Mmm Speciosa – Best Products Review

When it comes to effective and quality kratom product, the mmm speciosa kratom brand ensure you have the best of the best.

Their products are surely effective and affordable, plus you can ship them at a relatively low cost.

The mmm speciosa review, helps you to get intimated about the products and what works best for you.

To get more information on what products are online and what products are trending, the mmm speciosa newsletter helps with that. You can get all the latest kratoms and dosages of them.

The mmm speciosa brand and other kratom brands

The mmm speciosa brand give you the latest kratoms and their effect. Products for sale here, are only kratom speciosa.

green malay kratomBuy Maeng DaRed bali kratom

Some other kratom brands focus on everything, there don’t really have a focus, so that while the mmm speciosa focus on only kratom species, other brands like the herbal RVA diversify their grounds to Ginger and root beer. Although healthy, there do not really serve the purpose kratom species are meant to serve.

You can use the mmm speciosa discount code to get discounts on some of the kratom you may purchase, just find the nearest mmm speciosa location around you, or better still, you can find us only at our official website.

The mmm speciosa brand has some really great kratom products on their website that is not only beneficial to your health but also a great way to save money on excess health drinks.

Some of the mmm speciosa brand products are;

1. Green Vein Borneo

The green vein Borneo is one of the mmm speciosa most effective products. It derives it’s name ‘Green Vein Borneo’ from the tree Mitragyna speciosa, or the kratom tree.

The leave of the Mitragyna speciosa, produce some sort of alkaloid profile, unique to it, which gives it, it’s potency, and has a plethora of uses.

One of the wonderful effects of the green vein Borneo is the analgesic effect it gives to the user.

Another effect users can derive from the green vein Borneo is it’s ability to naturally enhance the mood of the user, as well as gives off a relaxing vibe.

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The green vein Borneo leaves are green, as opposed to the red vein and white vein Borneo, and if you are a Borneo user, you can tell all the strains apart by their smell.

2. Red Bali

The benefits of the red Bali should not be overlooked, because of it’s originating; it has a very strong and lasting effect on the user.

Like the green vein Borneo, the red Bali is also the product of a Mitragyna speciosa tree, with a leaves much larger than the other Bali kratoms. Thanks to this leave size, the red Bali has a larger production amount than all the other Bali, at a low production cost.

There are some amazing health benefits the red Bali gives, some of which include; mood-enhancing effects and the pain relieving effect, amongst others.

Just to be on the safe side, users have to know the amount or dose of the red Bali to take, so you don’t overdose and get really high.

3. Red Vein Maeng Da

To know what speciosa of kratom has more potency, you will have to look at the effective measures, and so far, we know that the red kratoms usually have high effective measures.

The Red vein Maeng Da is not an exception; some users even say that, among the leaves of the Maeng da, the red is the most potent.

The Red vein Maeng is not only potent but also stronger and a lot more intense than the green and white vein Maeng da; maybe this effect is what makes people like it so much.

The red vein Maeng da gives so much healthy energy, for you to carry out your daily activities, and you can get it in powder and capsule form

Red Maeng Da usually comes in capsule and powder form. It is up to the user to choose which form of leaf Kratom to try. For some people, capsule form offers the best red Red Vein experience.

4. Green Vein Maeng Da

The first thing that should come to your mind when you hear Maeng Da, is quality and effective. Just know that you’re in for a great deal.

Minus the fact that they are really fast strains to grow in Thailand, (which only means production will surplus), their stimulating effects is one to reckon with. They are so powerful, that farmers use them for regaining their strength to carry on with their daily work.

The green Maeng Da has so many names, including; the Maeng Da Smooth Green, and previously the super mojo hippo.

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One of the effects of the green Maeng Da is that it makes the users a little hyperactive, and jittery; that is why farmers use this to work.

The green Maeng Da also helps to balance mood and improve your emotion.

