The Achilles Heel of Kratom Tolerance

Stagnant Strain Syndrome” – is a term coined by a group of kratom enthusiasts,to refer to a tolerance built up against one specific variety of Mitragyna Speciosa. This usually happens when one uses a one particular type of kratom or a same type of blend for an extensive period of time. Physiologically, the body gets adapted to the presence of the same kind of alkaloids present in the kratom over the time.

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Some of the symptoms that indicate that you have built up a tolerance are:

Alkaloids and Tolerance

Upon the consumption of kratom, the alkaloids present in them start regulating the brain’s receptor sites, in about 20 minutes or so. Substantial amounts of these alkaloids begin to momentarily down-regulate these receptor sites so as to achieve homeostasis and equilibrium. Therefore when you use one particular strain for a long period of time or in high amounts,these alkaloids tend to remain in the brain for extended periods and then this down-regulation becomes rather longer lasting and ultimately into a tolerance, numbing one from the effects imparted by the plant.

Don’t worry though. As you are in luck, because your kratom days are not over yet.

There are many ways to reduce or prevent Kratom tolerance. The most effective key is to try consuming it only on rare instances. But, this may not be an alternative for people who consume kratom to fight the chronic pain or other such conditions. In such cases, it is inevitable to learn how to restrain one’s dosage or supplement it to escape tolerance. Another popular method practiced these days is called Kratom Rotation.

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1) Dosage Intervals

The best method to dodge gaining a tolerance is by appropriately spacing the doses, which helps to remove all the alkaloids out of the system before the next intake.

2) Dosage Amount

This one is not as effective as spacing dosage, but reducing the dosage amount still helps to reduce tolerance to a considerable extent. Moreover, this gives one a possibility to dose higher when needed, without any side effects.

3) Kratom Rotation

Kratom rotation is an effective way to avoid tolerance altogether. However, if you have already built up a tolerance, it is best to go cold turkey.Cold turkey simply means shunning kratom totally for a few days/weeks.

You need kratom rotation if you tend to burn more than 5 times/week.

However, to practice this method, one needs to have a several types of strains (for beginners, at least four are recommended). This method also proves to make one extra sensitive to the exclusive effects imparted by each kratom strain and condenses the odds of strain “burn out”, which results into a total immunity against effects of certain strains.

Rotating kratom essentially means switching types every day. This means you can opt for a moderate strain today, if you have had a slow strain yesterday. Or you can opt for a Bali strain today, if you have had a Thai strain yesterday.

4) Tolerance Slowing Supplements

There is a significant volume of proof that some supplements and even medicines can help to slow down the development of tolerance. The common feature of these supplements is that they are NMDA antagonists, which is a receptor site accountable for development of kratom tolerance.

The best supplement to use is magnesium, which is a natural NMDA receptor antagonist. Although, high dosage of even this fairly mild supplement can cause some undesirable effects. Hence it is advisable to take it in a healthy range of quantity.

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Some other NMDA antagonists, such as dextromethorphan, is commonly used in cough syrups. However, its regular intake is not encouraged, since high doses of this are assumed to cause lesions.


It is quite an easy task to prevent the buildup of kratom tolerance. The best way to start for beginners is just by rotating about 4 strains. These regular changes are good enough for you to experience its effects and to decide if kratom is a good option for you or not.

You should keep experimenting and having fun.

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