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For using this website you should know terms and condition for using our content and information. If you disagree with any of our term and condition mentioned below you can “Contact Us” Or you can leave our website.

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We Are Not Giving You Medical Advice:

We have created this website to share medical and health information with our visitor to give them some serious and general health problem details. The content, information, graphics and texts on our site we obtained from our licensors and we are only providing you these details to get information. Our content is not a substitute of any professional medical advice on which you can relay to get medical aid. We are not providing you these medical and health information to give you professional medical advice, we are just giving you knowledge. If you have a medical emergency then contact with your doctor or call at 911 If you are U.S resident. Never disregard doctor suggestion or reject the treatment because of you read another treatment on kratom box.

If you read any treatment, medical test or any medication for any health problem then don’t practice on them without consulting with your doctor. You doctor will tell you better about what treatment is best for you and you need it. It’s your own risk to use our information for medical treatment without consulting with your doctor.

Our website may contain some sexually explicit content and if you find this information offensive then you can leave our website.

Privacy Terms For Children:

We have created this website for adults not for children under 13 year. Our website may contain some sexual explicit information for medical information so we strongly believe in children privacy. As you can read our “privacy polices” where you can find that we don’t collect personal identifying information so we actually don’t know who is accessing our website. It parent responsibility to set privacy setting in your web browser or block us.

Use Of Our Content:

The information and graphic we are using at our website contain copyright trademark under the law of United State and legal statement of foreign law. We are sharing information for personal usage not for commercial or business purpose. Use can use our content for only personal usage and cannot share our information by claiming that its own property. If we will find any shared content without our copyright trademark then we will report the content and all copies of our data will immediately destroyed.

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