Comparing The Variants Of Indo Kratom ( Premium Indo & Enhanced Indo)

Mitragyna speciosa, the kratom tree native to Southeast Asia are slim yet robust plants that can grow up to fifty feet high. The tree bears some exquisite yellow flowers. However, the medicinal property of the plant is all concentrated in its leaves. The vital element of this tree is known as an ‘alkaloid’ which are the naturally occurring elements that intermingle with our nervous system to deliver a wide range of health benefits. A typical leaf of the Mitragyna Speciosa tree is loaded with over 40 different such alkaloids.

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For new users the use of fancy terms and availability of a variety of strains can be quite perplexing. The access to so many different choices of strains at disposal can be quite devastating. And so one might be unable to decide on which strain and which strength will be suitable and should be bought. The common and widely popular stains like Maeng Da or Red Bali are easily available at buy best kratom online, but some of the ambiguous strains may not be easily obtainable.

It is inevitable to comprehend the terminologies used to indicate the product quality by vendors in the market and around the globe. It is a wrong notion that the names on the containers are unreliable and nothing more than a sheer marketing scheme .In fact that is universal nomenclature used to name all the products prepared from this plant. These names tend to mean the same in every country worldwide.

Indo Kratom

This Indonesian strains are more inclined towards the soothing spectrum and are very accomplished for pain relief with almost negligible reported side-effects as compared to the analogous Balinese strains. Though users claim to experience delayed effects from these. The possible reason for this is the rigid cell walls of the leaves, which is also prevalent in most of the Green Malaysian strains.

Maeng Da Kratom Capsules - Dosage - Effects - Capsules Vs Powder

These are known for their analgesic effects along with diminishing the symptoms of anxiety and depression. People seeking to gain relief from drug withdrawal symptoms often opt for these strains. Other effects that it provides are: muscle relaxation, stress relief and mood enhancement. In high doses, it provides a feeling of euphoria and serenity.

Theoretically, though the effects are identical to those of Borneo strains, there are a few set of effects that are unique to this type. The degree of effects that you can expect from these strains are as follows:

  • For stimulating effect: 2-3 / 10
  • For analgesic effect: 8-10 / 10
  • For mood enhancement: 8-10 / 10

However, the degree can vary according to the different grades of Indo consumed. They are sold in different variants like Premium Indo kratom, Super Indo and Enhanced/Ultra Enhanced Indo strains.

Premium Indo Kratom

The powder is prepared by harvesting the fresh leaves of the tree using different methods.

Premium, is a strain name that simply indicates the variance in the mode of harvesting while preparing it. It is a classic example of an outstanding product made using a high-end harvesting method. The specialty of this strain is the fact that the stem is carefully separated from the leaves using hands. Since most of the alkaloid content is concentrated in the leaves, this tends to be a highly concentrated formula. The leaves are dried and grounded into a powdered form which is stronger as compared to the normal strain due to its higher alkaloid content. This also tends to make it a very effective strains with higher intensity of effects. This strain is renowned for a high quality product available at a reasonable price.

Enhanced Indo Kratom

The term ‘Enhanced’ is probably the only one that refers to an additional procedure performed on the leaves after the harvesting is done. Here, in order to concentrate the level of alkaloids even further, the leaves are subjected to a vigorous boiling procedure until they get converted into a thick slurry form. These are a little hard in consistency and hence are referred to as rocks or resins. These can be consumed in this resin form itself or can be further grounded into the powdered form and sold as a fine dust.

Green Borneo Kratom -The Ultimate Kratom Strain

These enhanced varieties tend to be about 15 times more effective and potent as compared to the original Indo strain. This is the main reason why this strain is not recommended for a regular use on a daily basis. But can be added in small quantities, as an additive, to the other regular powders. These mixtures are termed as enhanced or ultra-enhanced forms. Users have experienced an alleviation in the intensity of effects delivered by the regular strains. The onset of effects is also faster and usually, lasts longer. This variation is sometimes preferred by the regular users for a slight variation in their everyday routine.

Indo Kratom Dosage

It is recommended to consider starting low and taking your own time to go a little higher, irrespective of strain. Since the premium, enhanced and other concentrated forms can be very potent and strong, it is best to so start with below one gram so as to avoid any side effects. Another thing to consider is that these potent strains can radically intensify your tolerance to kratom and so it is advised not to take these strains on a regular basis.

Which One Is The Most Used Variety?

Which sub type of Indo kratom is better has always been a controversial topic and frankly, it only depends on personal preference. Body tolerance and an individual’s capacity also greatly influence their choice of strain. Hence, every person is bound to feel differently about each strain and therefore, the debate on which is a better strain can be never-ending. Although, one can answer the question for himself and decide which strain suits him the best with a few trial-and-errors. Based upon the public survey, Premium strain seems to be a hot favorite amongst the users due to the energy and mood boosting effects that it delivers, in just the right quantity, to most of the users.

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  • I usually don’t believe in herbs but recently I had given a try to Super Green I felt a very strong wave of euphoria and an increased mood boost. Guys its really works.

  • I have been looking for a sedative to ease my pain as sometimes I run out of my normal prescriptions. I have seen your post and was interested in the varieties available. Also for anxiety and stress level management, I have a real problem with especially when am at my workplace and I have to meet deadlines.

  • The only side effect I have experienced is nausea and wobbles which was not much just comes a little bit and goes as opposed to other strains I have used before which have really major negative side effects. Compared other strains such as Bali, the Indo Kratom Strains are much cleaner.

  • Maeng Da Kratom is a well-known strain of Kratom for its effectiveness. It is most potent when it comes to relieving chronic pain in people. So, this is the best option for curing your knee and elbow pain. It can work for arthritis, muscle pain, bones and even cancer. Its effectiveness is what I can assure you.

  • There are varieties of Indo kratom that you can use, one being the Red vein Indo kratom. Like I said earlier all Indo Kratom strains have some common characteristics so the Red Vein Indo has this analgesic, mood boosting and relaxing characteristics. This strain is helpful for soothing your mind and body and does not impair your judgment ability nor interfere with your thoughts and brain process.

    Also, the White Vein Indo Kratom has these mood-boosting properties just that it has more social properties than the Red Vein and can really help with anxiety management and depression. I have used this one and it’s helped me a big deal

    • I have been using other strains that have really had more side effects than benefits. I saw this post and was really impressed and thought maybe this could be my Strain breakthrough

      • If you are looking for the most beneficial Strain the Indo Kratom strain is most definitely the best for you. With no doubt, it has amazing medicinal benefits and a unique breed to help you experience the best results. I have been using the Indo Kratom Strains for 6 months now and I do not regret.

    • Yes, yes and yes Indo Kratom has medical befits otherwise we wouldn’t recommend it whatsoever. If you are experiencing pains that what the analgesic property is for if you are unable to manage your moods the mood booster has got you covered on that. Anxiety and excitement management is covered by the sedative properties to help relief off stress.

  • I have used other strains but if I am to compare them to the Indo Kratom Strains, for me I would say that it has the unique effects of all Strains. It really works out best and helps me relax, elevates my moods and boosts my energy.

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