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Where does gold Bali kratom originate?

It is a common belief by many people that the Gold Bali Kratom generally originate from red vein strain that has been subjected to longer drying phases. Because of this, the kratom leaves turn from being red in appearance to become golden. Meanwhile, the impacts and capabilities of that same kratom leave change at the same changing phase.

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I definitely find it making sense when the plant experts claim that this strain has its origin from the red leaf. You will too concur with me if you pay a keen attention to the similar effects that both the strains have to its faithful users. For instance, both the red and the gold Bali kratoms act as effective painkillers.

Being a long-term user of Gold Bali kratom, I can crystal clearly confirm to you that this herb has loyally served me for the several years that I have been using it. Just like me, other worldwide users of gold Bali kratom can also report the same. In the beginning, this herb was only available in premium. This trend changes with time as now majority of the companies are producing it in large scale making it be accessible to every prospective user.

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As we speak today, this high-quality strain can be easily accessed by the majority of the users at affordable prices. I believe it is not once, twice or thrice that you’ve come across this myth claiming that this strain was initially purchased from the southern and western zones of Borneo. This is not a reliable myth. Moreover, a good number of individuals group it as a “standard” Bali.

What effects does gold Bali kratom have?

As far as this herb is a concern, its effects are somehow inexhaustible. You can spend your entire life singing out its wide range of uses. Consider the above but just a few effects of this strain that even a beginner will definitely tell you they have already experienced it:

1. Breakthrough to fighting drug addiction

Are you an opiate addict? In addition, do you have a close friend or relative who is making all possible effects to fight its addiction and its severe effects? With just a one or two week dosage, you will definitely find a success in battling your long-term challenge of opiate addiction. Just like opium, other drugs addictions can also be countered by the right usage of this strain.

2. A quick solution to overweight

Furthermore, are you facing your lifetime nightmare as a result of your overweight? You probably don’t fit in any of the attires that you try them out. In such a desperate life situation, this strain will definitely work out for you as it has been proven beyond any reason that it has the ability to fasten the weight loss process.

3. Solution to fighting anxiety

This strain is also well known for its ability to give you a high relaxation level together with countering any form of anxiety that you may be having. Users of this strain have consistently reported having battled their high anxiety levels with a lot of ease when they make use of this strain. Similar to the pain killing effect of this strain, sedation is also a big accompaniment to its relaxation effect. If you have issues with your anxiety levels and relaxation ability, this is the best option for you.

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4. Solution to appetite issues

And what of those who have a problem with their appetite levels! This strain will definitely work for them as it has the ability to boost appetite levels. For those of you who are not blessed with a very good appetite, you will easily notice that after making use of this strain, you will begin having a hungry feeling. The gold Bali kratom is therefore ideal for individuals who can comfortably spend their whole day without putting anything in their stomach as this will reverse that situation.

5. Best pain reliever

This strain is also world widely known for its pain killing effects. To live a pain-free life, a good number of chronic pain victims have found this strain very helpful to them. If you are in dire search for a health product that will definitely counter you all pains then this strain with the collaboration of little red vein strain will work out for you. However, this strain comes with some sedative effect when in use and hence beginners of this strain are advised to begin with low dosage as they wait for the outcomes.

6. Best medication for rheumatoid arthritis

Is your family having a rheumatoid arthritis history and unluckily the same condition has landed on you? Don’t give up as with the best dosage of this strain, you will be covered from the condition.

7. Best focus enhancer

Finally, if you are one of the kinds of people who get it hard to focus on their duties and other essential tasks, count yourself relieved as this strain will definitely work out for you.

The dosage of gold Bali kratom

To you who are using this strain for the first time, the above dosage guideline will be of great use to you:

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● Threshold dose

This mainly applies to beginners. Each dose should not exceed 1.5 g. You will find its effect a little bit mild at the beginning but it stabilizes after some hours.

● Light dose

Under this, each dose should range from 2 to 2.5 grams.

● Moderate dose

Majority of the users of this strain majorly fall in this bracket. Each dose under this bracket falls between 2.5 to 4 grams. With this dose, you will be assured of getting all the effects that come with this strain.

● High dose

Any dose is considered to be high if it falls between 4 and 6 grams. It is worth noting that this does can a time bring about a number of mild side effects.

● Extremely high dose

Anything that ranges from 6 to 9 grams for every single dose if regarded to be an overdose. Just like overdoses for other medicine, you will be at a risk of experiencing some adverse side effects.

What are the alternatives

This strain being a derivative of red strain, it automatically follows that there a number of its similar sorts existing in the market. Such similar sorts include Red Bentuangie, Red Jambu and Red Bali itself.


This strain basically is the best and you will not have to wait for long hours to experience its effects. It can as well work out for you if you are planning to undertake some low-impact activities such as listening to music, hanging out with folks or even simply appreciating nature. Try it out!

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