Green Maeng Da Strain

Maeng Da Kratom is a strong strain that has attracted a lot of attention to the kratom community. It is a genetically modified version of the Thai kratom plant. It contains more alkaloid than the original staring thus it offers more benefits that are different from other strains.

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Where Did This Kratom Strain Originate From?

Green Maeng Da Kratom traces its origin back to Thailand that has a higher quality of alkaloids with leaves darker in color as compared to other strains.


The strain if popular due to the effects it brings to the consumer’s body after ingestion. It is arguably the mildest but most active among the Maeng Da Kratoms. Some of its beneficial effects include:

Cognition Enhancer

The kratom helps its users to concentrate better and pay more attention to their responsibilities. It boosts mental activities and memory while the brain frequently processes information with ease. Its users also experience less tiredness when involved in mentally intensive activities; hence they become more productive.

  • A minor energizer Individuals who consume the strain find that it slightly enhances their body energy levels. It helps them to carry out the day-to-day activities for longer than usual. When taken in low doses, the strain makes one feel more alert, awake, and vigilant to partake in heavy physical tasks.
  • Self-confidence booster Some people are shy to face their challenges. This Maeng Da Kratom can be the best solution for such individuals as it takes a few hours after consumption to make someone feel confident.
  • A superb mood elevator People can develop bad moods on some days. This kratom is a potent mood booster that puts a person in a positive mental state. It makes the user feel contented and euphoria depending on the dosage taken. It can also produce enthusiasm and enjoyment for the daily tasks.
  • Enhances calmness Besides boosting the consumer’s confidence, it also restores calmness. It calms the mind and reduces feelings of anxiety. Anxious individuals can find this strain helpful as it helps groom one’s personality.
White Horned Kratom

An excellent potent analgesic

  • It is a potent stimulating kratom, which possesses pain-relieving properties. People who suffer from moderate to chronic pain and all who would like to avoid the sedative effects of conventional pain relievers can find this herb ideal.
  • Makes someone more sociable Individuals that have difficulties with large congregations and socializing can make use of this herb to boost their confidence and make them more sociable. The kratom can also make someone more talkative than usual depending on the dosage taken.
  • A natural aphrodisiac Maeng Da enhances sexual performance regardless of the age of an individual. It boosts one’s libido thus prolonging sexual intercourse. Victims of premature ejaculation can use medium doses to help control this problem.

Maeng Da Kratom Adverse effects

Despite Maeng Da is one of the most beneficial strains of Kratom, it also has the possibility of developing adverse effects. Some of these effects are; its euphoric impact can also result in nausea and lack of focus if consumed in large quantities. There is also an anxious feeling due to its energizing properties.

Other side effects include:

  • Stomach problems
  • Lethargy
  • Respiratory problems
  • Dizziness
  • Sleeping troubles
  • However, these effects cannot take place if the users follow correct dosages strictly.

What Amount of The Strain Should One Take?

Whereas this herb has numerous positive effects, one should adhere to the correct dosages to experience them. Besides, an overdose can cause adverse effects on the consumer. Below are some of the strain’s dosages:

1. Light dosage

This dose involves between 1-3 grams of the powder. The dosage provides some mild effects on the user.

2. Moderate dosage

The dosage involves 3 to 5 grams of the strain, and it is the recommended for most users.

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3. High dosage

Any amount above 8 grams is a heavy dose. With this quantity, the probability of getting adverse effects is very high.

Comparison Between Red, White, And Green Maeng Da Strains

  • Majority of Maeng Da consumers depict the Red Maeng Da strain as the most powerful and effectual among the three. Some of its famous effects include calming the mind, aiding stress release, and creating a sense of well-being.
  • On the other hand, White Maeng Da strain acts as a booster to other Kratoms and enhances energy levels. People who engage in intense mental activities such as students depend on it as it boosts their cognitive functioning.
  • The Green Maeng Da strain is an average between the red and white strains. It has a combination of effects caused by the white and the red strains though in small quantities. Its effects include; recreational activities aid, anxiety control, and pain and stress relief.

Where to Purchase the Green Maeng Da

The best Kratom strains are only available in online shops. Various vendors across the world carry their Kratom businesses through the internet. The best five vendors include:

1. SuperNaturalBotanicals

Super Natural Botanicals is a big brand that deals with numerous products including Kratom. All types of Maeng Da strain are available here at affordable prices but of best quality. It is one of the few brands that offer attractive discounts, 100% money back guarantee and free delivery services. The orders can range from 100 grams to 2kg through this website.

2. Sacred Kratom

It is one of the best online sites where one can buy this strain in bulk. It is only a matter of placing an order and waiting for delivery.

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3. BuyKratom us

A reliable dealer that provides Maeng Da strains in the wholesale purchase offer. They offer quality customer services and free shipping to their customers. The price of Green Maeng Da by this vendor is USD 110.00 for 1Kg of powder.

4. KratomSpot is a bulk supplier that deals majorly with personal orders. It contains all types of Maeng Da in powder and capsule forms.

5. Kratomystic

The website offers Kratom extracts, maeng da capsules, and powder. It is the most preferred internationally due to the quality and discounts it provides.

green malay kratomBuy Maeng DaRed bali kratom


Numerous users have expressed their satisfaction after using this Maeng Da strain. One consumer said that the strain Green Maeng Da strain is a superb strain with a pleasant taste. It helped him deal with his bipolarity disorder. Another user indicated that she gets the best outcome out of a small amount of this herb. Try this incredible strain, and you will have your own experience to tell.

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