Coffee Alternative; White Vein Horned Kratom Is better Than Coffee !

When coffee doesn’t really work for you anymore, and you’re sick of refilling your cup every hour, it’s time to find another way to get energy. People tell you to start drinking tea, and not just any tea, special energizing tea. But tea doesn’t really jive with your daily routine, and you have absolutely no desire to keep drinking tons of caffeine-packed liquids anyway. Coffee and tea only temporarily give you a jittery boost, and it is quickly followed by a long arduous come-down.

You’ve tried those tiny, one-shot 5-hour energy drinks, which could be compared to feeling like a shot of adrenaline straight to the heart. If you don’t have a heart attack from the barely-legal pills and 5-hour energy shots, then you know for certain that they are not even remotely healthy for you. All these methods are always followed by agonizing drowsiness, and no one wants to feel that way. When you’re exhausted and all else has failed, there is one thing that may be able to give you a clean, non-jittery, and pleasant feeling that can last all day.

Kratom is the plant that can give you natural, feel-good, euphoric, stimulating, and pleasant energy. There are tons of different strains of kratom, but white vein horned kratom is the specific strain that is proven to be the best for energy levels, as well as boosting your mood. Statistics have shown that white vein kratom is perfect for elevating mood, for nootropic uses, and above all else – energy!

So when you’re ready to kick the coffee, tea, and pills, reach for the white horn kratom- you will not regret it!



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White Horn KratomWhite horn kratom is one of the best strains for everyday use or for a once-in-a-while pick me up! Don’t be fooled, the white vein horned kratom needs to be cultivated in southeast Asian regions. It is a natural stimulant and mood lifter that is safe. Want to try a stimulant that is safe and from the earth? Well this strain of kratom is amazingly effective and safe! Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia are the main Southeast Asian regions that cultivate white horn Kratom, so try to look for legitimate vendors that are from those countries or regions.

What is White Horn kratom?

It is a form of kratom that is neither red or green, it is in fact white. It is the best for energy and is named after its unique leaf shape.

Could this strain be the best for Nootropic Effects?

Or better cognitive functioning? This strain is reviewed to be a nootropic natural plant from the earth. It is known in the plant world, to be a plant that boosts cognitive functions for an entire day. This white vein horned strain, specifically, is known for consuming after a poor sleep to enhance brain function and eliminate any brain fog.

What makes it so different from other strains?

So those of you who are not familiar with the strains, there are red, green, and white strains. Red and green are high in alkaloids that promote sedative, pain-killing, and relaxing effects. That leaves the white strain, which is known for its energy boosting effects.

This is why white horn kratom is the best for energy! The most important alkaloid for mood, energy, positivity, and natural euphoria, white vein horned kratom is the perfect choice! It is packed with natural mood boosting alkaloids that really do put you in a better mood and place.

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Which alkaloids are found in this strain?

There is a ton of alkaloids, all different kinds of alkaloids that help for sleep, help for mood, and health and overall relaxation. The major alkaloid in this white vein strain are 7-hydroxymitrogynene, which is known to give energy, give nootropic effects, and helps battle depressive moods and depressed thoughts.

How was ‘White Horn Kratom’ cultivated?

Well it’s mainly grown in Thailand and Indonesia, but the white vein AND horned leaf traits are only found in certain areas such as Special farms in Indonesia. Kratom sometimes is named for the area it is cultivated from or from the visual look of the plant. White vein and horned is because it is a special unique look.

Why Is White Horn Kratom So Popular?

Well this white vein kratom is perfect for everyday use. It’s perfect because it can replace a cup of coffee in the morning- it instantly gives you energy JUST like a cup of coffee would! Mornings are super difficult for everybody, so if you don’t want to give up your coffee, you could even sprinkle it on your morning cup for an extra boost of “feel-good-brew”.

What does it mean when they label it “horned” how to find ‘horned’ leaves.

Kratom gets its names from where and how it is cultivated. So It’s labeled horned because it has a certain color vein along with the white vein as well.

