Green Indo Kratom – Boosting Your Alertness Levels

Ever been in a home where mom has this sweet and nurturing glory which at times is just too much to contain? As if that is not enough, your dad on the other side is screaming at from the sidelines and never running out of energy. These are the times you choose to hang out with you brother and catch some breath. The Green Indo Kratom is that perfect brother.

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  • It brings a balance of energy and relaxation that you need.
  • The Green Kratom gives you an assurance of amazing effects upon ingestion. It is actually one of the most amazing Kratom strains existing today. The Kratom has been made with a strain of the Mitragyna Speciosa that is getting more famous every passing minute.
  • Most users will prefer the Green Indo Kratom since its performance is between the white kratom and the red Kratom.
  • The user will, therefore, find it very easy to gain the benefits offered by both strains. This has made it a very versatile strain over time.

Where did Green Indo Kratom Originate?

  • The southern Asian region is believed to be the roots of the Green Indo Kratom.
  • This is because this region is the home to most of the Mitragyna Speciosa trees. It would, therefore, be very easy to process the strain having the basic raw material in the nearness. The Asian countries are currently experiencing a great challenge to grow enough trees that will be able to satisfy the rising demand.
  • Kratom is getting more popular each day and that means more production is required.
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Main Effects of Green Indo Kratom

  • The greatest advantage of using the Green Indo Kratom is that it is able to integrate well with the other strains. It is possible to use the strain at any point either of the day or night and you are able to gain great effects.
  • The strain has received acceptance mainly to students in various parts of the world. The acceptance has been linked with its ability to increase the levels of readiness.

Let’s check out other effects associated with the strain.

#1. Enhances attentiveness levels.

  • Many students and professionals feeling dizzy and lazy can use the strain to remain on focus. The user can, therefore, get more efficiency and is able to finish the set task in the provided timelines.
  • Students also part of the great customer base especially in the exams season where they have to study harder.

#2. Revitalizes your energy.

  • What can you do without psyche? You also need the energy to accomplish any task you purpose to do.
  • You also need to focus on the job you are to undertake.
  • Green Indo Kratom has these main features, something that has made it unbeatable.

#3. It makes the user more societal.

  • There are people that don’t love the company of many people.
  • Others want to socialize but just can’t. We now have the right the solution for you. It’s the best medicine for people with hot tempers and constant bad moods.
  • It has been proved by the many users that a dose of Kratom makes a user more sociable.

#4. Green Indo Kratom makes you focus better.

  • Need to focus on your task? Green Indo Kratom is all you need. It’s normal to feel dizzy and lazy as you undertake your normal daily activities. You cannot risk leaving the job unfinished.
  • The strain will get you to a good position of finishing what you already started. It clears your brain and leaves you relaxed.
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#5. Gets you to realize euphoria.

  • Euphoria is a feeling desired by many. Life is really stressing and everyone wants time off from the daily hustles. Whenever you are having bad thoughts, the strain is a good positivity trigger.
  • It helps you realize that you care less about the things surrounding you.

#6. Relief’s anxiety

  • The strain helps in getting rid of anxiety and depression levels.
  • The Indo strain provides great sedation combined with their analgesic effects. This is very useful for the users.

#7. Pain relief

  • One of the common reason you will find some people consuming the strain is out of the believed pain killing effects.
  • Just like the Malaysian strains, it’s believed to have pain killing effects that are able to last for a longer period.

How to use Green Indo Kratom

You can use the various safe way to consume the product:

The quid

  • This involves bundling fresh leaf, then chewing it and holding the saliva.


  • Capsuling Kratom has been made easy through various machines that have been made in recent years.
  • It is a better method especially for those that are unable to toss and wash.

Toss and Wash

  • This is the most common method where you pour a liquid in your mouth, then add Kratom and mix it with your tongue. You then swallow them together.
  • To start the procedure you are supposed, to begin with, low doses and continue improving with time.


The Dosage

  • Green Indo Kratom will only help you if you take the right dosage. Below we have a few details on general dosage.
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Light Dose

  • This is the starting point for most users. It contains 2 to 2.5 grams of the strain per dose.

Moderate Dose

  • At this point, the user has begun experiencing the full effects of the strain and the dosage requirements are 2.5 to 4 grams in every dose.

High dose

  • A dose of 4-6 g is considered a high dose and can cause mild side effects.

Very High Dose

  • There are users that take 6-9 g of the strain in a dose. This will obviously have side effects some that may be adverse.

Strains Related to Green Indo Kratom

There are two main strains that are similar to the green Indo Kratom.

White Indo Kratom and
Red Indo Kratom

The Green Indo Kratom is however preferred since it contains slight features of both the red and white. It is therefore considered an average of the two with better effects.

green malay kratomBuy Maeng DaRed bali kratom

To Sum it up

Having originated from the Southern parts of Asia, the Green Indo Kratom is growing in her popularity due to the beneficial effects. It’s gaining popularity based on boosting the alertness levels thus becoming more popular with professionals and students than other categories of users.

To get the full impact of the strain, users are highly advised to take the right dosage. Using higher doses leads to side effects that might be very severe.

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