Kratom Quid- The Leaves Of Gold

The most common and rather an original form of intake of kratom in Southeast Asia is – the quid. This is in part due to the abundance of fresh kratom leaves available in these regions. However, this same method is the most uncommon one in the Western world due to the scarcity of the availability of fresh leaves in these regions. In this method, as opposed to the dried, crushed or dehydrated forms, the leaves are consumed in their natural form. This method involves bundling the kratom after getting rid of the unwanted parts like the stem and the veins. The bundle is then chewed and held in mouth for a long time, while the juices from the leaves are allowed to be dissolved and enter the bloodstream.

The most apparent mode of action is through sub-lingual paths. However, the digested portion also tends to impart a significant amount of effect.

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The step-by-step method of adopting this form of intake is as follows:

Immerse a considerable amount of leaves in lukewarm water and keep them submerged until the leaves turn soft and tender.

  • Then roll the leaves to form a ball or tube like shape.
  • Keep this roll in sandwiched between your lower gums and cheek
  • You can keep it in your mouth for as long as you wish.
  • Let the saliva stay in your mouth for a while before you attempt to swallow it. This allows the alkaloids from the kratom to transfer from the leaf to your cheek tissues and then to the blood stream. You will then start to feel the effects offered by the type of leaf you are consuming.

Advantages Of This Method:

The effects imparted by the kratom are the same. However, the benefits of adopting this method are as follows:

  • It imparts rapid effects
  • It is comparatively more potent
  • It mostly dodges the digestion process
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Disadvantages Of This Method:

However, there are some downsides of this method.

  • It is not a very sustainable method to be adopted for people who do not have an access to the fresh leaves.
  • It is a time consuming and elaborated procedure. However, if you happen to get an opportunity to learn this technique, it is undeniably worth the time.
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