Kratom Box Scholarship

At, We believe in the power of youth and are aware of how a well propositioned opportunity can help students prosper in their academic life. We believe that offering students with opportunities to guide them through their higher education can help foster a drive and motivation that allows students to push themselves harder and do the best they can in their academic lives.

Due to our firm belief in reaching out and helping the youth of this country, we are offering college students a $1000 scholarship via the kratom scholarship program. From a pool of talented and qualified applicants, we will select one student who is most deserving of the scholarship.

Our applicants will be evaluated over the essay they submit. Our application process is simple, concise and fair. We will judge our applicants based on how articulate, informative and well written their essay is.

The students applying must fulfill all the eligibility requirements listed below:

Eligibility Criteria

Enrollment: Graduate or Undergraduate program.

Major: All majors are acceptable.

GPA: 2.5 or higher.

If you happen to meet all of the above requirements, we urge you to make use of your writing abilities and apply for this scholarship with a brilliant and well-written essay!

The Application Process

Our application process is simple and comprehensive. You must submit an essay that is of a 1000 words. The essay must be written on this topic:

Why Kratom Shouldn’t Be Outlawed in the US”

Your essay must be submitted by December 31, 2018


The requirements for the essay are as follows:

Format: Microsoft Word doc or compatible.

Word Count: A minimum of 1,000 words.

Originality: Make sure that your work reflects your original unique thoughts and opinions. All essays submitted have to be original. Any work submitted that is found to be plagiarized will be discarded immediately and also get the respective student banned for current as well as future scholarship programs.

Once you’re done with writing your essay, send it to [email protected]​ with other information listed below:

Note: You information is safe with us , Please read our Privacy Policy

Full Name

Email Address


Phone Number

College Name

Our panel will judge all the essays submitted and declare one winner with the best essay. The winner will win a $1000 scholarship and we will post their essay with their name on our website.

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