Life Force Kratom – A Comprehensive Review On Products

As a business-oriented company, Life Force Kratom sells a wide range of Kratom powder products. The company is reputable for its fresh and high-quality products. It also aims at improving customer satisfaction with every Kratom powder sold. The Kratom powders sold by this company stand out in terms of their rich aroma and unique colors. They are useful in scientific research and domestic consumption contexts. The name of the Kratom powders basically reflects on the color of their leaf veins. The common types include Green Vein, Red Vein, White Vein and Yellow Vein as discussed below.

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Green Vein

The Green Vein strain is useful for energizing the body and relieving different types of pain. It also comes with unique benefits such as immune system boosting. There are a number of Green Vein strains that you can buy.

All of them have a price ranging from $10.50 to $44.10.

They include Life Force

  • Kratom Green Vietnam
  • Dark Green
  • Green Bali
  • Green Elephant
  • Green JongKong
  • Green Kapuas
  • Green Malay
  • Green Maeng Da
  • Green Sumatra
  • Green Sulawesi
  • Green Thai
  • Maeng Da Borneo
  • Super Green and Super Premium JongKong.

Price & Rating

  • The Dark Green type has a price ranging from $10.50 to $25.50 on the Life Force Kratom website.
  • Its five-star rating on the website shows that it is a high-quality product.
  • With a product rating of 4 out of 5 stars, Green Bali is another Green Vein type.
  • You can buy it for as low as $10.50 and not more than $44.10.
  • Green Elephant has a 4.29/5 rating and a price ranging from $10.50 to $44.10.
  • Green JongKong is five-star rated with a price range of $10.50 to $25.20.
  • Green Kapuas has the same price range but a 4.33/5 rating.
  • Green Malay, Green Sulawesi, Super Green, Green Vietnam and Green Maeng Da have a five-star rating and price range of $10.50 – $44.10 on the Life Force Kratom website.
  • Green Sumatra (4.58/5 rating), Green Thai, Maeng Da Borneo (4.88/5 rating) and Super Premium JongKong (4.71/5 rating) are also in this price range.
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Red Vein

Considered as the most potent Kratom strain, Red Vein is effective for sedation and pain relief. You can also use it to treat stress and anxiety. Some of its types are effective in countering the effects of opium addiction.

Red Vein products range from $10.50 to $44.10 in price.

They include Life Force Kratom

  • Red Vietnam
  • Red Bali
  • Red Bentuangi
  • Red Elephant
  • Red Gold
  • Red JongKong
  • Red Kapuas
  • Red Malay
  • Red Maeng Da (MD)
  • Red Sulawesi
  • Red Thai and Red Sumatra.

Price & Rating

  • Life Force Kratom Red Elephant (4.50/5 rating)
  • Red Bentuangi (3.50/5 rating) and Red Bali (5/5 rating) all fall in the $10.50 – $44.10 price range.
  • Red Gold (3.43/5 rating), Red JongKong (4.25/5 rating) and Red Kapuas (5/5 rating) also fall in this price range.
  • Red Malay (4.50/5 rating) has a price ranging from $25.20 – $44.10 while five-star rated Red Sulawesi has a price ranging from $10.50 – $25.20.
  • Red Sumatra and Red Thai are five-star rated with a $10.50 – 44.10 price range.
  • Red MD (4.67/5 rating) and Red Vietnam (4.86/5) also have this price range.

White Vein

Often known as the underdog, White Vein is a multipurpose Kratom strain. It can act as an energy booster and antidepressant at the same time. Its users say that the strain improves clarity and focus. White Vein has nine derivatives.

These include

Price & Rating

  • Five-star rated White Elephant has a retail price of $25.20 while White Gold has a $10.50 – $44.10 price range.
  • White JongKong and White Malay are also five-star rated with a $10.50 – $44.10 price range.
  • White Horn (5/5 rating), White Kapuas (4.67/5 rating) and White MD (4.67/5 rating) have prices ranging from $10.50 to $25.20.
  • You can buy White Sulawesi (4.50/5 rating) and White Sumatra (4.83/5 rating) from the Life Force Kratom website for as low as $10.50.
  • White Thai and White Vietnam, which are both five-star rated, are also available on the website for purchase. These two products have prices ranging from $10.50 to $44.10.
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Yellow Vein

The Life Force Kratom Yellow Vein strain has several similar features as the White Vein strain. It proves effective when used as an energizer. It is also among the best Life Force Kratom strains that you can buy.

The Yellow Vein line comprises of 4 budget-friendly products with prices ranging from $10.50 to $44.10.

These include

  • Yellow Borneo
  • Yellow JongKong
  • Yellow Kapuas and Yellow Sulawesi.

Price & Rating

  • Yellow Borneo (3.40/5 rating), Yellow Kapuas (5/5 rating) and Yellow Sulawesi (3/5 rating) all have a $25.20 – $44.10 price range.
  • Yellow JongKong is the only Yellow Vein derivative with a five-star rating and a $10.50 – $44.10 price range.

Buying a Life Force Kratom Product

To buy a product, simply visit the company’s official website and choose a product you want. Click the buy now button then proceed to the check out page where you’ll fill your shipping details on the form provided. Note that you must be above 18 years of age for you to make any purchase.

Life Force Kratom Coupon Codes

Life Force Kratom also gives buyers a chance to benefit from several amazing offers and discounts using their coupon codes. You can easily get these coupon codes if you are a frequent buyer of the Kratom powder products. You will also be in a position of redeeming them or using them to shop for your favorite Life Force Kratom products.

Contact Information

  • You can reach Life Force Kratom’s customer support team through their number: 774-425-3985.
  • The company’s address is Life Force K, PO Box 70878, Dartmouth, MA 02747.
  • You can also email them at [email protected] for any queries.

Quality Assurance

As far as quality assurance matters go, Life Force Kratom is always on the verge of serving clients with high-quality products. The company’s products usually undergo thorough screening before they become ready for purchase. The screening process aims at removing inorganic residues from harvesting, Salmonella species or poisonous substances from the strains.

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Life Force Kratom boasts of excellent and top-tier shipping services for any product purchased on their website. Orders made by the buyers before 2 PM attract same-day shipping. Orders placed on the website past 2 PM undergo shipping the following day. For more information on these shipping policies, be sure to use the Life Force Kratom phone number provided on the website.

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