Kratom: A Nepenthe For Depression Relief!

Depression is a health-related issue which is often accompanied by lethargy, mood swings, sadness, insomnia or uneven sleep patterns, loss of zest to enjoy life. Though these symptoms can be experienced every now and then by most of the people, a real depressed person usually continuously suffers from these symptoms for weeks or months together.

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  • Lack of concentration, weakened memory, and indecisiveness
  • Feeling of culpability, worthlessness, or abandoned
  • Insomnia, early-morning restlessness, or irregular sleeping habits
  • Fatigue and dropped vigor level
  • Edginess and discomfort
  • Persistent gloominess, exasperated or shattered feelings
  • Lack of interesting daily routine work as well as in activities that once were interesting to that person
  • Sentiments of melancholyor suspicion
  • Unusual eating patterns
  • Constant pains or tenderness, migraines, spasms, or digestive issues
  • Suicidal thoughts

The modest kratom leaf has been used since ancient times to treat a number of physical as well as mental disorders like depression, mood enhancement, to fight opiate withdrawal symptoms, etc. Over the period of time, the modern users have realized the benefits that this herb can provide and have adopted the practice of crushing the leaves and ingesting it in form of a powder or some other recipes prepared from it. Now, direct subjective news from users globally, point to its supremacy and ability to fight depression.

Here are a few effects that it can deliver in order to fight depression:

  • Mood Booster – The euphoric effect that the alkaloids of this herb provide helps to ease the feelings of sadness or worry. This helps to lighten up the mood of depressed people.
  • Stimulating – Being from the same plant family, kratom just like coffee, can instantly boost up the energy levels and help to fight gloominess and low feeling that is often prevalent amongst the depressed people.
  • Concentration escalation– This herb is also renowned for its ability to increase attention and concentration. Patients who are fighting against melancholy often lose enthusiasm and interest easily, which may be dismissed by this herb.
How To Make Kratom Capsules At Home?

Choose the Right Variety

By now, we are well aware of the prevailing types and how every strain has a set of benefits to offer to its users. However, different strains can be used for treating different problems and the dosage can be varied to fine tune the effects that will be delivered. One has to experiment and research a little to figure out what helps them the best. However, the following strains can be used by patients:

Red Kratom: This colored vein of the leaf indicates the variety which is known to have the most powerful soothing effects. It is best for people who have a trouble in staying focused, experience stress and anxiety regularly and crave a calm and sedating effect.

White Kratom: If your illness makes you feels luggish, lethargic, and unenthusiastic, this is the best selection. This variety is known to provide you with all the vigor that you need to undertake the daily routine activities with zest. White veined Borneo strain helps by delivering an emotional boost along with the feelings of joy and euphoria.

Recommended Dosage

  • For treating slight feelings of daily despair: 1-5 grams
  • For treating moderate to chronic symptoms: 5-15 grams
  • For treating severe to acute episodes: 15-25 grams


The herb helps in minimizing the physical symptoms experienced during depression. It is a perfect substitute to other prescribed drugs since it enhances the mood, promotes good sleep and increases concentration and tranquility. Patients, who are also drug addicts, can blindly opt for this alternative to gradually quit on their drugs with the help on this herb.

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