Red Thai Kratom – The Origin – Benefits – Red Thai Kratom vs Bali

What is Red Vein Thai Kratom?

This is a plant that belongs in the coffee family and goes by the botanical name of Mitragyna speciose. It is known for its powerful stimulative and energy effects it has on its users. The trees that Thai Kratom Red Vein is harvested from have reddish veins and stems as the name suggests. Red veined Kratom is known to be more resilient than the green and white Kratom and does well in Southeast Asian Climate. It is interesting to note, different colored Kratom veins may occur in one tree during different stages of its life cycle.

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Red Veining

Aaccording to Kratom farmers usually occurs in young Kratom trees and this usually makes the plant vulnerable to attack by insects. Scientists have also noted that different colors of veins may emerge in the course of the year depending on external factors such as weather and temperature. Kratom is widely available not just as leaves, you can find it in the form of extracts, capsules and Kratom resins.


One can be forgiven for thinking that this plant comes from Thailand. It makes perfect sense but this is not the case, Red Vein Thai Kratom is grown in other countries in Southeastern Asia and not in Thailand. As a matter of fact, Thailand banned Kratom way back in 1943. This was done with the intention of boosting their main export which is opium drugs. Kratom is a natural alternative to opium drugs, having it around would mean loss of business.


  • The usage of Kratom keeps on growing day by day around the world. This is mainly because Red Vein Kratom can be used to fulfil for both medicinal and recreational purposes. The leaves of kratom are well known for the stimulating effect they give. The leaves reduce fatigue and can even cause the person using them experience some euphoria. The stimulating effects of Kratom are quite encompassing, they increase the sexual and physical energy of the person using them.
  • Those who use Kratom daily can attest to the fact that Kratom keeps them on high alert and increases their ability to perform manual works. This is probably why it is so popular among laborers in Southeast Asia and other parts of the world.
  • On a light note, the use of Red vein Kratom leaves may also improve your personality. You will find yourself being more talkative than usual, more sociable and friendly too.
  • When taken in high dose, the leaves of the Red Kratom can have a sedative effect on the user. This will cause you to be very calm and may even lead to day dreaming. The sedative effects also increase ones energy during sexual intercourse. One of its most endearing attributes is the fact that it is a powerful painkiller and can be used to cure opiate addictions.
  • Studies on alkaloids have shown that the use of Kratom leaves has major positive effects on the resilience and strength of a person’s immune system. Kratom leaves have been used as herbs for millennium and studies have shown that they are well endowed with antimicrobial activity. Apart from all that, Red Vein Kratom leaves are a natural source of antioxidants.
  • The inherent healthy nature of Red Vein Kratom leaves combined with its different effects on the human body can be used in the process of curing addiction. Addiction is a problem that has plagued communities around the world for as long as we have been around. Addiction to opium can be cured by regularly chewing on the leaves of Red Kratom.
  • The leaves of red Kratom deliver the same effects as opium but with no come downs and negative side effects attributed to the use of opium. It also helps in reducing or covering withdrawal symptoms during the time of transitioning.
  • People who suffer from chronic states of anxiety, depression, mood swings and stress can help check their situation by using Red Vein kratom. The leaves of red Kratom are used widely as an anxiolytic substance. This substance helps in regulating a person’s hormones by giving them the much needed relief from the exhaustive effects of the body’s chemical imbalance.
  • This helps reduce people’s reliance on pharmaceutical products and the negative side effects they cause on the body.
  • Kratom leaves are prescribed by many herbal medicine practitioners as a fertility booster and as an aphrodisiac. The extra energy experienced from the use of the leaves and increased blood flow helps increase a person’s fertility and bring back to life a tired libido.
  • The metabolic effects that Red Kratom Leaves have on a user’s body are probably the main reason why most manual workers use it. It increases your energy levels drastically by making some metabolic processes optimum.
  • This is a direct result of increased blood circulation around the body together with increased metabolic activity. This combination causes a person to have an energy burst. People who suffer from severe cases of chronic fatigue syndrome should be advised to try Red Vein Kratom leaves as a natural alternative to pharmaceutical drugs.
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    • As a matter of fact, Red Vein Kratom leaves have a more stimulating effect than relaxing. How it affects the user varies from one person to the other and also the amount taken. Red Thai has everything a person would need in red veins. Red Thai Kratom is also known to be stronger than other strains i.e. green and white veins.
    • If a person has taken Kratom and he/she does not feel the effect in a faster manner, it is advisable that you do not take more or double your dosage. Certain factors such as recently having a meal can affect how the drug works. He/she should give the drug atleast an hour to work its magic. Another reason why the effects of Kratom may be delayed is if you ingested it as a capsule. It takes time for the stomach to digest or dissolve the vegetable cellulose capsule.
    • Dosage of Red Vein Thai also depends on the reason why a person is using it. For example when trying to elliviate depression or mood swings, you are advised to take 4-8 grams of Red Thai. This amount will uplift your mood and bring some tranquility to a person.
    • If you are wondering what is the proper way of taking Red Vein Kratom, below are how different doses should be administered and their possible effect.

