How Did Isodiol Become Such A Big Global CBD Brand?

Lately, many people seem to be obsessed with CBD products offered by a particular brand known as “Isodiol”. Due to that, the company records massive sales globally and their products are popular among consumers. But what really is this company and how did they emerge so strong in the CBD market globally? Below is an independent Isodiol CBD review that takes an in-depth look at the brand, its products and how it has been able to become so successful. Read it to get more insights.

What Really Is Isodiol?

Isodiol is a globally recognized CBD brand that offers a wide array of cannabidiol products derived from hemp as opposed to marijuana. It is a group of companies, which together, grow and harvest hemp on a massive scale, and then process it to produce cannabidiol (CBD) of the highest quality for global distribution.

Headquartered in Vancouver, CA, this giant multinational comprises a meticulous corporate structure that is made up of a properly instituted management team. The team consists of passionate individuals with a wealth of corporate and business experience. In addition, they are familiar with a range of biotechnologies, as well as business and product development strategies. The team is committed to providing natural cannabinoids as well as other health and wellness products to the global market.

What Products Does Isodiol Manufacture and Distribute?

As said before, the brand manufactures CBD products and non-CBD products that can be used for health and wellness purposes. Their CBD products are divided into three categories;

  • bulk CBD.
  • bioactive CBD.
  • CBD extreme.
  • AquiVita CBD water.
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Products within the first category include

  • BSPG,
  • Nutra 99,
  • HenePlex,
  • and Cebidiol.

According to the information provided on the company website, these four products contain bulk pharmaceutical grade cannabinoid crystalline isolates extracted from the hemp plant.

The second category is made up of about ten incredible hemp-derived cannabidiol products. These are

  • Bioactive NanoMist,
  • Bioactive Body Balm,
  • Bioactive Rapid Patch,
  • and Bioactive Rapid Cream.

Then there is

  • Bioactive Adaptogenic Herbal Tincture™,
  • Bioactive Hemp Oil Tincture,
  • Bioactive Xtend Caps,
  • and Bioactive Sleep Caps.

Last but not least, is

  • Bioactive Vitamin C CBD,
  • Bioactive Sleep Shots,
  • and Multi-Spectrum Blend.

Likewise, there are about ten products in the third category, which include

  • ChewIT TM Variety Pack,
  • ChewIT TM + AMP’D UP TM,
  • and ChewIT TM.

In addition to these products are

  • ADDit,
  • VAPEit – Flavored,
  • VAPEit – Adaptogenic,
  • AMP’D UP
  • and CBDXTREME H20.
  • These CBD products are taken either orally or through vaping.

Lastly is the final category—Aquivita CBD water. This includes

  • INFUSED 9+ pH,
  • Each bottle contains 750MG CBD.

As said at the beginning of this Isodiol CBD review, the company also manufactures a range of other health and wellness products apart from CBD. These include skin care products and beverages such as

  • regenerating serum,
  • rejuvenating cream,
  • lip & eye gel,
  • as well as Pat-O-Coffee respectively.

Why Its Become A Global CBD Brand?

Although there are numerous other brands that also manufacturer and distribute cannabidiol as well as other health and wellness products, Isodiol is the brand that seems to enjoy all the attention and spotlight. The question is; how did Isodiol rise to the top and beat many serious brands in terms of fame? Well, the answer is simple; they adopted a good strategy that focused on the following areas:

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1. Quality

  • every unbiased Isodiol CBD review talks positively about this brand. Nevertheless, the one point that keeps being highlighted is quality. Consumers are happy about the quality of the products offered by this brand. Isodiol CBDs are rated five stars when it comes to quality.

2. Price

  • there is no denying the fact that many other brands equally offer high-quality CBD products. But this is all at the expense of the consumer whereby buyers have to part with more. With Isodiol, it is a different story altogether as the company offers unrivaled prices with great discount deals and coupons on their quality products. That is the reason why more consumers buy from them.

3. Customer Service

  • another benefit that every honest Isodiol CBD review highlights are customer service. Consumers praise the company for making it easier for them to contact and get help. The company’s representatives are quite friendly, professional and happy to help.
  • They respond to inquiries and solve problems faster instead of playing games with someone and wasting their time. Other companies are notorious for that hence it is difficult to get help through their customer service.

4. User Experience

  • another point that keeps being mentioned in many legitimate Isodiol CBD reviews is user experience. Customers admit that the company makes it easier for them to place an order and have their products delivered to wherever they choose.
  • The process is indeed so simple. All one has to do is to go to the official website, click on the right product category and select from a range of products then click to buy. That is it and nothing else.

5. Reputation

  • the company has a reputation for quality, price, customer service, user experience, and many other advantages that are not included in this unbiased Isodiol CBD review. These are some of the important factors for many buyers and Isodiol meets them all. What fails many brands similar to Isodiol is not quality, but the price, customer service, and user experience. They lag so much behind Isodiol in these three key areas.
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Final Thoughts

Isodiol International Inc. is a major global brand that deals in the manufacture, marketing, as well as distribution of hemp-based consumer products and solutions. While its primary markets include Canada, North America, South Amerca, Europe, and Asia, consumers from other parts of the world like Africa can also access its products through e-commerce.

The company develops and manufactures products with pharmaceutical as well as nutraceutical grade phytochemical compounds. In addition, they use micro-encapsulation and nanotechnologies, hardly available to other cannabidiol manufacturers. Their high-grade cannabidiol crystalline isolates are derived from the hemp plant and not marijuana.

Apart from CBD, Isodiol also manufactures a range of other health and wellness products such as bioactive skincare and more. According to many honest isodiol CBD reviews, quality, price, customer service, user experience, and reputation are the factors that set this successful brand apart.

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