Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom (UEI) – 6 Best Ways To Take It.

Whether you are used to Kratom or you are new to it, the best way to experience the effect is using the ultra enhanced indo Kratom. Of all the various strands in the market today, more users prefer this product to others. Several reasons could account for this, many users have testified of its broad-spectrum effects, as well as great potency. Not only that, many users are happy with the fact that it is readily available in different markets.

Alkaloids in Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom

This product is quite different from several other strands out there, because it is composed of extreme concentration of alkaloids powder. Many new users prefer this brand. This is because of its highly sedative features. A low dosage of it can provide high effects. The product is often referred to as UEI Kratom, and in terms of benefits, hardly could any other strain compare with it.

Where is Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom grown?

It is available in different parts of the world, but the major place it is grown is the Southeast Asia. Most of the brands on the market today are grown in Malaysia and Indonesia. However, the best form of the product is produced from Indonesia. Indonesian product is the premium Indo or super Indo products available on the market today. This brand is not usually produced through cultivation rather it is processed. This is how alkaloids find its way into the product.

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What are the uses of UEI Kratom?

The strain is different from other Kratom; this is because it is suitable for different purposes. This makes it better than others that are just good for one purpose. The product is highly regarded, because of the full spectrum multiple effects as pointed out earlier. It offers extra benefits. Furthermore, unique technique is adopted for the production of UEI extracts. One thing that makes it different from several other Kratom out there is the way it is manufactured.

How to use UEI Kratom

There are different ways of taking Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom (UEI) effects

Using UEI Kratom as powder extract

The first form is ingesting its powder extracts. This product is available in powder extracts. You can take it directly using a scoop or spoon. Different quantity if it can be taken, but beginners should always start from one to three grams. Some people can take three to four grams.

Prepare UEI Kratom Tea

Some users take it in the form of Kratom tea. You should fo

llow the right procedure to prepare the tea form. Boil the water to a medium high temperature. Mix one to three grams of the product, and allow for fifteen to twenty minutes and boil continuously. If you want to enhance the taste or the effect, you can consider adding a tablespoon of lemon.

Chewing UEI Kratom Leaves

Another way of taking it is by chewing the Kratom leaves. You can consume the leave orally. You can choose this option, because it can produce better effects.

Take the Capsules Supplements

Furthermore, it is available in supplement form. This means that you can consume the capsule. If you plan to use this product daily, it is better to consume the capsule form. It can produce the same type of effect.

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Use with Turmeric and Black Pepper

Moreover, you can add turmeric and black pepper to it. This is recommended for the first time users, who are afraid of the likely outcome, they can add this. It is good for alkaline absorption. If you are new and you do not want to bear the tolerance fast, then you can consider consuming it this way. The effect will not be as high as those who do not add black pepper and turmeric.

Mixing with non enhanced strains

In addition, some users do not want to use it alone. They prefer to add or mix it with other regular strains available to them. Non-enhanced strains are always the suitable choice for such people. You cannot be as high as it would be if you have taken it alone, but you can achieve almost the same potent version. Furthermore, if you are on a budget and you are looking for the best way to save money, you can consume it this way. Enhanced Kratom is known to be more expensive than other versions out there. Mixing it with regular strains is a great way of cutting down the cost.

Another way of consuming it is through dosage measuring. It is important that you know the actual quantity of the product you want to take.

What is the super enhanced indo Kratom form?

Ultra Enhanced Indo Kratom leaves can be finely ground. This can be combined with an extract proprietary formula to produce a super enhanced indo Kratom. It is super enhanced meaning that it is more powerful than other indo Kratom.

UEI Kratom vs. Oxycodone, which has more effect

Some users have testified that UEI is stronger than Oxycodone. This is because of the large numbers of alkaloids in them. Even if you want to take it in capsule form, take the right dosage. It is important to point out here that there are two types of capsules on the market such as the veggie capsules and gelatin. You should know that the amount of power in the capsules varies, because of that consider the power before you begin to consume it.

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What is UEI Kratom dosage?

As regards to the quantity of the product you can take, you have to consider your experience while using it. While it is recommended that beginners can start from just one to three grams of the product until they become stable using it, advanced users can consume anything from three to four grams.

Some people prefer to use it in capsule form than the powder form because of the convenience. It is more convenient to take the capsule form than to consume the powder form of the product. This is because of different factors. It is easier and simpler to swallow capsule than to swallow powder form of the product. Powder form can taste bad and this can be prevented by taking the capsule form.

Most importantly, some of the side effects can be minimized by taking the capsule form such as vomiting and feeling of nausea. This bad effect is there because of the bad taste. It is easier to calculate the capsule, because the dosage is known. You can easily estimate the dosage.

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Where to buy UEI

The product is readily available in the market and search for reliable vendors online to ensure that you get the right product. Look for big websites or wholesale dealers. Always look for experienced suppliers to get the best.

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