Yellow Thai Kratom – The Unusual Kratom Strain

Perennial users can be surprised that there is a variety of kratoms known as yellow thai kratom. It might be unusual since kratom is derived from the color veins, that is why users are only familiar with red, green and white.

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The yellow strain is very rare, and only a few vendors sell it. But recently it is gaining more popularity. The rarity of the yellow kratom is because of the complex technique used to derive it. Actually, the yellow kratom is a form of white Kratom that is changed through a process known as oxidation but will come to that later.

Most consumers have described the effects of the yellow strain similar to green Malay strain. They include:-

  •  A boost of energy.
  •  High sense of euphoria.
  •  Improved concentration.
  •  Reduces anxiety.
  •  Enhances positive moods.


Most users know of the popular three varieties:- red, green and white. The yellow strain is derived through an artificial process. So, if you are looking for yellow kratom in a tree, trust me you wouldn’t find it.

Young green and white leaves are picked from kratom trees. Some farmers opt to combine the leaves while others pluck them separately. The leaves are cleaned and left to dry for about 15-20 days through a technique known as photo-oxidation.

Photo-oxidation is a complex process that is surveyed with caution since it involves light. If a high proportion of green leaves is used, then the resulting kratom will be bright yellow. But if the white leaves are high proportion, then the powder will be gold in color. Gold is very rare, so be sure when you find it the quality should be top notch.

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In the past, the yellow strain was very rare, but the supply has recently increased. This can be attributed to the high demand in the market. A lot of users like the yellow kratom because of the lasting effects.

Also, the strain provides long lasting relief from pain, enhances moods and heightens the level of concentration. The yellow strain does not have side effects such as in-activeness experienced in other strains.

How to use yellow thai kratom?

Longtime users are aware that there are more than enough recipes to go around that infuse yellow strain. If you are a newbie to this strain, bookmark the following methods.

    •  Yellow Thai kratom tea.

Yellow strain can be consumed like any other herbal tea. The technique is simple. All you have to do is add it to a pot of boiling water and enjoy your cup of yellow strain tea.

A lot of users have replaced their regular cup of coffee and tea with the yellow strain tea. The adverse effects are cleaner and remarkable compared to the later.

    • Yellow Thai kratom sauces.

This might sound surprising to some but the yellow strain can make a delicious sauce. The effects are the same once consumed.

However, be cautious with the amount of strain you add. The higher the concentration the higher the level of concentration.

    •  Toss n’ wash.

If you are a consumer who prefers a more subtle way then just get some tablets. Of course, you will need a prescription from a legit physician.

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Just toss them in your mouth and wash them down with a glass of water or juice. But tablets have a less kick than the powder so be careful with the number of tablets you take.

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Recommended Dosage – How Much Should You Take?

Yellow Thai kratom is a type of herb that should take with caution. Every individual wants to find their “sweet spot” and that is why you should start low to high dosage.

Yellow Thai kratom has both psychological and physical effects. Thus a number of factors should be considered before implementing the strain to your diet. They include:-

  •  Level of tolerance.
  •  Usage of other herbs. Consuming the strain when other herbs may cause some side effects. Thus it is best to always get the expertise of a doctor before consuming the yellow strain.
  •  Age, weight, and gender of the user.
  •  The type of pain the yellow strain is relieving.

The following are just the general recommendations.

  •  If you are a beginner start small with about 1-2 grams. The effects should kick in less than 20 minutes. If the effects do not kick in then you can add another 1-2 gram and assess yourself after 30 minutes.
  •  The medium dosage is about 3-4 grams. For most users, this is what they intake most. The effects are bound to be moderate and kick start soon.
  •  For most perennial users 5 grams will just hit the right spot. But this is mostly for people who have a high tolerance.

But to avoid tolerance it is best to rotate the strains. Then you do not have to take high dosages.


The benefits of the yellow strain can be achieved only after taking the rich dosage. They include:-

    • Energy Booster.

The process of photos oxidization makes the yellow strain very strong. Thus it is very energizing. Some users actually prefer the yellow strain to the white strain. In the end, you can conquer your day and be productive

    • Induces euphoric feelings.

The energizing effects are followed by feelings of euphoria. This makes a user less stressed and anxious about anything.

    •  Improved mood swings.

Maybe this is the solution to making that grumpy person you know to finally have good moods. Yellow strain helps your mind come into equilibrium with all your moods.

    •  Pain Reliever

Depending on the type of pain, yellow strain helps to relieve it. Thus, it is best to consult a doctor and see if you can take the strain for the type of pain you have.

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An overdose can cause the following side effects:-

  •  Nausea
  •  Vomiting
  • General Irritation
  •  Insomnia
  •  Loss of focus

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion, the yellow strain might be the one thing you need in your life. But be sure to get quality products from a legitimate supplier. The wrong use can cause some serious side effects thus be sure to use it with caution.

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