White Vein Borneo Kratom – Impressive Mood-Enhancing Strain

Most users are giving a lot of positive reviews to maeng da, possibly because of its availability as opposed to the rare white Borneo. Nevertheless maeng da is a very strong Kratom that is all around in its effects with very few side effects.

Where is White Vein Borneo Grown?

As the name suggests, this strain of Kratom is grown on the island of Borneo. Borneo island brings together territories of different nations including Malaysia, Indonesia and Brunel. White Vein Borneo is grown on the Indonesian side of the island.Buy White Vein Borneo Kratom

White Vein Borneo Kratom has been naturally occuring on the Indonesian side of the island for very many years. It is until the locals appreciated its medicinal value and its demand increased that they started cultivating and growing it.

When the medicinal value of this strain become apparent, they started exporting it to other countries. White Vein Borneo Kratom normally is shipped to other countries through the port of Bali. For this reason some people call it White Vein Bali Kratom.

Why is this strain called Borneo?

Borneo is an island at the territory of Indonesia, Brunel and Malaysia. This strain of Kratom naturally inhabited the island on the Indonesian side. It could later be grown here. So the strain was named after the island.

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Why is White Vein Borneo Popular ?

  • It is loved because of its impressive results in increasing the user’s energy and focus, managing stress and bringing about relaxation effect.
  • It boost the vitality levels and the state of the mind that lasts for a while. Its only undoing is it’s poor result in managing pain as compared to other strains of Kratom.
  • Again, some researchers argue that White Vein Borneo is one of the purest strains of Kratom. That possibly could explain its excellent effects.
  • The white vein borneo Kratom is has abundant alkaloids thus making its effects very pronounced as compared to the other strains. Additionally, the strain is not very available making it to be very high on demand.

Alkaloids found in White Vein Borneo

The potential effects of this strain is dependent on the bioactive compounds in the strain called Alkaloids. Up to this far, there has not been exclusive research to outline all the available alkaloids in this strain of Kratom.

For now, atleast we know that it has higher levels of Mitragynine as compared to the other strains. Conversely, it has very low 7-hydroxymitragynine. This possibly explains why the strain has good energy increasing results yet not very effective in killing the pain.

The strain also has other alkaloids like speciogynine that helps in smooth muscle relaxation and ajmalicine that brings about sedation. These two alkaloids are available in lesser amounts compared to other strains.

Dosage Guide:

  • The dosage of this strain of Kratom is dependent on a number of factors. One such factor is the reason for taking kratom, for example, a dosage taken to increase energy is much lower than if it is to be taken for stress.
  • Secondly, the effective dosage is also affected by individual factors. Individual factors such as weight and tolerance have been shown to affect the potency of this drug and therefore its dosage.
  • Ideally, based on the intention of taking White Vein Borneo, the following could be the dosage (of course this is subject to adjustment based on individual factors):
Top 20 Health Benefits Of Kratom

White Vein Borneo Kratom Effects

a) Stress and Relaxation

Kratom users may take Kratom to manage stress and bring about a relaxation effect. This require dosages of between 7-9 grams. Of course with such high dosages, they risk being sedated.

b) Painkiller

As compared to other strains of Kratom, White Vein Borneo Kratom is more of a stimulant than a painkiller. Nevertheless higher doses of between 7-9 grams have shown impressive results in killing pain. However, it is important to note that such high doses could cause sedation.

c) Boosting Energy

For increasing energy, the Kratom user may need to take between 3-6 grams of Kratom. He may need to try this untill he finds the right dose for himself. Kratom shows impressive energy boosting effects when taken together with fruit juice e.g orange juice and grapefruit juice. Possibly the fruit juice enhances absorption of has a role in its metabolism.

d) Enhancing Focus

The dosage for improving focus are the same as those used when increasing energy. A dose of between 3-6 grams will be very effective.

What are the Positive effects of White Vein Borneo?

This particular strain of Kratom has been shown to work best as compared to the other strains in bringing about the following:

  • Enhancing focus and concentration
  • Calm nerves
  • Increasing energy and physical capacity
  • Boost mental and cognitive function
  • Brings a feeling of euphoria
  • Brings about a feeling of motivation and general wellbeing
  • At higher doses, it mildly reduces pain

What are the side effects of White Vein Borneo

White Vein Borneo Kratom is a natural substances with very few side effects some of which are dose dependent:

  • At higher doses, it may cause sedation
  •  A feeling of restlessness has also been linked to its use.
  • Insomnia
  • Some users also report jitters and irritability
  • Like the other strains headaches and constipation may also be experienced.
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 White Vein Borneo VS Maeng Da

White Vein Borneo and Maeng da are generally the highest quality strains of Kratom. White Vein Borneo has very impressive results in bringing about relaxation, sedating, managing stress, increasing energy and improving ones cognitive functions yet has very poor pain killing qualities.

green malay kratomBuy Maeng DaRed bali kratom

The Maeng da apart from being impressive in bringing about the above-listed effects, it is an exceptional painkiller.

User reviews of White Vein Borneo

Most user reviews express their satisfaction with what white Borneo can do.

  1. One user reviewed it to be very powerful in improving his energy as well as giving a steady state of the mind.
  2. Another user says this is the best strain of Kratom and she won’t consider any other.
  3. Yet still another user reports being very relaxed after taking a dose of white Borneo.
  4. Almost all users are satisfied with this strain apart from a few who complained of it’s ineffectiveness in managing pain.
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