Top 10 Vendors For Free Kratom Samples

Kratom vendors who provide their customers with a free kratom sample 2018 are the best in the market. It shows that they mind about the welfare of users since it gives them something to try before making the purchase. Customers will come back for more as a result of the rewards and freebies.

  • A completely free kratom gives the customer a taste of how the product he or she intends to buy tastes.
  • There are many kratom vendors on the market, but not all of them offer free samples. This article lists the 10 top vendors to get a free kratom sample.

green malay kratomBuy Maeng DaRed bali kratom

1. Kraoma

  • Founded in 2015 by a kratom enthusiast, this firm has grown rapidly. With an initial import of 20 kilos from South East Asia, the company now sells a whole segment.
  • It was among the first suppliers to sell kratom kilogram at below $100.
  • Kraoma allows a buyer to test any two samples of their choice free. Every new customer is offered 10g samples. The purpose is to make the new client a loyal customer, and ensure users always get original and quality kratom.
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The only requirement for getting the free sample is paying US$6.49.

  • It’s for priority mail shipping that takes 2-3 days.
  • Any returning customer can get another free sample for every new order they make. This vendor needs a buyer to leave a note if they run out of stock.

What to Remember

One should only pick two samples. If a customer picks three or more, they will ship only two, or cancel the order. The US$6.49 shipping charge is nonrefundable. Among the strains of kratom eligible for this offer are:

If there is any strain doesn’t offer free sampling, buyers will get a 10% for subscriptions.

2. Kratomind

  • Kratomind refers to vendors of kratom based in Indonesia, Bali.
  • The best kratom comes from this areas. Buyers looking for genuine and fresh kratom on the internet should consider these vendors. They offer free samples to test before coming back and making the purchase.
  • Kratomind offers new customers four different samples to try. Customers who come back to purchase can get discounts on some stains.

3. Gaia Ethnobotanicals

  • They are among the best-known vendors in the market with the best reputation. Customers are offered different strains on the Gaia Ethnobotanicals online store, in addition to several ways of paying, including E-Check or Bitcoin.

Buyers get a welcome sample that contains 5 different strains which come at a discounted price, rather than a completely free kratom sample, which a pretty good deal.

The welcome sample features the following strains:

  • Green Kapuas Hulu
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Gold Maeng Da
  • Elephant
  • Bali Gold

The welcome package costs $25.

4. Legit Kratom

  • Legit Kratom is a high-quality online supplier. They get their kratom from reputable sources such as Malaysia, Indonesia, and Thailand.
  • As their name implies, the kratom they offer is top quality and meets the market’s standards. They offer perfect customer care service, making them among the top options for customers.
  • This vendor provides customers with completely fee kratom samples, which is one gesture that not all vendors offer.
  • Periodically, they choose one type of kratom to give customers as free samples, and it measures 30g. The green kratom is mostly offered.
  • Buyers have the option of returning the free sample within 30 days if not satisfied.

5. Laughing Lion Herbs

  • They started out in 2015, but have rapidly grown to stock a varied selection of the best kratom. New customers get free samples, meaning buyers should check them out.
  • If a customer is interested in trying their products before buying, he or she can choose any type of strain on the list, except Infinity Blends.
  • They will get a 6-10g free kratom sample 2018. However, they limit the free samples to 5 per year.

6. Kingdom Kratom

  • Kingdom Kratom specializes in kratom gummies, rather than pills, powders or seeds. The gummies are handmade and contain almost 10g similar to the real product
  • The extricate is mainly got from the Red Maeng Da or Green strains, but others are featured. The gummies are wild cherry flavored, giving the best tastes.
  • Every interested customer gets a one free gummy. Buyers can only place one free sample on their cart. If a customer places more, only one will be shipped.
  • Since it’s the buyer who pays for shipping, placing more than one free sample will mean extra costs, and it won’t be shipped.
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7. Tucson Kratom

  • Tucson Kratom prefers offering through vending machines found at 3101 N Stone Ave, some other few locations across the Arizona State and online.
  • This vendor offers customers free samples through the vending machines and online. However, for now, they are only offering free samples at Head Hunters on Stone and Fort Lowell.

8. Free Kratom Trial

  • The Free Kratom Trial vendor gives potential buyers the chance to try out Kratom, which helps in relieving pain, reducing anxiety along with other ailments
  • They offer high quality and fresh kratom and offer samples completely free kratom sample 2018.
  • They pack products in healthy vegetable capsules, and they are 100% lab tested.
  • Customers pay for the shipping, ensuring one gets his or her free package.

9. Kratom Monkey

  • Kratom Monkey dedicates itself to providing users with the best and pure kratom. That means no unethical adding and mixing of synthetic elements.
  • Buyers will get 100% organic and pure kratom.
  • Their products are easy to find since they avoid the use of hybrid names. This vendor gives genuine and high-quality kratom sourced from reputable farmers in Thailand and Indonesia.

The Kratom Monkey gives new customers a free one-time sample of any strain, but one has to pay for shipping.