Small( 1-2grams)

Small doses of Red Vein Kratom have a stimulating and mood uplifting effect on a person. The effects are quite subtle but can be noticed. This is what is referred to as the stimulant level. The user feels more motivated to conduct his/her business. Small doses of Red Vein Kratom will do wonders for a person looking to complete a manual job that is hard and monotonous.

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Moderate(2-4 grams)

A moderate dose of Red Thai will trigger a good balance between euphoria, stimulation, sedation and pain relieving effects. If you have taken a moderate dose of red Thai it is possible for you to experience a comfortable feeling of pleasure and you may even find yourself day dreaming. It is also possible for someone to feel nauseated and experience itchiness and sweating. If you feel nauseated it is advisable that you lie down for a while and within no time you will be feeling much better.

High( 5-8 grams)

If you are a sensitive person this dosage may not be the best for you. Most sensitive people are not able to handle high doses of Red Thai. It is important to remember that the Red Thai Kratom is the most potent strain of Kratom. A strong dose of this strain of Kratom may have sedative, analgesic and euphoric effects on the person using it. This kind of dosage is ideal for people looking to beat feelings of anxiety and insomnia as fast as possible.

Consequently, the euphoria caused by the use of the Red Thai may cause a person to start having hallucinations

Some people are hyper sensitive to Red Kratom and may find themselves experiencing severe and prolonged sessions of vomiting after using a very high dose.

Duration of the effects

  • The effects of Red Thai Kratom usually take around 5-6 hours. If you take the drug on an empty stomach, one normally begins to feel the effects of the drug after 30-40 minutes.
  • Those who take Red Thai after a meal usually wait longer for the effects to kick in. It may take roughly between an hours to an hour and a half for Red Thai to start showing its effects on a person with a full stomach.
  • It takes longer for one to start feeling the effects of the Red Thai if that person ingested capsules. This is because it takes a while for the stomach to dissolve the gelatin. The amount of Red Thai one takes also has an effect on how much time the effects will last.
  • A small dose of Red Thai Kratom will last the user for about 2 hours. A moderate dose will last the user about 4 hours while a high or strong dose may last the user between 6-8 hours.
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What are the side effects of Red Thai Kratom?

  • Like any other drug, Red Thai Kratom does have its side effects and must be used with utmost care. If you take more than the recommended dose, you might find yourself feeling nausea and dizziness. More serious effects may occur to a person who takes Red Thai Kratom in combination with other drugs or substances like alcohol. The consequences of combining Red Thai Kratom with other drugs may be fatal in some instances.
  • Red Thai Kratom is not addictive if used responsibly. If a person uses it for recreational purposes and not daily they are under no risk of getting hooked to it. Scientists have classified Kratom to be as addictive as coffee. Those users who find it hard to stay within their prescribed dosages are advised to quit using Red Thai Kratom immediately.
  • Studies have shown that opiate drugs are not very addictive, but they tend to cause addiction on users who have a history substance abuse. The same case applies to Red Thai Kratom because the effects of Kratom are due to stimulation of the opiate receptor agonist activity.

Red Vein Thai Kratom vs Bali

  • Different strains of Kratom have different potencies due to certain factors such as the origin and the amount of alkaloids contained in a particular strain of Kratom. Both Red Vein Thai and Bali strains offer basically the same effects to the user.
  • The Red Vein Thai Kratom offers a more stimulating effect than the Red Vein Bali. The Red Vein Bali is a gentle strain which has more sedating properties than the Red Thai.
  • Red Vien Thai is the strongest and most popular strain of Kratom all around the world. It has fewer side effects than the Red Vein Bali and its effects are by far more distinct than those of Red Vein Bali. Red Vein Thai is also very effective when used in small doses as compared to Bali.
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  • Red Vein Thai is the most popular and relaxing strain of kratom in the world. It is popular because of the immense benefits it offers and its non-addictive nature also plays a big role. The fact that you need not use large amounts to achieve its effects is also an endearing quality of this strain of Kratom.
  • The Red Vein Thai strain is a remarkable drug that can perform the same functions as opiates which tend to be more expensive and have serious negative side effects. By electing to use the Red Vein Thai, a person will be able to save some money and have a drug that lasts longer and works more effectively than pharmaceuticals. Due to the fact that it is a naturally occurring substance, its side effects are much less compared to those drugs that are manufactured.
  • This highly effective strain of Kratom is easily available to people, one can purchase this strain from online stores. The product is a little bit more costly than other strains like red vein Bali but it is every bit worth it. The best way of going around the costly nature of purchasing the Red Thai is to buy it in bulk. Users must however be careful not to be conned by unscrupulous people posing to be legitimate dealers of Red Vein Thai.
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