Wonderland Of Euphoria Kratom Strains For Mood Lifting

What Is Euphoria?

Euphoria is a state of intense contentment, ecstasy, physical and mental excitement. It is the feeling that we experience when we hear some good news, fall in love or even the roller coaster of sensations that we go through after an intense workout. Hence, it is a blissful feeling that we all have experienced at least once and one that we yearn for. The naturally occurring compounds called alkaloids, that are a characteristic feature of kratom, help to achieve this state of mind by entering the blood stream, activating the cell receptors and ultimately the sympathetic nervous system which instruct to release the chemicals called endorphins. These neurotransmitters are responsible for the pain relief and also this euphoric state of mind.

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The consumers have experienced the following effects around half an hour later:

  • Highly stimulated and relaxed state of mind
  • Boost in the overall energy level and mood. Hence used as a mood enhancer
  • Increased concentration and focus making complicated work easy (this effects is strain dependent)
  • Increased endurance and stamina. Hence is commonly consumed by the laborers to withstand the harsh and difficult work conditions.
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Effective Strains:

The effects tend to vary depending upon strains and an individual’s tolerance level. However, following are the most effective strains for the mood enhancement properties:

  • Maeng Da–Provides maximum euphoria that sets in rapidly and with great intensity. New users should avoid this strong strain.
  • Green Malay–It is known for its long-lasting euphoric effect.
  • White Borneo–This is the most famous and a favorite strain for the users who crave for an overall serenity and uplift.
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Effective Dosage:

  • Lower doses – 1 to 3 grams for a euphoric and energetic effect.
  • Middle doses – 4 to 6 grams for euphoria along with relaxation.
  • Higher doses – 7 to 10 grams for a more sedating effect.

This herb provides assistance in reinventing your inner peace and happiness. Most of our happiness and peace of mind is masked by layers of ill feelings and sadness. Over the time, it feels impossible to penetrate through these layers to discover the real happiness that lies within. Mental depression and mood swings cannot disappear overnight. It is a long healing process. But this herb aids in speeding up this healing process. This is primarily the reason why we need to realize that Kratom is not just any other drug, but is a natural potent therapy.

Consuming this herb in order to feel this effect is not the same as getting high artificially or forcibly. It is just an herbal remedy to reconnect with your inner self to find the inner peace and happiness that everyone looks for in the outside world. This is nature’s boon for us to get over our dark days and once again feel the zest and vigor to embrace the beautiful life that we have been blessed with.

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    • In a way, yes. There seems to be more work done outside the USA than inside. On the other hand, Kratom/Mitragynine is also called a ‘drug of abuse’ because it is a stimulant and supposedly has ‘euphoric’ effects. There is some European research showing which metabolites can be detected in the urine of rats and humans who have ingested it. Potentially this is science in the service of law enforcement. I wonder. There are also articles about the physiological and behavioral effects, of Kratom and Mitragynine; dependence; neurobiology; traditional and non-traditional uses. I don’t yet see anything about the effects on basic body organs like the stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys; and nothing relating it to brain deterioration or alternatively, to the avoidance of dementia. You can take a quick look in Google Scholar to get an idea of the sort of articles that are out there!

  • Someone told me he used Kratom to replace pain medication and to get over his dependency on prescription drugs. He had a congenital problem that kept him linked to the medical system his entire life. Kratom sounds like a godsend to me. This could bring an end to the government’s war on drugs, actually, and save mountains of taxpayer money.

    • You’re right. We could hack away at our national debt, a little bit at a time. This would take a nice little chunk out of government expenditures, and make life better for everyone. Kratom helps eliminate people’s addiction to tobacco and alcohol, too.

      • I absolutely agree but the govt only wants money and could give two shits about making a better life for ppl. Its really sad but they re making BANK on getting everyone addicted to pain pills just to put them on methadone or suboxone for the rest of their life when those meds were made for tapering only. Its all about the dollar..not peoples quality of life. Kratom IS a god send. Helped me quit heroin and be medicine free for 2 years. I don’t take it everyday..just on the week ends when i need to relax or feel good. I don’t have any withdrawals either. Lets hope somehow someway the gov starts caring more about people!!

    • The major one is a substance called Mitragynine. By the way, Tennessee law was written to outlaw the use of Mitragynine as a drug, and according to a legislator, was not intended to outlaw the plant itself, natural Kratom.
      As for Mitragynine, it was first synthesized chemically in 1995. Mitragynine is the principle, though not the only active substance in Kratom. Mitragynine acts through opioid receptors – scientists refer to it as being a partial ‘opioid agonist’ – in the body, and is similar in structure to the yohimbe alkaloids, which are a product of Africa, particularly Camaroon.

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