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Cannabis and its Derivatives

They are taking more of a big boom in the medical world, whether you need any of its healing properties or not you can get a large number of products that fit your preferences, and that has been shown worldwide that the negative effects of the consumption of marijuana in all its presentations are almost nil.

  • There is and will be a huge debate about whether marijuana should be legalized, and even if it should be used for medicinal purposes. The great forgotten in this battle is the so-called tincture of cannabis, compared to the classic joints.
  • However, there are various medicinal uses of cannabis tincture that may be useful for people with different ailments, especially cancer.

CBD Tinctures

CBD tincture is a very discreet way of consuming this wonderful psychoactive is through the tincture of cannabis, which is made with flowers and leaves mixed in alcohol, in a very simple way, and they contain all the cannabinoids, which reduces the psychoactive effects of THC and increases the likelihood of absorption by the body.

  • It is a way to extract the psychoactive and medicinal properties of the Marijuana plant to be able to consume them later without the need to smoke them. This saves us from damaging our respiratory system without giving up cannabis use.


The therapeutic applications of cannabis date back thousands of years. We have long known that the first dyes and teas are attributed to the most experimental Chinese emperor, Shennong or Shen Nung approximately 4,500 years ago.

  • At some point in his life, he found the plant, and invented the tea or tincture of marijuana, which he called “Ma”.
  • The “Ma “was made from a mixture of hot water and cannabis flowers and leaves, and Nung recommended it for more than 100 diseases, including digestive problems and “distracted minds” – (according to an article published on Northwestleaf.com by PacerStacktrain ).
  • Today there is a wide variety of CBD tinctures in the market, available in stores in areas of the world where the herb is legal. Obviously, there are still certain restrictions on concentrations or prohibitions in some countries, but normally, once the THC is reduced to a negligible concentration, the 4% CBD tincture is legal medicine.
  • With the tincture of marijuana not only can you consume marijuana without the need to involve your respiratory system, but you can also consume it in case of diseases that prevent you from using the classic methods. In any case, the tincture retains all the psychoactive and medicinal properties of marijuana without any degradation.
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Some of the Great Benefits of CBD oil

  • For the treatment of nausea and vomiting secondary to chemotherapy, used in low doses.
  • An anxiolytic and relaxing effect, being useful in anxious-depressive processes. Also useful to normalize sleep and facilitate restful sleep in some cases of insomnia.
  • An analgesic effect for any type of pain, both acute and chronic. To treat neurotic pain such as neuralgia. Also effective in cancer pain.
  • Anti-inflammatory effect, which improves pathologies such as intestinal inflammatory diseases, arthritic processes and osteoarthritis, and also effective in dermatitis hyperkeratosis such as psoriasis, since used locally also reduces itching or itching.
  • Antioxidant effect. Indicated in neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s. Indicated in processes of inflammation of the nerves that accompany these pathologies.
  • To reduce spasticity in diseases that present with this symptom such as lateral sclerosis, amyotrophy, multiple sclerosis, and secondary stiffness to cranial or spinal injuries.
  • In diseases such as Parkinson or Huntington, to normalize motility, and reduce tremor.
  • An antiepileptic effect, in certain types of epilepsy such as refractory and syndromes such as Dravet, Lennox-Gastaut, West, Doose, is a valid alternative to conventional treatment can be combined with other antiepileptic drugs. They are epilepsies that do not respond to the treatment prescribed with combinations of antiepileptic drugs. The mechanism of action of CBD is not exactly known, but neuronal hyperexcitation is inhibited, probably through the control of ion channels.
  • Antitumor effect in certain types of cancer such as some brain tumors, in breast cancer, colon cancer.
  • Mechanisms of action such as the inhibition of angiogenesis (creation of new blood vessels) in the tumor are known so it can not grow and is reduced, it also induces the selective cell death of tumor cells, it is known as “cell suicide“.
  • It also seems to inhibit cell migration that determines metastasis by invading other tissues cancer cells and form tumors in other organs.

What is the indicated dose of CBD that you should consume?

Knowing the weight and height can give us certain indicators of the daily requirements, however, the biological composition, specific symptoms and above all the prolonged use of drugs with strong adverse effects could affect the effectiveness of Cannabidiol.