5. White Bali

Over the years, the standard of the white Bali improves, together with a different kind of White Bali; there is the regular Bali, the super and premium Bali.

The white Bali makes provision for energy when you feel tired. Although not as strong as the green Maeng Maeng Da, the white Bali gives you all the requisite energy you may need for the day. The effects of the White Bali lasts for the entire day, till you hit the hay.

The production of this kratom is at a very cheap rate, which only means that the purchase price will also be low.

Some outstanding features of the White Bali is that; it helps reduce anxiety and pain. It also stimulates the appetite of the user. Taking this kratom leaves you sedated for a long While. If you want to boost your mood, you can also take this kratom.

6. Green Malaysian

Like the name implies, the green Malaysian is a product of Malaysia and has a widespread popularity around that zone. It is this popularity that gives it a worldwide recognition.

The green Malay has some good health benefits and these benefits have been helping for centuries.

One of the amazing things about the green Malay is that it has a long-lasting effect, just like the Maeng Da, and it is cheap too! What are the odds?

Although most people still think the Maeng Da is better, we cannot deny the fact that, the green Malay has been of great benefits throughout the years.

With the long-standing beneficial qualities of the green Malay, people over the world are beginning to appreciate the kratom for what it truly is.

7. Sunrise Bali

The Sunrise Bali is another amazing kratom of the Bali family and is beginning to gain some attraction amongst the kratom users.

The Sunrise Bali is the opposite of the Green Maeng Da. Unlike the Green Maeng Da, the Sunrise Bali provides the users with a subtle and relaxing feeling; you could say, somewhat euphoric.

If you’re feeling any pain or feeling a bit down, the Sunrise Bali helps to get rid of the pain and enlivens the mood.

The effects of this kratom are surely unique as very few kratom stains can provide users with such effect for such a very long time.

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You get the Sunrise Bali by crushing into a powdered form, the stems leaves, and veins. Very resourceful don’t you think?

8 Plantation Maeng Da

Looking for the best selling kratom is easy, but looking for a kratom with spontaneous effects is somewhat difficult.

I present to you, the Plantation Maeng Da; not only does it have an amazing sales record, it also has a high content of alkaloid, which translates to, spontaneous and efficient.

The Plantation Maeng Da is yet another specie green kratom, which is notorious for being very powerful.

You get the Plantation Maeng Da in Indonesia, the Kapuas rivers to be precise, meaning it receives natural and continuous watering to help it grow faster.

The effects of the Plantation Maeng Da are; energizing and provision of requisite energy, as well as uplifting the spirit.

9. Red Vein Thai

Also referred to as the Red Thai, the Red Vein Thai, has the recognition of one of the most consumed kratom powder both online and in the market.

Whenever you have that stressed out feeling and not in the right frame of mind, take a cup of the Red Thai and watch your body unravel and become free, and feel your mind become enlightened

This Kratom also helps with reducing the intensity of emotional problems (Please read the instructions on how to use on the box before you use).

One common thing about all the red kratoms is the fact that, they are gotten from kratom trees with reddish veins and midrib.

The difference in the genetics of the white green and red vein kratom is what gives them the different effects they all have.

green malay kratomBuy Maeng DaRed bali kratom

10. White Vein Borneo

The White Vein Borneo kratom is one of the popular Kratom strains there is on the market today.

Its outstanding feature is its cognitive assonance; meaning it allows users to maximize their mental capacity, and give them all the focus they need to carry out an activity, whether physical or mental.

Most kratom users consider this kratom strain to be their favorite because it provides just what they need to run the day; focus.

So many users claim that the benefits of the white vein kratom is that, it gives them motivation, endurance, and mental concentration.

I consider this kratom my favorite, and I don’t think I’m the only one.

11. Baik Bali

Do you ever wonder what it feels like, taking a product that makes you both energized and relaxed? I know I do, sometimes.

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Users take this kratom for several purposes, including relaxing and enjoying as their body muscles unravel. They could also use the energy, the kratom gives to productive, it doesn’t matter what the kratom is for, all that matters is that it works both ways.

