Kratom Resin Extracts Guide: The World Is Praising The Resins!


Having heard and read everything good about the kratom extracts, it becomes necessary to know that extracts are a good choice only for people who would want to keep the usage to a minimum. A regular usage of the extracts are not only heavy on your pocket, but they also make you tolerant towards the plain leaf because of its high potency. Users of extracts are also prone to withdrawal symptoms up on abrupt stop of the intake

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Kratom Resin

This particular blend looks very much like a small rock of dark chocolate being black, smooth and sturdy. This is actually a very concentrated form of kratom. This extract smells marvelous as if it has just come out of the bag, and been caramelized since it is a tad sweet, however doesn’t fail to retain the bitterness which is the characteristic feature of the herb. This gives it an advantage of being easy to transport, store and ingest.

The protocol adopted to make these is highly specialized in which the leaf distillate is heated up to be boiled at a definite temperature with a non-polar and a polar solvent such as ethanol and water and then dried. It becomes condensed into a dark, sticky mixture which is rich in the active alkaloid content and the incredible level of potency that it can impart. Each piece has a usual weight of about 15-20 grams. But these can easily be customized into a more compact dosage form or even be made into a huge cake sized package, from which a user can take as much part as required. Though, this extract is not easily available in the market and you might have to do a good market survey to find a vendor who sells these extracts.


  • Easy to use
  • A broader spectrum of effects offered
  • Energizing and soothing effects
  • Painkilling and sedating effects when taken in smaller quantities
  • Ecstatic and euphoric effects when taken in higher quantities.
  • Feelings like being happy, elated, and a deep want to toil.
  • Higher potency and concentration per ounce
  • Easy to store and transport


  • More side effects associated with this type in comparison to a plain leaf
  • Expensive than the plain leaves
  • Faster tolerance development tendency
  • Heat sensitive and so can melt easily

Ways Of Consumption

There are several ways to have this extract. Some of them are:

  • Taking it as a tea. The extract is simply put into hot water until dissolved and then spices or natural sweeteners can be added as per one’s taste. A lot of tea recipes can be found on different forums updated by the kratom fanatics.
  • Taking it as simply a slice of the huge brick of resin. This way you can have a smaller and more adaptable servings and gulp it down like a capsule.


Ingesting 1 gram of 8X extract is equal to a dosage containing 8 grams of the herb’s leaves. So it is advisable for the beginners to start with taking 2 grams to get the feel of the herb and then slowly increase the dosage as per the requirement. However, higher dosage can lead to adverse effects and so keeping the dosage to a maximum of 5-7 grams (i.e. about 49 grams of leaf) is suggested.

Side effects

  • Irregular bowel movements or constipation
  • Lack of saliva
  • Reduced craving for meals
  • Anorexia
  • Weight loss
  • Insomnia
  • Skin darkening, especially around the cheeks.
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