High CBD Strains – Complete List To Make You Relax

Cannabis legalization is increasing tremendously throughout the world. Everybody is using weed from corporate leaders, eager 21 years old students, parents and even grandparents. In the US, marijuana has already been legalized in some states. According to research conducted, more than 64% of the US population supports legalization of marijuana.

Countries such as Canada and South Africa have gone ahead to legalize cannabis. According to many, weed is a medicinal and recreational herb that keeps people more connected, happier and improves their lives. CBD marijuana strains are popular for their ultimate therapeutic value. This article will go through the high CBD strains, the different condition treated and those that are easy to grow.

CBD known as cannabidiol has the second highest concentration in many marijuana strains. After THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Unlike the psychoactive THC, CBD gives non-intoxicating and relaxing effects hence conducive for medicinal use. CBD marijuana strains may be an excellent choice for patients requiring a clear head when undergoing treatments such as anxiety, headaches, muscle spasms, nausea, epilepsy, and cancer.

What Medical Conditions Do High CBD/Low THC Strains Help?

Marijuana strains contain both CBD and THC as earlier stated. Using these stains gives amazing effects on one’s effect. This is largely because of the entourage effect where the two cannabinoids boost’s each other strength. Scientists reveal that CBD prevents THC breakdown in the liver giving it a longer active duration. Also, both CBD and THC fights cancer cells more powerfully. However, CBD helps to reduce the paranoia caused by THC.

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The biphasic effect in marijuana is an important aspect to look at. This is the effects brought about the ratio of CBD/THC. Strains that are high in CBD and low in THC are significant for medicinal use. Their proportion complements each other giving lots of health beneficial effects while the dominant CBD levels prevent you from getting high. Some of the impacts of these strains include

  • euphoria,
  • laugh,
  • calmer thoughts,
  • and mild side effects.

They help to relieve medical conditions including

  • pain,
  • inflammation,
  • epilepsy,
  • seizures
  • and multiple sclerosis.

It is important to note that the strains that are higher in THC and low in CBD are only used for recreational purposes.

High CBD Strains


  • Harlequin is the most popular CBD strain. The ratio of CBD/THC ranges at 5:2. This makes it have mild euphoria and a dominant Sativa alertness.
  • In whatever activity you are engaging in, the harlequin strain will give you a happy feeling. It has little euphoric effects and no stoned effects.
  • Harlequin offers a good uplifting effect with a soothing CBD experience that makes it the favorite to majority people.

Sative Harlequin Hgh CBD strains

Charlotte’s Web

  • This is one of the strains with the lowest THC levels.
  • Charlotte’s web has CBD levels of approximately 17% and 0.3% THC.
  • This gives a ratio of about 30:1 CBD/THC.
  • The strain is hence the best in medicinal CBD properties with minimal THC psychoactive activity.
  • Scientists recommend charlotte’s web for use in pediatrics.
  • It is worth to know that its name originated from its ability to cure a girl named Charlotte in 2013. She was suffering from seizures and a rare type of epilepsy known as Dravet Syndrome.

Sativa Charlotte's Web CBD high strains


CBD Mango Haze

  • CBD Mango haze is one of the most popular high CBD strain. It contains the ratio of about 2:1, CBD/THC. Majority of medicinal users love it for its dominant energizing Sativa.
  • Taking with various flavors ranging from pineapple to mango is sweet.

Sativa CBD Mango Haze high strains

Hybrid High CBD Strains


  • Canna-Tsu is known for its sweet and unique aromas. It has a balanced CBD/THC ratio of 1:1.
  • The THC mental attack is kept in check by the high level of CBD.
  • It is loved for its terpenes and flavor by the CBD enthusiast.
  • People can use it during daytime as it brings an upbeat uprising vibe to brighten the day.
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Hybrid Canna-Tsu CBD high strains

Sour Tsunami

  • Lawrence Ringo developed the strain of sour tsunami from NYC Diesel and Sour Diesel.
  • It is of a high phenotype CBD that has taken the cannabis medicinal qualities to a higher level.
  • The ratio of CBD/THC is 2:1. Sour tsunami relieves inflammation, pain, depression, and stress.
  • The strain has an interesting musky flavor.

Hybrid Sour Tsunami CBD high strains

Ringo’s Gift

  • Ringo’s gift is named after Lawrence Ringo, the founder of soHum seeds.
  • It is a cross breed between ACDC and Harle-Tsu strain.
  • Ringo’s gift has a ratio of CBD/THC 24:1.
  • This makes it a suitable strain for patients seeking a high CBD strain.