The feeling you get, definitely lasts you for a long while, most probably till the entire day.

The aroma of this kratom, is so relaxing and delightful to the nose, that you can almost taste and feel it.

12. Bali Indah

The Bali Indah is yet another extension to the Bali family.

Like the white kratom, the veins and midribs are entirely white, and visible.

It is an energizing specie of kratom that gives it’s users all the energy they need, in just one cup.

You also feel relief and relaxation; one of the great things about the Bali kratoms.

It is also sedative when it overdoses, but users should note that they can only overdose in afternoons and it would not be recommendable to overdose at night.

You can also take the Bali Indah as tea in the morning for the said energy it gives, just add a little green vein kratom and you’re good to go.

13. White Vein Indo

The interesting thing about the different strains of kratoms is that they have different effects, for instance, all the white vein kratoms, (whether it is Indo kratom or Thai kratom or Maeng Da) have similar effects. This effects also applies to red and green vein kratoms.

The white Indo gives users the energy, without the jittery and hyperactive tendency.

You can burn off this energy either in the park or the gym.

Taking the tea in the morning really wakes up the mind, and gives users the focus to take on regular activities.

The amora is very enriching and great, so great in fact that you could almost it.

The only downside to this kratom is that it doesn’t last very long, like the red vein.

14 Green Vein Indo

The green vein kratom is as reliable as any green kratom. Its effects are strong and last long, leaving you energized all day long.

One cannot argue the fact that the green vein kratom generally gives off different feelings, one feeling it is consistent on, however, is it’s energy giving feature, which leaves you hyperactive. But not to worry, you can easily burn that off at the gym or in the park.

If you have tried green vein kratom before I urge you to keep reading as I strongly believe no one kratom is made identical. This particular green vein will definitely not disappoint when one is looking for a variety of effects all in one place.

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15. White Vein Maeng Da

The White Maeng Da Kratom is a potent kratom strain which provides quick and effective relief for pain.

You can find the kratom strain all over Thailand, where it is cultivated.

Taking a cup of this kratom strain daily reduces your chances of frequent body pain.

How to place an order

Placing an order for any product of the mmm speciosa, is easy. All you have to do is visit the official @mmmspeciosa page. Click on the product you want, it will lead you to another site, where you will choose the quantity of the product and you’re good to go.

Before this procedure works, you would have to create an account on the mmm speciosa customer page and have a personal cart, where you can place orders for your products.

The site collects checks, cashier’s checks, postal money order and regular money other.

Unfortunately, the credit and debit card payment is currently disabled, however, you can pay through the following mediums;

  • ZellePay
  • EFT, ACH Transfer, or Online Bill Pay
  • PayPal, Western Union, Popmoney, and Venmo is not allowed.

Shipping Methods

Our orders get shipped through USPS, either by First Class, or Priority Mail or simply by Priority Express Mail. We also do FedEx Home Delivery (or FedEx Ground when shipping to business addresses), and FedEx option, which is the FedEx Hold-For-Pickup.

  • USPS Priority Mail has a 2 to 3-day service delivery.
  • USPS Express Mail is a 1-2 day service delivery. However, you may experience a little delay with the courier.
  • Shipment days are from Monday through to Friday.
  • Refunds are unavailable.
  • You have issued a $14 coupon, which you can use on the next shipment.
  • Shipment in is exclusively for the USA and all the territories within, except for some locations including;
  • Alabama, Indiana, Arkansas, San Diego, Vermont, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, California, Washington DC, Denver, Colorado and Sarasota County.

How to contact?

Know more about the terms and policies, shipment and orders, you can visit the link, Or just visit the webpage and click on contact, and you’re good.


With the mmm speciosa discount code, you can get great discounts on some of these products, and to get the code, all you have to do is, visit any of the mmm speciosa locations around you, or visit the official website.

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