Green Dragon Kratom – A Green Variety

If we ask you, which is the one thing you’d want to change in life, we definitely know it’ll be the stress and low energy levels that come along with the monotony of life. Would you believe us if we say a magical little powder can help you change these two things?

Green Dragon Kratom can be made that happen for you. But what is it exactly? Let’s find out.

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What is green dragon kratom?

  • An extraordinary medicinal tropical herb from Southeast Asia, Green Dragon Kratom not only boosts energy levels but also relieves pain and strengthens the immune system.
  • Since it has an alkaloid profile, you get a wider range of benefits when it combines with its plant properties.
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  • Even though we yet don’t know where Mitragyna Speciosa originated, it grows wild in the Indochina and Southeast Asia region.
  • Weather and climate conditions of these two regions are very specific, which caused the herb to adapt differently, resulting in various strains.

There are three strains that the herb has diversified into

To categorize these strains, they are divided into three groups depending on the leaf’s vein color

  • Red,
  • Green,
  • and White.

In this article, we are going to go in detail about Green Dragon Kratom, which is the green variety.


Benefits of consuming the herb

So, what are the top benefits of consuming the herb? Here is a look at some of them that you should know, which makes this kratom strain quite popular among many users.

1. Clears brain fogginess

  • Green Dragon Kratom has nootropic properties, which means it helps in improving cognitive abilities, clearing up brain fogginess, and increasing mental clarity.
  • Owing to this benefit, the herb can be used for people who are experiencing memory-related problems. Students who want to concentrate better in studies can also use it.

2. Panic reliever

  • This herb blocks pain stimuli from reaching the nervous system.
  • It won’t completely relieve the pain but definitely reduces the intensity. It is most effective in relieving joint pain.

3. Relaxes muscle stress

  • Sitting in one place for long can cramp up your muscles, which increases lactic acid levels in them leading to stress and tension.
  • When you consume the powder, you’d see an instant decrease in tension by boosting blood circulation.
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4. Cures insomnia

  • This vein type contains laxative agents that help you calm down your nerves and get a good night’s sleep.
  • Without a six to eight hour sleep in the night, you are at a high risk of kidney failure, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

5. Boosts energy

  • If you feel lethargic all day without doing absolutely nothing, that is probably because you have low energy levels.
  • Make sure you eat the minimum calories required daily and consume kratom along with it.

6. Enhances Mood

  • Green Dragon Kratom has proven to not only boost your mood but also help in building social relationships with people.
  • It also helps in improving self-confidence and self-esteem.

7. Anxiolytic properties

  • Consuming the herb is the easiest and shortest way to reduce stress and anxiety.
  • It also helps with social anxiety and gives you the confidence of interacting with people.

The main effect of Green Dragon Kratom

  • Green Dragon Kratom has a moderate effect compared to the sedative red and stimulating white variety.
  • Because it has properties of both the other varieties, it is often called as daily use kratom.
  • Its main effect is nootropic effect, which helps in increasing mental sharpness and concentration and reducing confusion.

How much to consume?

Low dosage

  • A quantity of one to three grams, you can take a low dosage in the morning for boosted energy levels all day long.

Medium dosage

  • Medium dosage is of four to six grams and is taken for pain and muscle relief.

High dosage

  • A high dose of seven to 10 grams is taken for a strong sedation and analgesic effects.
  • Avoid taking high doses because your body won’t be able to handle it, especially if you are a beginner.

How to find Green Dragon Kratom?

Best Places To Buy Kratom & Where To Buy Kratom Online?

1. US Kratomind

  • A US-based brand, US Kratomind offers the herb in packs of 50g, 100g, 1kg, and 1 1/2 kg.
  • Depending on the size, the cost ranges from $6 to $62.
  • They source the herb from Indonesia, which produces the finest quality of Green Dragon kratom.

2. Gaia Ethnobotanical

  • Gaia Ethnobotanical is a famous kratom supplier known for its super quality and instant effect.
  • You can buy the medicinal drug in sizes of 1 oz, ¼ kg, and 1kg. All products sold for tested for quality.

3. KratomCapsules

  • Available in capsule and powder forms, products at are the best. They also sell super-premium varieties, which you can’t find anywhere else.
  • The website offers you the option to make payments in bitcoins along with other common payment methods.

4. Kratom Crazy

  • Kratom Crazy is a Canadian brand with a wonderful range of products that are affordable and very effective.
  • They offer a 100% money back guarantee, in case you don’t like the product.
  • You can visit the website to know more about their products.

5. Valkyrie Botanicals

  • Valkyrie Botanicals is a US brand and offer to ship to Rhode Island, Wisconsin, Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, and Vermont.
  • Their products come in packs of 30g, 60g, 120g, 250g, and 1kg. Depending on the pack, the products cost anywhere between $7 to $84.

green malay kratomBuy Maeng DaRed bali kratom

Final thoughts

  • A user mentioned that consuming Green Dragon Kratom capsules helped him stay energetic throughout the day.
  • Another mentioned that he consumed it after an exercise session and the burning in his legs was gone.
  • He took six grams of the powder form. Another user rated the product 8/10 in terms of effect and 7/10 in terms of relaxation.
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