Kratom For Energy Booster And Euphoria

It is an ancient practice to consume Kratom for an instant boost of energy. The tribal population relied on the leaves of this medicinal herb to achieve energy and to get rid of many ailments organically. Today, the present generation has re-adopted this ancient practice after knowing the benefits that it can deliver to human body. Opiate and pharmaceutical drug users have now started switching their preferences towards this natural medicine to achieve an organic lift to all the physiological activities of the body.

Mode Of Action

Organically present compounds called alkaloids, in the leaves of kratom, tend to react and activate the receptors of our cells. This acts as a stimulus to our sympathetic nervous system, which then makes us feel the roller coaster of emotions. Hence the mode of action of this herb is totally opposite to that of the depressants. Where the depressants act to slow down the mental and physiological functions, this herb stimulates the functions so as to provide us with energy, serenity and efficiency.

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OPMS Kratom IS Liquid Sunshine

Some of the effects experienced by the users are as follows:

  • An increase in mental focus and concentration
  • Inspires and motivates the users to embrace all the activities with zest and vigor
  • Users experience a state of euphoria and feel optimistic towards life
  • Tensions and signs of depression tend to disappear gradually
  • Numerous combinations of sensations experienced
  • Muscles tend to relax and calm
  • Quick relief from chronic pains
  • Athletes experience an improvement in their performance
  • Can boost up stamina and hence the sexual performance
  • Creativity blooms

Effective Strains

  • Maeng Da – It is said to be the strongest and the most stimulating strain with alkaloids that also help in pain relief.
  • Thai – It is a strain that is at par with Maeng Da in terms of its effectiveness.
  • Malaysian – Though it is a little less stimulating than the above mentioned 2 strains, it is still more stimulating than most of the average stimulating strains.
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Effective Dosage

There is no perfect dosage for this effect, as it tends to vary, in terms of its effectiveness, with every individual. However, like in every case, it is best to start with the lowest dosage and with experience and requirement increase your dosage slightly. But, it is inevitable to keep in mind that very high dosage can be toxic and might develop a tolerance.

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