Is kratom tea exactly like opium tea?

Well it is not exactly like opium tea, but it has some similar effects. This specific strain would be the least similar to opium tea, because this strain is best known for energy. Sedative strains would be better and more similar to opium tea- red and green vein, and Borneo /indo would be best.

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What does “white vein and horned” mean exactly?

Well it’s named after the location of cultivation, as well as the method of cultivation. Sometimes they are named after the visual characteristics of the plant. It varies from strain to strain.

Important Dosage Information

Kratom is an unusual plant with unusual dosing. With most supplements and drugs, dosage is extremely important. Kratom has so many varieties, and doses also vary — along with the strain varieties. This specific strain gives the person energy- no matter how much is taken.

Types of kratom

  1.  red vein
  2. green vein
  3. white vein
  4. indo Kratom
  5. borneo
  6. Bali
  7. Horned
  • Sometimes people think white vein kratom creates an effect that is actually too much energy and they get overwhelmed. To avoid the jitters, with this strain try to gradually add half grams at a time.
  • The usual dose is 3-8grams, but a person who is new to kratom should try it out at 1 gm and add slowly. It’s important to dose that way, because one person might feel 1 gram, and another person won’t feel anything from 1 gram.
  • This methodology of dosing will work for everybody, and will not ever be “too much”- of it is done the way it has been explained.
  • This strain can be used to help opiate addicts get off their opiate pills. It can help through tough withdrawal, and help settle withdrawal symptoms. It’s a much safer alternative to other opiates, and has similar effects.

White Vein Horned Kratom effects

This strain helps individuals minimize or eliminate their coffee and caffeine intake, by having such similar effects as coffee.

So because of the super high amount of mitragynine, the alkaloid that interacts with my-receptors in the brain and spinal cord, it has a pain killing effect in the body. But the high concentration of mitragynine in this specific strand, makes it more of an energy boost rather than a painkilling boost. But it can be good for both. Other strains are even better or higher amount of pain killing alkaloids than this one, so if you are looking to alleviate pain, then red or green veined Kratom would be better.

Kratom FAQs

Everybody’s different. Everybody is unique. Every person has their own chemical makeup. Every person feels herbs and supplements differently, so that makes dosing quite hard to perfect. But by moving slowly, and gradually perfecting your dose, then you can totally achieve the perfect balance- and really feel the benefits of kratom!

Low, medium, & high dosing:

—Low dose would be 1 to 3 grams.

—Medium dose would be the average of 2 to 3 grams.

—High doses would be anything higher than 2-3 grams, but be sure to only increase 0.5 gram at a time.

Southeast Asia is where kratom originates from, grown and cultivated by Asian farmers and laborers to help fend off fatigue-help get through the hard work day. The white vein horned kratom worked best for these farmers because it gave them the energy to work all day, and for long hours.

Certain areas of Malaysia and Indonesia is where horned leaves were first discovered and cultivated. This discovery is believed to be extremely helpful to the workers and is known to be stronger than the rest.

The special horned leaves are found and cultivated by expert Indonesian, Malaysian, and even Thai farmers, who can point out and locate the special and unique horned leaf.

Some side effects

Some side effects that have been reported specific to white vein and horned leaf kratom are listed below

  • The overwhelming sensation of energy
  • Jittery
  • Mild sweating
  • The wobbles
  • Vision issues
  • The Wobbles

The Wobbles

The wobbles is a term for the effect of taking too much kratom. Sometimes minor double vision occurs, or minor vision problems. A jittery feeling might accompany vision issues while a person has “the wobbles”. To avoid these wobbles, just dose gradually, and you will never have to experience this side effect/issue.
Don’t drive a car when feeling the wobbles, or operate any other machinery. That would be unsafe for yourself and to others.

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Does White Horn Kratom sounds perfect to you?

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If you’re ever in California, there are thousands of places to purchase kratom, in capsule, powder, or in tea form! Congratulations on your kratom discovery and enjoy the many benefits of this life-changing, mood lifting, and confidence boosting plant!

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