10. Kratom Exchange

  • Kratom Exchange is very specific about the type of kratom they sell to customers. These vendors only deal with what they refer to as Smart Kratom.
  • They source their kratom from trees that only use natural fertilizers when growing and should be virgin.
  • They also demand that the harvested product be dried while being covered with barns in order to protect the leaves from sunlight and guard the treasured alkaloids.
  • That means users get potent kratom that has the ability to last for months.

They offer a completely free kratom sample 2018 in two ways:

  • New customers can try the free vendor samples that come in 3-10 gram packs. They include 1 white strain, 1 green strain, and 1 red strain.
  • The new customer can try the strain that is best for them and buy more. Returning customers get a coupon code which is 15% off.

If one purchases kratom products worth more than $15, they can get free samples.

  • The free sample is one pure product. This vendor doesn’t sell kratom which is more than 30 days old. If its 26 or more days without being sold, they will give it free, which is still a good offer.
  • That’s considering many kratom vendors won’t have any problem offering old kratom for a profit.

Top 10 vendors for free kratom samples 2018

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How to Find the Best Kratom Vendor

Finding the right kratom vendor that provides users with trustworthy, cost-effective and reliable products and deals can be challenging. However, by using the checklist below, one can find the right vendor.

  • Customers should ask if the vendor has a certificate of analysis to determine if the Kratom has any contaminants. To be sure the company doesn’t use the same template, ask for the original one.
  • Buyers should be wary of vendors that sell products at very low prices. Any quality product should cost a reasonable price. An honest vendor with sell products at market prices and offer customers a completely free kratom sample.
  • The best vendor should provide customers with a guide to enable them to arrive at the best decision.
  • Reputable and reliable manufacturers test their products in labs. That means a buyer can ask if they have proof of testing before buying.
  • If a vendor promises 100% quantity and quality, should think twice. The processing of kratom reduces its quality, meaning there are no such guarantees.
  • If the vendor fails to provide a certificate of analysis or laboratory assay, buyers should look for another vendor.
  • A reliable and trustworthy vendor should follow Good Manufacturing Practices GMP. The Food and Drug Administration makes sure that GMP guidelines are strictly followed.

Benefits of Using The Best Kratom Vendor

  • Choosing the best kratom vendor, for example, one that can provide users with a 1$ kratom sample.
  • Kratom is a health supplement, meaning customers should purchase it from a reliable vendor. There are many ways to look for the best vendor, but some users fail to find honest sellers.
  • Below are the benefits of choosing the right vendor.

Free Consultation

  • The best kratom vendor will provide customers with free consultation services. It will enable the user to arrive at the best decision.
  • Users should make sure they have the right information when using kratom products.

Offers and Bonuses are Available

  • Using the right vendor gives customers the chance to enjoy bonuses and offers that include a 1$ kratom sample.
  • Reputable vendors provide customers with bonuses.
  • On the other hand, vendors who want to improve their market visibility usually offer customers the best deals.

High-Quality Kratom

  • Reliable vendors provide users with a high-quality product.
  • That means the buyer gets easy to consume kratom strains, which don’t cause any adverse side effects.
  • Buyers should be aware that some sellers may provide them with substandard products that can result in adverse side effects.

Satisfaction Guarantee

  • Any person who spends their money wants to get quality products.
  • That means any vendor should provide customers with the best kratom.
  • The seller should address any complications or damages. When buying any kratom product, buyers should make sure they do it from well-known suppliers, especially when it’s a large order.

Why Kratom Is the Best Deal

Overcoming Addictions

  • Kratom activates the user’s delta Opiate and supraspinal mu receptors in the brain. That helps to deal with cravings from recovering addicts for the substance they are giving up, without having to worry about long-term dependency.
  • This substance reduces opiate withdrawals symptom such as nausea, vomiting, cramps, pain, and sleepiness, it improves the user’s moods and reduces anxiety.
  • Kratom has been found to help addicts overcome dependency on hard drugs and alcohol.

Pain Relief

  • Kratom contains alkaloids that provide pain-relieving effects in similar ways to morphine without the risk of addiction.
  • These alkaloids will act on the opiate receptors that are present on the central nervous system and enhance the release of endorphins and enkephalins that numb the body’s pain receptors.

Reduces Depression, Stress, and Anxiety

  • Users who experience anxiety, stress, and depression should use kratom to calm their nerves.
  • This product is a psychostimulant since its releases serotonin and endorphins that enhance the user’s overall mood.
  • The mind will calm down, resulting in fewer thoughts. That means one will experience less tension and anxiety, making the user feel sociable and confident.
  • Kratom makes the user feel alive. However, the effects depend on the dosage and type of the kratom. Some strains offer potent effects than others, and if taken in higher dosages, they will give the user a euphoric feeling.

green malay kratomBuy Maeng DaRed bali kratom

Final Thoughts

  • Established and reliable vendors provide customers with completely free samples occasionally rather than throwing away old kratom. On the other hand, new or growing vendors can give out all their stock for free to gain new customers.
  • Some of the vendors provide customers with free samples without requiring any purchases, but others will need a customer to make some purchase that reaches a certain amount.
  • Buyers should remember that they will pay for the shipping costs when getting completely free samples.
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