Kratom Capsules – The New Chill Pill!

A fairly new and increasingly popular method to relish the effects of the renowned Mitragyna Speciosa tree is taking it in the form of pills. Taking time out for the elongated procedure to prepare different kratom recipes becomes difficult in today’s busy life. A better alternative to consume the herb without having to deal with the unpleasant nasty taste is to swallow the capsules. This is a convenient on the go form of the herb, which also makes measuring the dosage precise.

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Taste – The Primary Reason For Its Popularity:

This is a form that has been becoming everyone’s favorite because of the fact that it eliminates the bitter taste which one experiences while taking it in the form of tea or any other recipe. All the essential ingredients of the herb are coated with gelatin and this is why there is no taste accompanying the capsules. Hence people prefer pre filled capsules which can be conveniently gulped down with water or any other beverage. Kratom users, who avoid the herb due to its taste, find this method to be a lifesaver.

Capsules Dosage:

Though there is always a variation on the dosage depending on one’s preference, tolerance, the type of kratom and other factors, there is a general dosage guideline as follows:

  • For a slight effect- 1-4 capsules
  • For an intermediate effect – 5-7 capsules
  • For robust effects 8-10 capsules

It is always to commence with a single capsule and then increase to dosage easily as per your wants. However, it is strongly recommended to not use over 10 capsules a day, unless you have built a tolerance against the herb. Also, wait for about an hour to feel the effects, since it takes time to dissolve the coating of the capsule in the body.

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The Uniformity Of The Capsules:

Although this may seem to be the most precise method of taking the herb, there can be some variations associated with it due to:

  • Diverse capsule brands available in the market
  • A wide range of blend and strength of the herb used in the making of the capsule
  • The variations in mass and dimensions of the capsules

Flexibility And Ease:

The major turn off of this herb is its bitter taste, which is conveniently eliminated by taking the pre filled pills. Anyone can take the kratom capsules anytime and anywhere without having to worry about the taste or the preparation time to make any recipe out of the powder. The reasons that these are gaining so much popularity are:

  • Quick
  • No hassles
  • Longer shelf life
  • Potency lasts long
  • No need to worry about the prescribed amount
  • Can be relished anywhere at anytime


The major disadvantages of this form are:

  • It takes longer to feel the effects due to the gelatin coating, which is takes longer to dissolve in the body.
  • Vegans cannot opt for this form due to the presence of the gelatin coating which is ultimately derived from animal extracts.
  • A theory suggests that the potency of the herb seems to be a little diminishing when taken in this form due to the elimination of some part of the powder along with the gelatin by the body.
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  • I started using kratom just for a better night sleep and my back pain, but it has given more than I would have expected.

  • Kratom also has coffee in it to increase energy levels and boost your metabolism. Yes, boost metabolism, wouldn’t that be great, especially as we age our metabolism decreases. So. if this capsule increases our metabolism we can start losing weight easier. I did not know what kratom was till I researched and read reviews and stories of other people. I like the fact that it all natural and doesn’t have all the ingredients other supplements have. Like me, most people don’t know what most of the ingredients on the labels are, but I trust kratom capsules are completely natural. It’s like a capsule that can make people feel like a superhero. It has a lot of good things about it. I suggest it to my family and friends. Another positive note about kratom it helped clear my face up. which I definitely was not expecting.

  • I also, would like people to use their first dose while there at home, and being monitored by another individual. Depending on the person you don’t really know how it will affect you. If you have a weak stomach I suggest eating some sort of meal beforehand.

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