Hybrid Ringo’s Gift CBD high strains


  • Corazon is a high CBD level strain with about 22% CBD and 2.5% THC.
  • The strain was developed from Oregon and is a cross breed between charlottes and ACDC.
  • Corazon hence has the highest levels of CBD worldwide. Its is a perfect strain for a wide range of medicinal conditions.

Hybrid Corazon CBD high strains


  • It is one of the strains that was developed by Lawrence Ringo. As its name suggests, Harle-Tsu is a combination of harlequin and sour tsunami strains.
  • This gives it a moderate CBD function, a peasant disposition but with no strong sedation.
  • With massive CBD levels of around 20:1 CBD/THC, the strain is perfect for relieving pain, inflammation, and anxiety while keeping your paranoia-free.

Hybrid Harle-Tsu CBD high strains


  • The Cannatonic strain is highly flexible in its use. It can either be used for medical or recreational purposes.
  • This is because of the thin CBD/THC range of 5:1 down to 1:1.
  • Cannatonic is not sedative. It is a mild-mannered strain.
  • Some of its medicinal conditions that it helps to cure include paranoia, spasms, anxiety, headaches, and pain. Cannatonic is conducive to take daily and has an earthy taste and citrus fragrance taste buds.


hybrid Cannatonic high CBD strains

Valentine X

  • Valentine X is one of the strains to go to for health issues with a CBD/THC 25:1 ratio.
  • Famous for its high ability in treating seizures, the strain was named after St Valentine, the saint of love and courtship.
  • Valentine X is also useful in the treatment of cancer and inflammations.

Hybrid CBD Valentine X high strains


  • ACDC is the favorite CBD strain to many people. The ratio of CBD/THC is averagely 20:1.
  • This makes it one of the heavy CBD dominant strain.
  • The little amount of THC makes it suitable for relieving anxiety, pain, and tension along with other medicinal drugs. Some of its effects include happy, euphoric, uplifted and relaxed feeling.
  • The strain exhibits earth like flavor and has no toxification effects.
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hybrid ACDC high CBD strains

INDICA Dominant High CBD Strains

Sweet and Sour Widow

  • The sweet and sour widow has a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio. It will make you a bit Stoney and euphoric while it has medicinal benefits. Other effects include hunger, happy, sleepy, and relaxed feelings.
  • You can enjoy it without being sent to the orbit. The balanced ratio of CBD/THC makes it perfect for new cannabis users.
  • The characteristic also makes it good for CBD medicinal users who do not want to get so high.

Indica Sweet and Sour Widow high CBD strains

Stephen Hawking Kush

  • Stephen Hawking Kush is the right marijuana strain for people who need both soothing and exciting effects.
  • It provides a healthy CBD dose while also giving relaxing and mild impact.
  • This Indica strain also gives strong sedative effects. Stephen Hawking Kush is a crossbreed strain between Sin city Kush and Harle-Tsu.
  • The CBD/THC ratio ranges at about 5:1. The flavor is of cherry, fruity and minty twist.

Indica Stephen Hawking Kush CBD high strains


  • Pennywise is one of the unique Indica strain. The name comes from the generic cross of Jack the Ripper and harlequin.
  • Pennywise is both a therapeutic and enjoyable dose with an even CBD/THC ratio of 1:1. It gives feelings of happiness, relaxation and uplifted feelings.
  • This makes penny-wise a useful strain in some health issues including epilepsy, cancer manifestations, and arthritis. It has sweet flavors of pepper, bubblegum, and coffee.

Indica CBD Pennywise high strains

CBD Critical Mass

  • This Indica dominant strain has a CBD/THC ratio ranging from about 1:1 to 2:1. CBD critical mass is known for its high yielding capabilities.
  • It is reported that it developed from a cross breed between critical mass strain and an unknown CBD strain.
  • Its CBD content makes it useful in relieving a wide array of diseases including pain, headaches, anxiety, and seizures.

Indica Critical CBD Mass high strains

CBD Critical Cure

  • The CBD Critical cure is developed from Ruderalis and critical Kush strain.
  • The average percentage of CBD is 11% and 5% for THC. This gives an average ratio of 2:1CBD/THC.
  • The strain gives a gentle highness hence perfect for calming the patients undergoing treatments such as cancer.

