How To Make CBD Oil?

Also known as cannabidiol by a large group of users across the world, CBD is among the many components present in the cannabis plant known to possess numerous medicinal benefits. CBD has become popular over the last couple of years such that people extract, produce and manufacture it into an array of products that include CBD oils, creams, and even edibles. CBD oil is the most prevalent form of consumption and is used to heal many diseases; majorly due to its effects that does not offer a ‘high’ feeling to the patient which is prohibited in most states.

Now, have you ever wondered how CBD oil is made? Well, if you have fancied such ideas, fancy no more! By the end of this article, you will thank the author for sharing simple yet useful DIY guides on how to make CBD oil. It can be quite challenging for some individuals, but as long as you have the correct steps, you can perform it comfortably. Here is how you can make CBD oil at home:

CO2 Extraction Method

CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) is an exceptional molecule that can work at any state of matter, gas, solid, or liquid on the basis of temperature and pressure it is preserved. This method of making CBD oil is categorized into supercritical, subcritical and mid-critical categories, but most users prefer using the supercritical method. The fact that this method of preparing CBD oil is secure and offers a pure end product makes most people use it.

  • CO2 cannabis extraction method utilizes pressurized CO2 to extract CBD from the plant. Carbon dioxide acts as a solvent at precise pressures and temperatures but does not offer any danger. The method may involve an expensive machine known as ‘closed-loop extractor. The device is used to freeze the carbon dioxide and then compress it into a cold and supercritical liquid state.
  • At room temperature and pressure, CO2 behaves like a gas. Nonetheless, it can be changed into a solid form ‘dry ice’ by using the equipment discussed above. The tool can also be used to turn CO2 into liquid by lowering the temperatures to -69 degrees Fahrenheit while raising the pressure to over 75 psi. It is at this stage where you begin extracting your CBD oil.
  • After having the CO2 liquid, you should raise the pressure and temperature to the point where the liquid becomes ‘supercritical.’ At this stage, CO2 has the ability to adjust properties halfway between a liquid and gas concurrently.
  • When using this methodology to extract CBD oil, you will be required to start with carbon dioxide and raise its pressure by use of a compressor, and then raise the temperature by use of a heater. The next steps comprise passing the supercritical CO2 via some high-quality cannabis that is situated in an extractor. CO2 will then extract the useful terpene and trichomes oils from the plant.
  • The solution is passed through a separator and broken down into its essential parts. The terpene and trichomes are sent to the collection container while the supercritical carbon dioxide is turned back into liquid form by going through the condenser. The liquid then goes to the particular storage tank and can be utilized to start the process once again.
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Benefits of using CO2 Extraction Method

  • Safety – carbon dioxide is a safe component and is even utilized as a food additive as well as preserving carbonated soft drinks
  •  It is useful – for many years, CO2 has been used as a solvent extraction by numerous food companies. CO2 is used to extract caffeine from coffee when making essential oils.
  • It is pure – the CBD oil produced is strong and free from chlorophyll with an insignificant risk of contaminants

The disadvantages of this method of extraction

  •  It is costly – this method can only be completed with the help of costly equipment estimated to cost $ 39,000.
  •  It requires technical skills – CO2 extraction method should only be carried out by a trained personnel

Making CBD oil via Ethanol Extraction Method

Ethanol is among the commonly used substances in the extraction of a solvent. Apart from ethanol being used to extract a safe and wide range of cannabinoids and terpenes from a plant, it may also extract chlorophyll that may result in some adverse side effects. This chlorophyll can, however, be filtered, but the process may significantly demean the oil’s effectiveness.

This process requires you to add ethanol to the plant material. Ethanol will then extract flavor and cannabinoids from the plant but may possibly take some of the green colorings as well. You should then let the liquid to evaporate after extracting sufficient cannabinoids in liquid form. The evaporated vapor is then cooled down to CBD oil.

Advantages of using Ethanol extraction method

  •  It is ideal for some products – using ethanol may offer high-quality CBD oil ideal for vaping cartridges
  • It is a simple process – if you have the right equipment, the process is a walk in the park
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Disadvantages of using Ethanol extraction method

  • It is extremely hazardous – ethanol is highly flammable, and it is thus not worth starting a fire at your residence to extract CBD oil in this method
  • It is potentially dangerous – apart from destroying plant waxes, this type of extraction may output oil that comprises chlorophyll and other hazardous contaminants.

The Oil Method of Making CBD oil

Using oils such as olive oil to make CBD oil is a practice that dates back to many centuries ago. Most homeowners who make CBD oil still utilize this method of extracting oils from the cannabis plants. First, the plants are heated or decarboxylated to a particular temperature for a specified duration of time in order to activate the chemicals in the plant. The plant materials are then dipped in olive oil and then heated for 1 – 2 hours at a temperature of about 100 degrees Celsius to extract the CBD oil.

The benefits of using Olive oil method to extract CBD oil

  • It is incredibly safe – you cannot burn yourself by utilizing this method
  • It is cheap – you can prepare it at home with a minimal budget

The cons of Using Oil Extraction Method

  • It is perishable – irrespective of the quality of oil produced, the oil should be stored in a dark and cold place as it is highly perishable.
  • Low quantity – this method of making CBD oil produces a low amount of oil


From the above, it is crucial to fully understand the various types of CBD extraction methods because they have huge effects on the quantity and quality of the final product as well as your health. Using ethanol extraction method is not recommendable because apart from leading to health issues, it is also dangerous to you. The cost of CO2 extraction method means it is not a viable DIY method to utilize at home apart from it being a secure, efficient and excellent method. Therefore, those who want to make their CBD oils at home may be forced to use the oil extraction method.

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