  • So the first step always consists of: Visiting a specialist doctor who can prescribe the appropriate treatment.
  • If the patient has difficulty staying asleep, has a chronic disease or is adopting a wellness approach, a method such as a CBD capsule or oil, it would be a wiser option and the dosage depends on internal factors versus their weight, usually.
  • However, the treatment is based more exactly on our levels of endogenous cannabinoids, which we commonly do not measure

Doctors suggest combining CBD with THC for the best possible management of symptoms, whether you’re treating

  • anxiety,
  • chronic pain,
  • cancer or another mood disorder.

The use of the entire cannabis plant, including THC, leads to a “synergistic” treatment.

  • The tincture of CBD is the yin of the THC yang since the two work in harmony to give the best treatment of the symptoms.
  • In general, although 25 milligrams per day is a healthy dose for wellness, some may choose to start with 10-15 milligrams per dose.
  • If you take CBD orally, sublingually, 70% goes to our fat deposits, then, only 30% circulates in blood to be absorbed, “in other words, taking 100 milligrams under the tongue could result in a real dose of 30 milligrams in blood If you have a higher percentage of body fat, this could lead to less absorption, and vice versa.
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Do CBD tinctures have side effects?

  • Normally cannabis and THC are well tolerated, there is no known death attributed to their use. The average lethal dose in rats is 800 to 1,900 mg. (depending on the breed) per kilo of weight orally and there have been no cases of death in studies done on monkeys after administering doses of up to 9,000 mg. per kg. orally.
  • All possible side effects are dose dependent. When it is used therapeutically, it should be started at low doses and slowly increased until the individual dose is determined without these undesired effects appearing.

The most frequent physical side effects are

  • sedation,
  • euphoria,
  • dysphoria,
  • fear of dying,
  • the feeling of loss of control,
  • impaired memory,
  • altered perception of time,
  • depression and hallucinations.

In case these symptoms are intense, the patient should be moved to a place where he is comfortable and reassure him until the effects are over.

  • The cognitive and psychomotor functions are attenuated and a discrete decrease in psychomotor capacity can be observed until 24 hours after THC administration.

Other common side effects described are

  • dry mouth,
  • alteration in movements,
  • muscle relaxation,
  • verbiage,
  • tachycardia
  • upright hypotension
  • and occasionally Lipothymia (in this case the patient should be lying down), since in horizontal position a slight increase is detected of blood pressure.

Other rarer side effects are

  • nausea
  • headaches.

All side effects detected are dose-dependent and usually, disappear within hours (occasionally up to 1-3 days) without specific treatment.

  • Cannabinoids can exert complex effects on male and female sex hormones, which have no relevance to the low doses used as a medicine. Occasional ovulatory cycles and deterioration of sperm production have been described.
  • In studies in animals with high doses of THC, it has produced an important suppression of different mechanisms of the immune system, while at low doses it can produce both an immunosuppressive and immuno-stimulatory effect.
  • Cannabis does not accelerate the course of HIV / AIDS, although chronic administration of THC can be harmful in other situations of individual immunosuppression.

What are some of the best CBD tinctures

Populum Premium

  • Highlights: Longtime favorite for its sweet orange flavor.
  • Strength: 17 MG
  • Specials: $120 for 500 MG
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Awesome Customer Service, shipped with UPS ground.
  • Independent Test Results: Has a smooth subtle orange flavor
  • Flavor: Orange flavor
  • Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp oil 20%, D-Limonene, Grapeseed oil, Hemp Seed Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Orange Oil, Stevia Extract.

Ananda Hemp Zero THC

  • Highlights: Contains zero THC in a smooth proprietary blend
  • Strength: 600 MG per a 30ML container
  • Specials: $89.95
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Reliable Customer service with free shipping available to qualified orders.
  • Independent Test Results: online research
  • Flavor: strong hemp flavor with a cool chocolate mint aftertaste.
  • Ingredients: Botanical Terpene Blend, Full Spectrum Hemp CBD oil, and, Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil.

Elixinol Respira

  • Highlights: Designed to be used as a food additive, and used in a vape pen.
  • Strength: 600MG per 30ML
  • Specials:$74.99
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Shipping is as low as $6.80, fast customer support.
  • Independent Test Results: research online
  • Flavor: grape mint flavor
  • Ingredients: Natural Flavor, Kosher Vegetable Glycerin, and CBD Oil

Bluebird Botanicals Hemp Blend

  • Highlights: A Full Spectrum Blend with frankincense and black seed oil
  • Strength: 30 ML bottle with 250MG
  • Specials: $29.99
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Expedited shipping available, starting at $5 for regular shipping.
  • Independent Test Results: research online
  • Flavor: a Spicy flavor like pepper.
  • Ingredients: Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Hemp Seed Oil, Black Cumin Seed Oil, and Frankincense Extract.