Indica CBD Critical Cure high strains

High CBD Strains Seeds

Denamed CBD

  •  is produced from the crossbreed between two breeds of pure CBD. The seeds contain less than 0.5% THC.
  • This makes them ideal for medicinal health use.
  • This feminized and rich CBD rich strains give a relaxing and calming effect.
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Critical Mass CBD

  • Critical mass CBD is an Indica dominant high CBD strain.
  • The seeds are developed by a cross breed between a selected hybrid CBD crew male and critical mass.
  • The seeds, therefore, have an increased level of CBD levels.

Haze Autoflowering CBD

  • The seed has the massive popularity for its high levels of CBD.
  • Haze Autoflowering CBD Sativa dominant feminized strain.
  • It is a result of cross-breeding between a CBD rich strain and Haze XXL.

 Little Dipper A/F

  • Little dipper A/F is a unique high CBD seed strain.
  • It was developed from the cross breed between the great milky way strain and an auto flowerer.
  • This makes it one of the best marijuana seed for patients seeking high CBD levels.

High CBD Strains for Anxiety

Skywalker OG

  • Skywalker OG is a dominant Indica cannabis strain with higher THC levels.
  • The medicinal users are hence advised to start low and slow with this strain.
  • It also features high levels of linalool, terpenes, and limonene that helps relieve stress and gives a refreshing feeling.

Stephen Hawking Kush

  • This is a high CBD strain known for its 1:1 CBD/THC ratio that gives a pleasant calming experience without getting so much high.
  • Stephen Hawking Kush produces some substantial amount of limonene, Linalool, and musky myrcene. These terpenes together with CBD produces anxiolytic effects suitable for anxiety patients.


  • ACDC is best for people suffering from chronic anxiety.
  • This strain is known to contain limonene and bisabolol that gives inspirational and calming feeling respectively.
  • ACDC also contains uplifting beta pinene that offers you a clear-headed experience while relieving your anxiety without feeling sleepy.

CBD Shark

  • CBD shark strain has an equal ratio of CBD to THC.
  • This makes it suitable in calming down anxiety without over in toxification.
  • The THC levels are enough to relieve pain and induce sleep while the CBD gives you a happy, relaxing and clear-minded head.


  • This high CBD strain is recognizable by its orange reddish flower hairs.
  • With a ratio of 5:1 CBD/THC, Harlequin is effective in reducing anxiety without sedation.
  • It gives additional alertness and relaxation to the patients. The low level of THC is appropriate for anxiety patients.
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Easy to Grow High CBD Strains

Candy Kush

  • Candy Kush is a potent and easy to grow strain. It is a small strain yet has high yields.
  • It is particularly easy to grow due to its high pest and mold resistance characteristic.
  • Candy Kush has high levels of CBD and THC generating an intense relaxation feeling to the users.

Northern Light Blue

  • The Indica dominant strain has a harvesting period of about two months growing to a height of 70 cm.
  • The strain is perfect for beginners as it quickly grows regardless of molds, and pests.
  • It is also suitable for both indoor and outdoor setups. It is one of the most effective to patients suffering from chronic pain.

Super Silver Haze CBD

  • This is a dominant Sativa high CBD strain with a 1:1 CBD/THC ratio.
  • Depending on the climatic and environmental conditions of the area, super silver haze CBD can deliver about 14% of the active components.
  • This is after about ten flowering weeks. The strain is useful in relieving stress, anxiety, and muscular spasms.

 CBD Blue Shark

  • CBD blue shark has a short flowering time of about 65 days. Its ratio of CBD/THC is 1:1 ranging to about 7%.
  • The plant is easy to grow and adapts well in all the different climatic conditions.

Cheese Auto-flowering

  • This strain is a cross breed between Critical and auto male cheese Original. Its short harvesting time of about 70 days from seed to maturity makes it easy to grow.
  • The pests and molds have lesser time to attack the plant.
  • It doesn’t require any much attention to growing. With a higher CBD concentration, this strain has a significant medicinal use.


In conclusion, marijuana will improve your life in many positive ways. There are many high CBD/ low THC marijuana strains out there yet to be discovered. As continuous efforts are made to bring this herb to the light, check out the greatness of cannabis medicinal values. The key to growing high CBD strains of cannabis is identifying the strains with more extensive or equal amounts as THC. New cannabis benefits are being discovered on a daily basis by researchers.

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