interferes with the bowel movements of its users. Whereas in some a mere reduction in the dosage is safe enough, in others even the discontinuation of the drug may not help.

So this could be dictated by a lot of factors. It can be clearly seen that constipation in a kratom user, as much as it is caused by kratom, can be advanced by other factors such as excessive fiber intake, reduced water intake among others. A user could be blaming it on Kratom yet it’s because of the associated factors.

So in answering the question, kratom can be or cannot be harmful during constipation. But because it causes constipation, it’s advisable to manage your constipation before embarking on taking dosages of Kratom

How frequently can I take Kratom in constipation?

Like we have already indicated, constipation can be as a result of taking too much kratom. To help users alleviate the symptoms, they can reduce the dosage of Kratom they take. In some cases this may not work, under such circumstances, uses may be advised to stop taking the drug altogether.

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Dietary modification while taking Kratom?

Kratom has few side effects that are said to be pronounced when taken with food. As such,diet modification is necessary when taking kratom. Yet still some people uses Kratom comfortably with food. Kratom has been shown to suppress the appetite.

Taking kratom on an empty stomach is highly recommended. However, when its users find it difficult to starve themselves, they may take controlled sugar and calories so as not to suffer serious side effects of Kratom.

Kratom has been linked to constipation and therefore it would be wise to for kratom users to control their fiber intake, otherwise they will be worsening the constipation.

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