A Sweet Remedy To Lower Blood Sugar Level

Of the many benefits that Kratom provides, the most noteworthy and advantageous one, is its ability to lower the blood sugar level. Hence it is a common practice to use this herb as a medicine by the diabetic patients.

Maintaining the blood sugar level is the main issue with the diabetics. The range of 70-120 is generally regarded as a safe range and it is advised to maintain the blood sugar level within this range. If the level rises too high, it can prove to be fatal over the time. Whereas too low sugar level can cause immediate death. This is the main problem that the patients deal with and is also the cause of organ failure and short life span. Hence it becomes inevitable to maintain a perfectly balanced blood sugar level.

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To begin with, it is important to note that there are 2 different kinds of diabetes and each has its own set of factors that affect the blood sugar levels. The first one is called Type 1 diabetes and it is the condition in which our body or rather pancreas, to be more specific, produces little to no insulin. The second variant is called Type 2 Diabetics wherein there is production of insulin but the insulin is inefficient in completing its task and serving its purpose.

Type 1 Diabetes

The main cause of this type is unknown; however it has been noted that this type of diabetes is developed during early childhood itself. Some research suggests that genetic manipulation or a virus that causes autoimmune response towards one’s own pancreas can be the causative agents.

What is insulin?

You might wonder why exactly insulin is so important and what role does it play? So let us try to understand the significant role of insulin in providing us with energy. Every time we consume a meal, it gets digested and converted into glucose, which is basically what we call as blood sugar. It is quite obvious that the sweet edibles that we consume tend to provide faster and more amount of glucose due to the already present sugar contents of these food items. However, the protein rich food tends to be converted into sugar at a much slower rate. After this food gets converted into glucose, insulin binds to this glucose moiety to convert it into energy. This is why athletes or a person who feels weak is fed upon sweets or glucose to feel that instant tad of energy.

Go Organic With Green Vein Bali Kratom

Kratom for Type 1

The herb is known to treat many of the symptoms that affect blood sugar levels such as:

  • Chronic pain. The pain tends to cause strain to the entire body system. This somehow triggers the blood sugar levels to shoot up which is injurious to health. Along with controlling the blood sugar levels, controlling pain and stress gives other health benefits too.
  • Food cravings are banished and hunger is controlled. Eating unnecessarily means producing more glucose, which also means higher the need of insulin to attach to it. Production of insulin is a task in diabetics and hence the sugar is not converted into energy but stays in blood and causes an increase in blood sugar level.
  • The euphoric state of mind that one is able to achieve with this provides a total serenity of peace of mind, which is great for relieving stress. Stress is said to be one of the most prevalent causative agent of diabetes today. Hence controlling stress is the best way to manage and prevent diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes

This is the most prevalent form. In this case, although insulin is produced, there is a serious malfunction in the insulin’s capability to carry blood sugar into our cells for energy production. There by increasing the levels of glucose in the blood.

Kratom for Type 2

  • The studies suggest that it tends to help in reinstating the lost function of insulin.
  • Previous studies suggest that it also helps in dropping the blood pressure.
  • The main reason why this herb has been used by ancestors is the soothing and tranquil effects that it is able to deliver. This helps in controlling a wide range of illnesses along with diabetes.
  • Diabetes is often accompanied by aches in different body parts. The herb’s analgesic properties come handy during such times.
  • The two main effects of the herb are: stimulating and analgesic. These are the exact two effects required by the diabetics suffering from peripheral neuropathy.
Kratom As A ‘Smart Drug’ For Nootropic Effects

Effective strains

Following are the strains that can be used for the required benefits and you can buy both kratom families at their best quality.

  • Red family– to experience relief from high blood pressure issues
  • White family– to experience relief from chronic pain

Effective Dosage

It is best to adopt trial-and-error method to find the most effective and suitable dose for you. This also highly depends on the purpose of intake as well as the strains consumed.

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