Palmetto Harmony F/Spectrum Hemp Oil

  • Highlights: Has a special herbal flavor different from most.
  • Strength: 600 MG per 30 ML
  • Specials: $90
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Shipping starts at $11.50 with great support
  • Independent Test Results: research online
  • Flavor: green earthy tea, no huge flavor.
  • Ingredients: MCT (coconut-based) oil and CBD oil.R

Receptra Naturals + Hemp CBD Oil

  • Highlights: Milder flavor than some.
  • Strength: the plus tincture has 1500MG per 30ML while regulars are 750 per 30ML
  • Specials: $134.95
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Great support while shipping starts at $8.95.
  • Independent Test Results: Research Online.
  • Flavor: Taste like a hint of purple grapes.
  • Ingredients: Natural Flavor, MCT OIL, and CBD Oil

NuLeaf Naturals CBD Oil

  • Highlights: Just want hemp and hemp flavor only? This just has two ingredients, Simple!
  • Strength:1450MG per 30ML
  • Specials:$179
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Great Service with FREE shipping.
  • Independent Test Results: Research Online.
  • Flavor: This tincture doesn’t have a flavor other than a mild hemp taste
  • Ingredients: Hemp Seed Oil that is Organically Cold-pressed, Full Spectrum CBD old, and hemp extract.

Ambary Gardens

  • Highlights: Organically grown hemp.
  • Strength: 500MG per 30ml
  • Specials: $40-$280
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Great service with $7.99 flat rate shipping
  • Independent Test Results: Research online.
  • Flavor: Unflavored but has a Moderate hemp taste
  • Ingredients: MCT (coconut-based) oil and Full Spectrum CBD oil.

Restorative Botanical Hemp Supplement

  • Highlights: Comes in 3 flavors that cover up the CBD taste
  • Strength: 300MG per 30ML
  • Specials: $34.99
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Free shipping with freaky fast customer service.
  • Independent Test Results: Research Online.
  • Flavor: Cinnamon Spice.
  • Ingredients: Natural Flavor, Organic Sunflower Oil, MCT (coconut-based) oil and Full spectrum CBD oil.

Lazarus Naturals

  • Highlights: Great for those who hate the taste of hemp.
  • Strength: 750MG per 15ML
  • Specials: $40
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Free shipping on purchases $50+. Great customer service.
  • Independent Test Results: Research Online
  • Flavor: tropical fruit
  • Ingredients: Natural Flavor, MCT (coconut-based) oil and CBD isolate.

Medterra Med Oil

  • Highlights: Made from the purest CBD isolate you can find on the market.
  • Strength: 1000MG per 30ML and if you need higher or lower volumes comes in 500 and 3000MG
  • Specials:$49.95 to $149.95
  • Customer Service & Shipping: Free shipping for orders over $125, with superb customer service in tow.
  • Independent Test Results: Research online.
  • Flavor: flavorless with a faint hint of coconut oil.
  • Ingredients: MCT (coconut-based) oil and CBD isolate.

How to use CBD tincture for the first time?

People who have never used cannabis or consume it very sporadically should begin to consume tincture of marijuana progressively. Ingested marijuana has stronger effects than smoked, so you have to be aware and try it little by little.

  • The idea is to start consuming only a drop of tincture, we can mix it with food, with a glass of warm milk or any non-alcoholic drink.
  • Due to the effects that marijuana has, it is not recommended to mix the tincture with alcoholic beverages because they could increase its effects and make us have a bad drink.
  • Once we have observed the effects of consuming a single drop, we can increase the dose to two or three drops, or even more, depending on our tolerance.
  • Remember that the effects are not noticed until after a good time, from half an hour to an hour and a half to appreciate the fullness of its effects, since ingested takes longer to be effective than smoked.
  • The properties will be the same as the marijuana we have used in dry, so if we have used an indica variety, we will obtain a relaxing effect while if the variety used is more sativa, the effects will be more energizing, antidepressant and stimulators.
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