Types Of Maeng Da By Its Origin & Colors

There are several different types of Maena Da based on their origin and color.

1.) Thailand Maeng DA

The first type is the Maenga Da from Thailand and its native islands. The wild Thai is one of the most costly Kratom species that can be found online. This is because it is very rare so it is hard to find. The Thai leaves have been proven to be the best and they are a lot more used than the Kratom leaves that are farmed. These leaves are usually grafted into another plant and then it is grown into an tree that becomes an adult.

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2.) The Indonesian Maeng Da.

The second tupe is the Maeng Da that is from Indonesia. It is known to act a lot quicker than the normal Maeng Da. This is because it is a cross between the Super Green Malay and white Sumatra. It is synthetic in nature so it is always going to be found in the best quality and will be great to boost a person’s mood. It is best known for its unique taste. It also has the ability to show the right combination for relaxing and stimulation effects when a person takes it on a regular basis.

3.) The Malaysian Maeng Da

The third type is the Maeng Da that is from Malaysia. It is an ambient light green color and is known to be synthetic It does not have anything extra ordinary but it does taste a little bit sour compared to the other types of Maeng Da. It does have a few side effects but it works very slow and steady so a lot of people are not going to notice the side effects. Most of the users will see that has the ability to calm their muscles and their brain. But because of this, people might notice a itch that can become annoying to them at times. This is one of the reasons that it is also know as the mixed Maeng Da or the white horned Maeng Da.

4.) Green Maeng Da

The fourth type is the Green Maeng Da. This means that the vein that is present in the leaf is green. This is not one of the fastest strains that a person can take because it is only going to give a slight nervous or hyperactive feeling. It acts like a spell or a magic charm because it has the ability to give your personality a touch of charm. Therefore, you are going to become a person that everyone is going to want to hang around with. But you are going to need to be careful when you are taking it because you are going to be active. You might not know how to handle yourself when you become that active.

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There are several effects that you might have when you take the green Maeng Da. The first effect is that a person is going to become too confident in themselves. The second effect is that a person might have an adamant boost in their social skills. The third effect is that the person is going to be more aware of their well being. The fourth effect is that the person is going to have a calm surge that is still energetic. People who have some type of paralysis because the strain is going to strengthen your head game and helps your brain.

5.) Red Maeng Da

The fifth type is the red maeng da. The leaves of this strain are going to be red. This is the strain that is going to pack the biggest punch. It is also going to work a lot faster than any of the other strains. It is very strong and will last for a long period of time. Then when a person thinks that the effects are going away, it is going to hit you all over again. This means that your mind is going to open up to allow you to learn a variety of different information. Therefore, your mind is going to be clear and sharp. A lot of people are going to use the red maeng da as a pain reliever for people who have chronic pain.

This strain is known to give a big boost of motivation along with helping people who might suffer from depression. This means that you might lay awake in your bed for hours at a time. This Kratom has a lot number of alkaloids in it so that is why it has the stimulating effects. People need to be aware that there is a chance that when they take the red maeng da that it could feel like a panic attack. Therefore, people who have a tendency to panic, do not need to take it.

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6.) White Maeng Da

The sixth type is the white maeng da. The leaves of this plant are going to be white just like the name entitles. This is great for a person who likes to work hard and play even harder. This is for the person who wants to try something new. A lot of people will use it as a alternative to alcohol because they don’t have to worry about their liver being damaged while they are taking it. When you are talking this Kratom, you are probably going to talk a lot so this means that you are going to be a lot more social. It can also help to relieve some of the pain that a person might be in. This is great because it can be a good alternative to any of the prescription drugs that the doctor could recommend for your pain.

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This strain is known as the working men’s strain by all of the people who live in Thailand. This is because it is going to help a man to focus on the work that needs to be done since it has a lot of stimulating and focusing effects that are very strong. Therefore, a person is going to be able to work a 12 hour shift and still be a good mood when they leave work. It can also have some effects that can be very irritating. Therefore, if this happens you are going to need to limit your dosage. The best way to do this is through a complete dosing schedule.

These are the top six types of maeng da based on where they originated and the color of the leaves that come from the strains.

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