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About Kratom Crazy

Kratom Crazy is a U.S-based supplier of Kratom products including powders and capsules. They use some of the highest quality strains in North America when packaging and selecting their base plants. They work extensively with suppliers to find the best strains and also work at keeping prices affordable for their customers.

What is Kratom

Kratom is a natural herbal substance from Southeast Asia. It has been used for centuries as a non-toxic, medicinal ingredient in herbal medicine, and also for its mind-stimulating effects. Over time it has also evolved into a powder that is sometimes used for fighting an opioid addiction. It originated in Southeast Asia, specifically Thailand, Malaysia, Borneo, and Indonesia.


There are several varieties of Kratom Powder or capsules available through Kratom Crazy’s website.

Packaged Powders


Kratom Capsules

Where Do The Kratom Crazy Plants Come From?

All Kratom Crazy kratom is sustainably and organically sourced. One of the major problems facing the Kratom industry is over farming in a given area and taking too many of the young, immature plants before they have time to fully mature and spread into the next generation. Kratom Crazy works with the farmers in Southeast Asia to sustainably harvest only the larger, more mature plants and leave the younger plants to continue growing, and also to rotate where they are picking from so no single area becomes depleted. This ensures that the harvests bring high quality kratom to the market for years to come.

Mitragynine - Legal Opioid Alkaloid Kratom

After the leaves are harvested, the drying process is very important. Improper drying will ruin the delicate alkaloid structures inside of the plants, and so the kratom farmers use the best practices known in order to deliver a high quality product. They do all of their drying indoors, out of direct sunlight, and place the leaves on special racks that permit the free flow of the air. As the leaves are aired out, they will dry on both the top and the bottom, so they will be completely ready for grinding.

Grinding is the third step. Again, Kratom Crazy encourages its farmers to use the best known practices when finishing the raw materials of their kratom. As a result of their commitment to quality, Kratom Crazy has a very high standard for their packaged products, and will offer a complete refund within thirty days to anyone who is not satisfied with their results.

Direct Sourcing

One definite benefit to the Kratom Crazy brand is that they deal directly with the farmers, without having middlemen between them and their source. This gives the company the ability to control how the kratom is sourced, dried, ground, and packaged for their customers, and to ensure that best practices are used at every step of the way. Many companies will import their kratom from other companies, who do the actual purchasing in Southeast Asia but then export the materials. Those companies then lose a lot of control over how the kratom is processed and sourced, thus risking the quality of their finished product.

What Makes Kratom So Special?

There are over forty known alkaloids in Kratom leaves, many of which have a soothing effect on pain and muscular aches. When made into a traditional herbal tea or exfoliator, they form the basis of the plant’s healing properties, and are on the cutting edge of research into botanical medicine.

  • Mitragynine: the most common alkaloid in Kratom, act as an opioid receptor
  • Mitraphylline: a non-narcotic that acts as on the body’s opioid receptors
  • 7-hydroxymitragynine: an alkaloid specific to kratom, known for its analgesic affects
  • Mitragynine Pseudoindoxyl: a rearrangement of 7-hydroxymitragynine, known to be a more potent analgesic than morphineSome companies do not test their kratom in every batch, but use random testing to ensure quality. Quality can vary from one batch to another, and in another sign of their commitment to quality, Kratom Crazy does test every batch before selling it to consumers.
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Capsules vs DIY Self-Encapsulation

One benefit of buying from a larger supplier versus a smaller one is the convenience of pre-enclosed capsules. The capsules from Kratom Crazy are 100 percent organic kratom, and vegetarian, with no animal by-products of any kind. The company sells several varieties that their customers can pick from when selecting the flavor and type that they want. Unlike bulk powders, capsules take no time at all to prepare after the product has been shipped out to the home, and they store very easily in the home. Many people do not own or want to be bothered with a DIY or home encapsulating machine, and they would be a potential candidate of those who buy the ready-made capsules.

green malay kratomBuy Maeng DaRed bali kratom

Other Website Resources

The website is very informative, and goes into detail on many aspects of the plant and its products.

Product Description

Under the shop tab, a customer can pick out a quick link to a few of the most popular products, or view all and compare on a single webpage. On its own page, each product is given a detailed description, starting with the price and the rating by previous buyers. Right away you can get a good idea of what a product is for based on the detailed paragraphs at the bottom explaining the history, effects, and common practices of each kratom offering. It is a good way to learn more about a product before deciding to make a purchase. Additional information and product reviews are also listed in those tabs for more information, along with recommended and related products. Purchasing is easy to do with just a few clicks on each product page, or you can add them to a wish list and return for purchase later.

Kratom FAQs


Kratom Crazy also features a blog for their customers to read about the many uses and effects of Kratom worldwide. Like other disclaimers on the website, readers are asked to sign off on a terms and conditions, accepting that the blog is not meant to distribute medical or legal advice, but rather to offer educational and research information on the plant. The blogs cover a range of topics related to kratom, including usage, legal matters, and general matters of interest.


For the quality of the kratom, Kratom Crazy offers very reasonable pricing in line with their competitors. They also offer bulk pricing on orders over 25kg under their wholesale department, and customers who are interested can contact them about purchasing kratom wholesale versus in smaller packages. For payments they accept PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, and American Express cards, or bank transfers.


The company is exclusively online, and appear to be based out of Kansas City. Customers who have any questions about their order are encouraged to fill out a form on the company website and a representative gets in touch with them through their email or phone number.

Kratom Crazy offers overnight shipping throughout the United States through Fed Ex and USPS Express shipping within 24 hours by selecting those shipping speeds at checkout. All products come with a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, and a 30 day refund if the product does not live up to your expectations.

To make an order the buyer picks the type and amount of a given product that they would like to purchase and adds it to their shopping cart, then makes the transaction and chooses the shipping speed they would like to have. They do not ship to Wisconsin, Indiana, Tennessee, Vermont or the U.S. Military.

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Kratom Crazy has a 30-day money back guarantee, based on the day the order arrives. Customers who are unsatisfied with their purchase can use the contact form to request a full refund, which will be handled by the representative. If a full refund is requested, the customer must return the opened or unopened package, and send it back using pre-paid postage if it is a qualifying domestic order. International orders out of the United States do not qualify for returned shipping. The money will be returned once the customer sends back the tracking information on the return package. Customers who choose not to take the full refund can have an exchange or a non-expiry in-store voucher instead of their money back.

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Savings and Discounts

By joining the “Kratom Crazy Club” members will be eligible for savings and discounts on future kratom purchases. There is no coupon for the first purchase after joining but after the first purchase the customer can receive special discounted coupons via email for up to 20 percent off their next order.

Website Disclaimers

The Kratom Crazy website has several disclaimers that their customers read before making a purchase. A red warning label informs buyers that the products are sold strictly for exfoliating and research purposes, and that according to the FDA consumption of the products has been known to cause many consequences and side effects. All buyers must agree to the site’s terms of service, and be at least 18 years of age. All references to consuming the products is laid out for educational purposes only, and the kratom should be consumed at a person’s own risk. They also do not claim to make any medical assertions about their products, nor legal advice.

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