White Vein Kratom – Effects & Analysis

You may have noticed that the vendors catalogue their Kratom strains either as red, white or green which corresponds to the pigmentation of the central vein in the leaf. When you look minutely at a leaf from a Kratom tree, you will notice a pale complexion on the stem and the vein in the center. This color indicates how a particular strain will affect your mental and physical conditions. Usually, the stem is always detached from the plant and the leaves are then grinded into a fine powder or an extract. This leafy part of the tree with red versus green versus white veins tends to be chemically altered.

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White Vein Kratom

Even though it has lower quantity of 7-hydroxymitragynine, this vein type is not be taken casually. It is known to have a very strong consequences, and can be extremely effective for disorders such as depression and lack of concentration.Powder and crumpled leaves have a tendency to have more stimulating effects. Many users even experience a more ecstatic feeling from the whites as compared to the red.

Amongst all other vein types, this particular type comes out smoother, cleaner and even has longer lasting effects of stimulation, making them perfect candidate for a regular usage.


The leaves of this category are typically said to impart the following effects to its users:

  • Being more energizing,it contributes to enhance the mood.
  • It has immeasurably dominating and persisting nootropic (cognition enhancing) impacts on focus, vigilance and inspiration against anxiety and depression.
  • They are commonly used as stimulants in the morning as a great substitute for coffee due to its “clean” effects on alertness and focus.
  • Users have often reported the experience of amplified attentiveness as well as enthusiasm and strength when working for long hours.
  • It may neutralize the feelings of lethargy and sleepiness, without causing uneasiness or anxiety.
  • Patients experiencing depression will get the best results to fight it by using this strain.
  • It is identified to give extra stamina and therefore is used by the customary users for strength in labor, physical activity and exercise.
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The degree of effects offered can be rated as:

  • Pain Relief: 1/3
  • Energy: 3/3

Popular strains

Some popular brands from this category include:

Side Effects

In higher dosage it tends to cause robust tranquilizing effects, irrespective of which strain is used. Also, the quality of the product has a very deep impact on the effects imparted.And if you find caffeine to be very stimulating, you are prone to experience the following:

  • Some jitters or irritability.
  • It can also cause insomnia or restlessness if taken in the late evenings.

Traditionally some natives prefer to mix the both, white and red types due to the combination of effects that it imparted. It is now a trend to mix the leaves or powders of these two strains to accomplish a more composed boost in energy, which is indeed worth trying!

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