Yellow Vein Kratom – Effectiveness Of A Rare Strain

Chances are if you have only been introduced to kratom strains, you are only aware of these three – green, red and white. The Yellow Vein Kratom is among the rarer strains out there and may be far more effective.

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As the name suggests, yellow veins kratom is yellow in color. Many people think that it is a leaf picked like other kratoms. Initially, though, it is attained by drying the white vein kratom through a series of drying processes.

This kratom is popular because it does not have side effects. It is just what many users look for in natural herbs.

The Origin and Use

The Kratom trees are mainly cultivated in South East areas such as Thailand, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The yellow veins kratom is not natural thus it has to be derived from the White Vein Kratom.

The white strain is the rarest of all kratoms. The yellow vein strain has to be derived from a series of complicated processes. The best young white and green leaves are plucked.

  • Some farmers prefer plucking white and green leaves and combining them. However, others prefer to use the pure form of the white strain.
  • The leaves are cleaned and ran through a process called photo-oxidation. This is an old technique that has been used by farmers for a very long time. In this technique, the leaves are left to dry up to 20 days until they turn yellow.
  • The leaves are later processed until a fine powder is formed. However, for someone with a hawk eye, they can distinguish that sometimes the strain is yellow and at times it is gold.
  • A high concentration of the green vein colored leaves will result in yellow powder. On the other hand, a high concentration of white veins will result in gold powder.
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The yellow vein strain is more powerful than the white strain. Thus users should use with caution. Luckily some methods and recipes have been developed that makes it easy to consume herbal medicine, without you having to worry about any side effects.

If you are a newbie, then bookmark the following recipes as they can lead to an impressive output.

1.Yellow kratom tea.

The leaves of the kratom can make an impressive cup of kratom tea. Users get easily accustomed to the effect of the strain.

2. Yellow Kratom Juices, Yogurts and Milk Shakes.

A favorite to perennial users, adding yellow strain to juices, yogurts and milkshakes is a great way to add flavor. Moreover, the beneficial nutrients cannot be overlooked.

3. Smoking

A lot of researchers are never for the idea of smoking the strain. According to them, there are no health benefits that are attained by the user when they smoke it.

4. Yellow kratom sauces

Foods can easily be mixed with the yellow strain, and the final results are some delicious sauces. In the end, the desired effects will set in after a scrumptious meal.

5. Toss n’ Wash method

The powder can be consumed easily like any tablet. A glass of water or juice will do just fine.

Recommended Dosage

The Yellow vein kratom is a herb and should be taken with caution. The strain has both psychological and physical effects. Your physician can help you decide the right intake for you.

Before supplementing the strain to your diet, here is what you should think about.

  • How long the herb is going to be consumed.
  • The type of pain it is relieving. This can either be chronic, acute, bone, soft tissue or inflammatory pain.
  •  Age, weight and genetic make-up of the user.
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The type of dosage to be prescribed is determined by this factors. For beginners, it is advised that they start small with about 2-3 grams. Secondly, they should have taken it in an empty stomach.

If the effects don’t kickstart in less than 20 minutes, then they can add the dose. But this might be unlikely.

Perennial users might take a higher dosage of about 3-5 grams. Quality does matter in this case. If the dose is too high, then you are likely to get nauseous and light headed.

The following are some important tips to follow if you are a beginner.

  • 1. Consume the strain on an empty stomach.
  • 2. Always stay hydrated.
  • 3. Keep a record of your intake and the various effects you experience.
  • 4. Be aware that the intake can have an impact on you if take takes doses. Some strains hit harder than others.

Effects of Yellow Vein Kratom.

The main benefits of the yellow strain include:-

1. Stimulation.

Compared to other strains the yellow strains have fewer effects when it comes to boosting cognitive activity. But some consumers do not prefer the high effects of other strains like the red strains.

2. Energy Booster.

If you are looking for a cleaner way to boost your energy every morning, then this is the way to go. A lot of people have already forgone regular caffeine for this strain.

3. Improves mood swings.

If you are looking for the best way to regain equilibrium of your moods, then this is it. The yellow strain helps a person control their mood swings thus maintaining feelings of euphoria.

4. Creates a more soothing effect.

The yellow strain is a great stress reliever. It soothes the nerves and induces a feeling of calmness.

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A consumer will always end up feeling more optimistic. But the most important thing stress levels are bound to subside.

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Should you go for it?

The effects of the yellow strain are quite different from the white vein kratom. Whether it be reducing the pain or increasing the feeling of euphoria, it can help you lead a more productive life. You wouldn’t have to worry about your anxiety levels and can experience improved alertness.

Witout any negative mood swings or side effects, you can have the perfect day!

Yes, the yellow strain can be hard to find. It could be hard to find a legitimate supplier. However, if you do get one, we are sure you don’t want to end up disappointed with what it has to offer!

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