How Much CBD Oil Should I Take?

If CBD had been registered as a pharmaceutical drug, we would easily get the dosage information from the doctors, pharmacists or any other relevant healthcare professionals. CBD is yet to be approved by FDA no clinically established guidelines are available about dosage and safety. The use of CBD for medical therapy is still in the infancy stages; therefore we will have to wait for more time before we can get clinical data for CBD dosage.

Bioavailability of CBD

Bioavailability is the quantity of a substance that reaches the bloodstream after absorption; it is expressed as a percentage of the administered content. For the case of CBD, several factors affect the bioavailability such as the route of delivery and quality of the CBD product. Products that are administered via inhalation or the sublingual route have the highest bioavailability score. On the other hand capsules and CBD, edibles have a low bioavailability. As you consider the dosage of CBD, it is also important to factor in the route of administration and its bioavailability.

How to use CBD

We cannot authoritatively state an ideal dosage for CBD for any health condition. Each person is different, and various variables come into place when estimating the dosage. Body weight, genetics, product quality, diet, and the environment are some critical factors that affect CBD dosage.

As a result of many aspects that come into play about CBD dosage, it‘s recommended that beginners start at low dosage as they try to establish the ideal dosage for their condition. If the initial dose doesn’t produce the desired results, gradually increase the dosage until you arrive at the “perfect” dosage.

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Each day as a beginner, record your daily experience with CBD use in a notebook. Narrow down your details to how your body responds to CBD. This information will be valuable to figure out your optimum dose.

The average dose for frequent CBD users is 10-20mg per day. This amount is usually administered in the morning and the evening (twice a day). The amount is sufficient to gain relief from the ailments indicated for CBD. Some individuals have registered relief by a low dosage of about 1-3mg. The dosage will also depend on the condition being treated. Persons suffering from depression and anxiety should start with a dosage of 1mg. Acute and chronic pain demands a starting dose of 5mg.

If you take 5mg in the morning and you register no meaningful response, you can try 8-10mg in the evening and observe the reaction. After recording a positive response from the dose, be keen to note how long the effects last. Some individuals get relief from a single dose; others will need to take CBD twice or thrice a day to sustain the relief.

Establishing your dosage should be a systematic affair, increasing the dosage gradually as you note the effect. Besides, you must maintain a regular dosing regimen to have a better understanding of how your body is responding.

Because the therapeutic use of CBD is still in its initial stages, researcher and medical professionals are working on establishing the dosage for medicinal Hemp and medical marijuana and the corresponding extracts like CBD.

how much cbd should i take?

How much CDB should I take?

Any potential CBD user must first get answers to this question before they use CBD. Mayo clinic published dosage regimes of CBD for various health conditions based on traditional use, professional advice, publications, and research. According to the clinic, the dosage will depend on the condition at hand and other underlying factors.

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This is the dosage recommendations as per Mayo clinic:

  • Chronic pain: 2.5-20mg of CBD per day administered orally (may or may not include THC)
  • Appetite for cancer patients: 2.5mg of THC administered orally, and you may include 1mg of CBD for six weeks
  • Sleep disorders: 40-60mg of CBD administered each day orally
  • Epilepsy: 200-300mg of CBD administered each day orally
  • Schizophrenia: 40-280mg CBD (Orally)
  • Huntington’s disease: 10mg of CBD/kg body weight (orally)
  • Glaucoma: 20-40mg of CBD (Sublingual)

As a user, you must appreciate that CBD comes in different forms some of which doesn’t require user guidelines like chewing gum. For others you should observe the following;

CBD edibles

CBD edibles are ideal for those who want to enjoy sustained effects. No special instructions are required for this method, open the products and eat. It is essential to note that this method takes longer for results to set in.

Tinctures/ liquid CBD/Extracts

Tinctures and drops must have the potency indicated on the package. The total amount of CBD container should also be indicated. Place the appropriate amount of CBD in under the tongue and let it remain for 1 minute before you swallow the contents. The CBD is absorbed by the blood vessels in that region.

Concentrates/CBD isolates

If you have ever used cannabis or hash concentrates such as BHO or wax, you must be familiar with this method. Place some CBD in the water pipe or vaporizer, ignite and then inhale the smoke. This method is ideal for regular CBD users.

Vape cartridges/ CBD E-Liquid

This is the best method for those who want instant results. Before using the vape exhale air from your lungs, then inhale the vape from a vaporizer or mouthpiece and hold the breath for 3-45 seconds before exhaling the air. CBD is absorbed by blood vessels in your lungs and channeled to the brain by blood vessels.

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How to get the best from your CBD

To get maximum benefits From CBD, make sure you buy your products for reliable vendors. You must realize that different vendor uses different methods to extract the CBD. Besides, they source their materials from various sources. A reputable vendor will offer information of where the Hemp plants were grown, how the CBD was extracted and if the products underwent third-party lab testing. These are some indicator that your vendor is trustworthy. Let them answer all the relevant questions before you decide to purchase their products.

Final words

If you are a beginner in the use of CBD products, consider starting in small doses as you escalate the amounts to your desired level. Monitor your body reaction to the product and write how your body responds. Remember the route of administration is critical in the bioavailability of CBD. Get as much information from your vendor as possible on how to use the product. And finally, only purchase CBD products from Reputable dealers.

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