How To Use Kanna For Its Maximum Benefits?

Kanna (Sceletium Tortuosum) is a succulent plant, which is grown in South Africa. The plant is also called channa, Kanna, or kougoed, words thatliterally mean chewable. Pastoralists and hunters in the South African community used Kanna in prehistoric times to boost or alter their moods. People in the traditional societies, especially the San and Khoi Khoi dried the plant and chewed it, swallowing only the juice. However, as time advanced, the plant was used for more advanced purposes such as making tea, tinctures, and gel caps. Additionally, people snuffed and smoked it as a mood booster.

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How Did The Traditional People Use Kanna?

1. To elevate their moods and dispel anxiety
2. Warriors returning from war used it to overcome the distressing feeling that came with losing some of their soldiers
3. The plant was also used in traditional rituals, especially divination purposes
4. It was used in healing ceremonies
5. Tooth extraction purposes. Fermented herb is also placed on the aching tooth to relieve the pain. Additionally, the fresh juice from the plant is put on the tooth to relieve pain.
6. Used to cure stomach pains

Modern Uses of Kanna

• It is a prescription medicine that is used an alternative to the conventional antidepressants. Zembrin, a Kanna extract was introduced as a prescription drug in 2012. Mainly, Kanna heals light and moderate depression.
• It treats obsessive-compulsive disorder as it helps in the coordination of the heart, body, and mind, leading to a non-obsessive state.
• Reduce stress and tension
• Kanna suppresses appetite, especially when people need to fast or travel long distances across semi-arid land.
• It helps alcohol and drug addicts quit their addictions
• Elevates moods
• Helps People Escape reality

Decreases Anxiety

Small doses of sceletium tortousum relief the users from stress and anxiety. They cause inhibitions, insecurities, and inferiority complex to dissolve. Other users enjoy meditative tranquility and focus on inner thoughts to a higher degree when they take Kanna. Others experience a higher appreciation of nature and its beauty.

It Emotionally Engages

Moreover, the plant helps users to be distant from the emotionally engaging situations in their lives. Although this aspect is viewed as unpleasant in some cases, it is also an advantage, especially when one is nervous about speaking or performing in public as Kana calms one’s nerves.

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Kanna Makes People Highly Engaging and Sexually Active

After taking Kanna, people who are reserved in typical situations report that they enjoy deep social contacts. Kanna makes all insecurities and anxieties disappear as it gives one more self-confidence. At the same time, those who are not sexually active feel more aroused when they use the product. Consequently, men who do not perform well sexually use the product to stimulate their sexual senses.

Energy Booster

Kanna also gives people a tingling effect by boosting their energy; they feel like singing or dancing to express the feeling. Others say that they think clearly and focus more sharply under the effect of Kanna. However, when taken in a high dose, the product causes sedation due to the mental and muscles relaxation that result. When this level is reached, focus and concentration are slightly impaired.

Are You Dieting or Fasting?

Kanna is also associated with the suppression of one’s appetite for food. At the same time, it reduces the desire for nicotine or tobacco.

Life Looks Brighter Than Normal

Some say that taking Kana affects their visual perception slightly. It makes colors appear more accented or softer than they are. They say that a subtle glow surrounds objects in the perception of a Kanna taker. Consequently, life looks brighter and more interesting when the product is taken in the right proportion.

Depression and Kanna do not share space

Kana serves as an antidepressant, lifting the moods of those who take it. The alkaloids in the product serve as Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SRI). Just like the usual prescription antidepressants, the alkaloids impede the decomposition of the serotonin in the brain. Consequently, the brain functions with a lower level of neurotransmitters. Medically, extracts of the alkaloids in Kanna are patented for medical use.

Kanna Side Effects

• Elevates blood pressure
• Causes nausea and mild headaches
• Overdose causes anxiety and palpitations
• Sometimes it causes soft stool or diarrhea
• It causes drowsiness; therefore, you should not drive or operate machinery after taking Kanna.
• It also causes insomnia in some cases
• When the effects of taking Kanna fade, some users become increasingly anxious or irritable.

How to use Kanna in Right Dosages?

a. Snuffing
Snuffing Kanna produces euphoric effects, which last for one to four hours before fading into sedation.
50 mg to 150 mg is recommended for adults. However, research indicates that 20mg of Kanna also produces the desired results. You can snuff in small doses in the day.
b. Smoking
The recommended Kanna intake for smokers is 50 mg to 500 mg. The recommended dose is 100 to 250 mg and the effects, just like in snuffing are felt very fast. One reaches the peak of the effect within 30 to 60 minutes; however, the feeling wanes quickly in the proceeding few hours. Notably, the euphoric effects caused by smoking Kanna are very few.
c. Chewing
Some people chew the product mixed with a piece of chewing gum. For a subtle effect, a dosage of 50 to 150 mg is enough. However, for more pronounced results, 200 to 400 mg is recommended.
d. Kanna tea
When taken in tea, the plant is less efficient, and 200 to 400 mg is recommended initially. Too much of the product in tea causes nausea and vomiting.
Kanna is not controlled in any country. That means that you can possess, buy, or cultivate it without any license. Nevertheless, selling it as a drug or supplement may be regulated by the policies of some countries.
The federal law in the United States allows people to farm, buy, possess, or distribute the product without ay license. Nevertheless, when it is distributed for consumption, it must be done within the limits of FDA. A notable factor is that some States’ FDA rules regulate Kanna more strictly.
Canada, Australia, and Poland do not regulate Kanna. In South Africa, the source country, Kanna is sold as a medicine but under the SA medicines Control.
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