Kratom As A ‘Smart Drug’ For Nootropic Effects

Nootropics (also known as memory enhancers, smart drugs, neuro/ cognitive/ intelligence enhancers) are the drugs that help in development on or the other aspect of mental function. These are now also available in the form of supplements, food products and nutraceuticals. These have been attracting more and more scientists for further research as they have the potential of showing some noteworthy positive results.

Though kratom is not as effective a nootropic in terms of its mind improving potentials as other drugs such as Phenylpiracetam or Adrafinil, it has its own specialties as a nootropic which is unique to this herb. The effects such as increased energy levels, calming effects, decreased anxiety, heightened focus and memory etc. are much more resilient in this herb as compared to the other herbal nootropics like L- The anine and Ashwagandha. People have turned to this herb as an anodyne and legitimate substitute to opiate-based drugs.

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Due to availability of a wide array of strains, there is characteristically no particular predetermined dose for an elevated cognition effects. However, most people have claimed to feel the effect with a dose ranging from low/medium to medium.

The enthusiasts rely on this herb for helping them to stay focused. Mostly the strains that deliver the stimulating effects are also the ones that deliver the nootropic effects.

People have experienced more jittery sensations with the stimulating strains like Thai and Sumatran, which hinders their concentration power. However, these sensations may not be a problem for every user and it also depends on the user’s preference. A perfect way to figure out your capacity is to compare it with your tolerance towards coffee, which is from the same plant family as this one. If you can tolerate a double espresso without any jitters, these strains should be good for you to handle.

Kratom To Bug Off Malaria!

People seeking a milder effect should opt for strains like Malay, which is very popular amongst the users for its nootropic effect.

You can also start making your own blends. You can Blend in Green Malay with a small amount of white vein Sumatra to get an extra lift and red vein Sumatra to make the effects last longer.

Effective Strains

  1. Green Malaysian – helps to focus
  2. Thai – increases focus and energy levels
  3. Maeng Da – increases focus and energy

Effective Vein Color

  • White
  • Green

Effective Dosage

  • Low to moderate


Today the prospect of this magnificent medicinal herb seems to be dreary certainly. Considering the history of some of the most useful herbal medicines that got proscribed because of lack of knowledge, we can predict the future of this herb now. However, we can spread the awareness and educate people about the wonderful advantages of this herb on our physical as well as mental health and try to stop letting it become a victim of ignorance and obliviousness.

Along with the above mentioned effects, it is a wonderful miracle drug for ailments like diabetes, malaria and autoimmune diseases. If given a chance, this herb can open a wider possibility to treat many more diseases with its properties that might still be unknown to us.

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